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HeroGaming or just Hero is an asspiring wikia admin for Terraria, Zelda fanboy, and a general Youtube whore. He's best known for being a 12-year-old trapped in a man's body, using the wiki for advertisement and throwing drama hissy fits when anybody disagrees with him in any way.

On YouTube

An amazing and original video uploaded by Hero. OC: Original comment - do not steal!!!

Hero, being the autistic manchild that he is, spends every hour of his day uploading videos to YouTube and is known to be one of the first to do so when a new patch is released. The irony herein is that this means he's uploading video content, and adding it to pages he knows absolutely nothing about. He also uploads tons of quality content like a Skyward Sword and Terraria let's play, and then talking about then in every single video. In typical YouTube fashion, he never hesitates to beg for subscribers and likes, and constantly goes on about how much hard work it is spending 27 hours a day on Terraria with fraps set on. He's also known for his skill, which he shows by beating mid-tier bosses with end game equipment, and copying everything Yrimir does. This really isn't any different over any autist who shits things out on YouTube. The fun comes into play when you look at how he takes care of the wiki he reigns over. He completely forbids anybody from posting any video on any article regardless of the quality, as it would detract from his YouTube views. He even goes so far as to post this policy on his main page and banning for it.


Hero, not knowing what he's talking about, and then bawwwing over dislikes..

The video by Yrimir that made Hero cream himself

Here he was fapping to Yrimir's video when somebody had a little too much thruthiness in a comment.
He thought he'd show him up by doing the exact same thing Yrimir did... to prove he's better.

On Wikia!

He posted this message saying Gracey sent it to him. Ignore the fact that that account only did three things since creation.
Same account, more evidence.
Even his e-penis is smaller.

Being the completely incompetent editor that he is, Hero does what every talentless hack does best: Steal other people's work. He's documented plagiarizing completely new articles here (original) and deleting other editors to plagiarize here (original here) and here (original), but be warned: Pointing this out may have unknown consequences [1]. He further shows his misunderstanding of the finer points of copyright by calling his side project, a wikia for a game nobody's heard of, official, despite the development team telling him to remove it [2].

Recently Hero, having enough of people contributing to the wiki banned Mathmagician and Gracey91, two admins when they called his video policy tyrannical and created a poll asking if users would like to add their own videos. Knowing that any monkey with a keyboard could make better videos than he could, Hero quickly banned them, lest he lose Youtube views. He also added a poll to the main page saying, "Would you like HeroGaming to remain this wiki's Video Admin and handle all decisions about video on the wiki?" and, "Would you like Gracey91 & Mathmagician former admins to be permanently removed from the Terraria wiki?" and then proceeded to spam the yes button for hours on each, giving conflicting evidence to here." DISREGARD THAT RAGE DELETED where users wanted to actually be allowed to edit.

Currently, Wikia staff has stepped in, unbanned Gracey91 and Mathmagician, and are holding an actual discussion on the administration policy here and the video policy here. You can help by making sure they know what a flaming douchenozzle he is and pointing out his countless plagiarisms and unfair bans as can be seen easily by comparing this to any article from the actual Terraria wiki. Disregard that: Hero got fucking banned.

Who's your favorite Terraria youtuber? Hero? Yrimir? TerrariaHelp? Someone else? Would you like to maybe see some of their videos here on the Terraria Wiki, or even be allowed to add your own? Please come to our forum and join the discussion! Your voice matters to the community!


—This sort of shit will get you banned.

the wiki will grow and we will find new admins who dont have selfish motives


—Hero, on double standards

Also i would like to note that when they decided to take control of the wiki they shouldnt have decided to put things to a vote. i sent 30% or more of all the users on the wiki to the wiki. so bad decision to put it to a vote


—A man who lives by his ideals

You are much much much better than Hero!!!


—Random Youtube user speaking the truth.

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