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A prime example of internet disease with high contrasting. Note the angle of the picture, the black-and-white filter, and a large amount of...well, contrast. Also a prime example for the pro-ana community.
Not to be confused with Drum and Bass DJ and producer "High Contrast" Who makes shit tracks. [Shit]

High contrast is a symptom of internet disease and a photo technique commonly used by people with moderate to severe acne to hide their blemishes. What most people refer to high contrast, professional photographers call blowing out the white or over exposed because when done in black and white it has a surprising ability to make even the ugliest person look good because most facial features are lost in a flood of light. It's usually aesthetics or subject that define if an image is high contrast or over exposed because one can be the other or even both but a hard rule is that if it's a black and white of an emo girl with too much eye shadow, it's probably over exposed.
One will commonly find this technique used by people on MySpace, but this is usually only applicable to angsty teens and emo kids who are, in every sense of the word, unloved. They will try to pass the high contrast shot as artistic, when in reality they are just spotty. Really, really spotty. This technique is also common to older individuals (mostly women who have nothing better to do besides sit at their computer and look for attention and cause trouble) who try to hide the aging on their face. They never tell any one their real age. On a Myspace page, for example, they may lie about their age or do something "funny" like rack the number up to 99 years old.

Used most commonly with fat girl angle shot and colorization.


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