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Herro is actually a man IRL.

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Behold the thing.
Typical Herro masterpiece.

Herro (Real name "Marko")is a fat furry scammer known for drawing massively obese fail and pulling unaware fans into his endless web of lies, in order to milk them dry of attention and money. Herro's favorite way of doing this was to pretend to be a hot girl so desperate furries would race in droves to "help" him overcome whatever fictional trouble he had, hoping to obtain some precious nude photos of their favorite girl artist, photos Herro stole from amateur porn sites to further delude his fans. With this scheme Herro managed to scam thousands of dollars from the furry fandom.

A comparison of Herro and his fursonas
Herro confesses


Being a dumb furry Herro thought the best way to cement his female persona was to steal photos of the Internets and pretend they were him. And his fans being even more retarded eagerly gobbled them down, not aware a simple reverse image search could have revealed Herro's lies. To make things even better Herro even shared a series of photos to his personal circle of friends where "she" gained weight to resemble his fat dragon furrsona. The truth is Herro is a man, who upon being discovered claimed to be both trap and have AIDS, in hopes his fans would white knight him once more. Herro also lied about his lifestyle and career, giving wildly different stories to different people, from being a lesbian soldier stationed in Germany to being a rich spor cars mechanic in Dubai. He even solicited inappropriate photos & material from unknowingly duped underage persons of interest.

One of the many photo Herro stole to claim they were "hers"
What he dreams to be instead of an ugly manfaced fag
Whatever actual mental illness Marco Has, it's pretty terrifying.

Herro's fake photos About missing Pics
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Herro's REAL Photos About missing Pics
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Who Herro actually is
Herro recounting his crimes

Not content with stealing photos and pretending to be a girl Herro managed to trick many of his idiotic fans into e-relationships, with the hopes that someday these fans would get to fuck their beloved artist girl. These e-relationships granted Herro the chance to fuck up peoples lives, destroy real relationships and steal thousands of dollars out of the gullible idiots who thought they were paying for a plane ticket for their love to visit them. On top of that, Herro used his fake charms to sell tons of commissions he had not finished after years, with some fools having waited over two years to obtain their art.

But that wasn't enough for Herro. After being exposed as the thieving liar he is, Herro turned to his white knight hugbox leaded by fangirl Rakko, and opened a Tumblr account to "answer questions about his real self". Of course this Tumblr was nothing but a bigger hugbox where he would only answer questions that put him on a sympathetic light, and where he attempted to turn his scam victims into the evildoers, by claiming they were just using the delicious drama to milk him out of cash. Of course, Herro seems to forget he scammed the furry fandom for years and returning what he stole is not blackmailing of any kind.

Herro is caught trash talking one of his victims and attempts to feign innocence


Herro has stated he may leave Furaffinity, but given the amount of bullshit he has told for years one can suspect is just another ploy to garner white knight support and feed his victim complex

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