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Info non-talk.png Hermie is a pedophile AND a horse fucker! WOW!
If you're trying to piss me off, you're failing miserably. :)


—Hermie, While blanking this article, and failing miserably.

Hermie, also known as SirIrontailFratley or Michael Herman, is a 23-year-old manchild, gun nut, and anti-religious asshole who seems to think that trolling people with shenanigans like setting a Bible on fire (for which he was banned from pedo-fap depository FurAffinity) and simultaneously preaching about logic and reason is not the height of hypocrisy.

This particular breed of atheist faggot is usually a suburban basement dweller in their late teens and early 20s who live an easy life and need something to fuel their fursecution complex. This pathetic disease does not always cure itself since some people never grow the fuck up. They masturbate to Richard Dawkins documentaries and think that freaking out their Methodist parents is the height of rebellion. Despite being anti-religious, they seem to enjoy sucking TheAmazingAtheist's divine cock on a regular basis.

When he isn't making profound statements about religion such as setting fire to books, he is fucking animals and bragging about it on furaffinity.

Far-right religious whackos are on a mission to destory America and the Constitution, and turn America into a christian theocracy. They do nothing but lie and accuse others of lies. They are hypocrites of the highest degree.

I refuse to stand idle and watch these fuckers force their filth on the rest of us. I see right through their lies.

Time to use my 2nd Amendment rights and arm myself. I WILL defend MY country and MY Constitution from these Nazis that want to take away MY freedom.

I, Michael Herman, do affirm that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.

Religious "Right" beware- If you try to take over MY country, I will kill you.



Proof of Horse Sex

The truth comes out.

Hermie has been known, on several occasions, to engage in beastiality with dogs, wolves, and just about any four legged friend he can get his hands on, but his favorite prey are horses. He has been banned from FA for posting his disturbing stories of animal sex and sick fuck yiffery. It is unknown how many dog's colons he has ruptured, but the number is certainly high.

ED now has a page on me. Just because i may have fooled around with scruffy a few times doesn't make me a dog fucker! I will show them by deleting it!


—Hermie, you can't censor the truth my friend.


Hermie's Reaction to this Article

Did we mention that he is not at all mad about being featured here at Encyclopedia Dramatica? That is why he has tried to remove mention of himself so many times, and tried to cover up his butthurt by pretending to be an internet badass.

After being called a "dogfucker" on FA for calling out some random bitch's rude, spammy comment on a submission, I've been graced with a page on Encyclopedia Dramatica. XD The conclusions they draw are hilariously off the mark, and I can't wait to see the final version. I'm sure it'll brighten my day.

The whole thing blew way out of porportion when I tried to explain to a group of narrow-minded morons that animals are intellegent beings and can think for themselves, and know what they do and don't want. But no, say anything other than animals are stupid, and animals having sex is always rape no matter what, you're automatically a "dogfucker" by association.

So, I decided what the hell, go out with a bang. I was tired of FA's censorship, which always leads to guilt-by-association witchhunts, ignored harassment, and drama. I quite rudely called out the admin's hypocrisy on the forums, much to the lulz of others. But it got the point across and gave them something to think about for a long, long time.

So if you're reading this from ED, I welcome you. Expect random crashes of my page from time to time. :)


Hermie, showing us how he doesn't care by denying everything still!

That's right, Ladies and Gentlemen - he doesn't care that he's been featured on ED. Not at all! But at least he cares enough to blank this page repeatedly, and still deny having ever fucked his horses, despite all the evidence stacked against him. So not only does Hermie fail hard at trolling ED, his whiney logic is faulty as fuck to boot, too.


You know, I'm thoroughly enjoying pissing you off. :) You're so far off the mark, it's hilarious. Oh, and don't bother with IP bans. There are an infinite amount of IPs to use, as well as an infinite amount of usernames to blow through. I'll just keep fucking up your page in my spare time. :)


—Learned his IP skillz from Mike Sandy

File:Hermie vandalism.JPG
And this was just the beginning. lol.

Since being banned from Furaffinity, the Needed Articles page on the furry portal has been countlessly vandalized with Hermie's entry being blanked on a consistent basis; this article itself has also received its share of page blanking since its creation. He does not seem to understand that vandalism is pointless.

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