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The hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory. Fuck all of you.


TJ Lane


FPS, Single Player

1 1 (91) 16 (41.1%) MiniflagNorway.png Anders Behring Breivik 77 319 N 2011
2 3 (68.7) 8 (62%) MiniflagSKorea.png Woo Bum-kon 57 35 Y 1982
3 4 (66.7) 13 (48.0%) MiniflagUSA.png Omar Mateen 49 53 N 2016
4 5 (62.0) 17 (36.1%) Miniflag Turkey.png Santa Claus 39 70 N 2017
5 4 (42) 6 (62.5%) MiniflagAustralia.png Martin Bryant 35 21 N 1996
6 5 (40.3) 9 (56.1%) MiniflagUSA.png Cho Seung-Hui 32 25 Y 2007
7 9 (31) 2 (91%) MiniflagJapan.png Mutsuo Toi 31 3 Y 1938
8 8 (35.0) 6 (66.7%) Flag of Colombia.png Campo Elías Delgado 30 15 N 1986
9 2 (70.7) 20 (18.8%) MiniflagIsrael.png Baruch Goldstein 29 125 N 1994
10 13 (26.3) 1 (95.5%) MiniflagUSA.png Adam Lanza 27 2 Y 2012
11 6 (36.3) 16 (36.5%) MiniflagChina.png Tian Mingjian 23 40+ N 1994
12 10 (29.7) 10 (53.5%) MiniflagUSA.png George Hennard 23 20 Y 1991
13 11 (27.3) 11 (52.5%) MiniflagUSA.png James Huberty 21 19 N 1984
14 11 (27.3) 17 (35.4%) MiniflagUSA.png Charles Whitman 17 31 N 1966
15 15 (22) 12 (51.1%) MiniflagUK.png Thomas Hamilton 17 15 Y 1996
16 16 (21) 12 (51.6%) MiniflagUK.png Michael Ryan 16 15 Y 1987
17 19 (18.3) 5 (69.6%) MiniflagGermany.png Robert Steinhäuser 16 7 Y 2002
18 20 (18) 13 (72%) MiniflagUSA.png Robert Bales 16 6 N 2012
19 20 (18) 7 (62.5%) MiniflagGermany.png Tim Kretschmer 15 9 Y 2009
20 18 (18.6) 4 (50%) MiniflagCanada.png Marc Lépine 14 14 Y 1989
21 23 (16) 4 (70%) MiniflagUSA.png Patrick Sherrill 14 6 Y 1986
22 14 (23) 19 (30.2%) MiniflagUSA.png Nidal Malik Hasan 13 30 N 2009
23 24 (14.3) 3 (76.5%) MiniflagUSA.png Jiverly Wong 13 4 Y 2009
24 25 (14) 2 (81.3%) MiniflagNewZealand.png David Gray 13 3 N 1990
25 7 (35.3) 21 (14.6%) MiniflagUSA.png James Holmes 12 70 N 2012

*weighted rank (1 kill = 3 injuries = 1 point)
**efficiency rank ( (kills / (kills+injuries) ) * 100 )

FPS, Co-Op Mode

1 MiniflagRussia.png Team Riyad-us Saliheen 385+ 783 N*** 2004
2 Indiaminiflag.gif Team Lashkar-e-Taiba 175 600+ N**** 2008
3 MiniFlagFrance.png Team IS 130 368 Y 2015
4 Somalia.jpg Team Al-Shabaab 67 175 N 2013
5 MiniflagChina.png Jiang Liming, Feng Wanhai 32 16 Y,N 1995
6 MiniflagUSA.png Team San Bernardino 14 17 N*,N* 2015
7 MiniflagUSA.png Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold 13 24 Y,Y 1999
8 MiniFlagFrance.png Said Kouachi, Cherif Kouachi (Team IS) 12 11 N*,N* 2015
9 MiniflagGermany.png Team Black September 12 0 N 1972
10 MiniflagUSA.png John Allen Muhammad, Lee Boyd Malvo 10 3 N**,N 2002
11 MiniflagUSA.png Mitchell Johnson, Andrew Golden 5 10 N,N 1998

*The shooters initially escaped and then were later killed in a gun battle with police.

**Muhammad was executed by lethal injection in 2009.

*** "From 34 attackers, 32 of which entered, 31 died.[1]" One was lynched by civilians.

****All but one of the 10 attackers were killed by police. The other one was captured and then executed in 2012.


1 MiniflagIndonesia.png Jemaah Islamiyah members, Al Qaeda 202 209 N 2002
2 MiniflagSpain.png Al Qaeda 192 2050 Y 2004
3 MiniflagUSA.png Timothy McVeigh 168 680+ N* 1995
4 MiniflagChina.png Jin Ruchao 108 38 N 2001
5 Palestinian Flag 16X16.png Yahya Ayyash 101 338 N** 1993-1996
6 MiniflagAfghanistan.png Team IS 80 260 N 2016
7 MiniflagUK.png Hasib Hussain,Mohammad King,Germaine Lindsay,Shezad Tanweer 56 700 Y 2005
8 MiniflagUSA.png Andrew Kehoe 44 58 Y 1927
9 MiniflagUSA.png Jack Gilbert Graham 44 0 N 1955
10 Flag of Turkey.png Team IS 43 230 Y 2016
11 Miniflag Belgium.png Team IS 31 260 Y 2016
12 MiniflagEgypt.png Team IS 25 49 Y 2016
13 MiniflagNorway.png Anders Behring Breivik 8 209 N 2011
14 MiniflagUSA.png Ramzi Yousef 6 1042 N 1993
15 MiniflagFinland.png Petri Erkki Tapio Gerdt 6 166 N 2002
16 MiniflagUSA.png Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 4 264*** N 2013
17 MiniflagUSA.png Unabomber 3 23 N 1978-1995
18 MiniflagUSA.png Ahmad Khan Rahami 0 29 N 2016

*McVeigh was executed by lethal injection in 2001, he was quoted as saying before his execution "it's still 168 to 1 so I still win".

**Ayyash was assassinated when a booby trapped cell phone blew off his head.

***14 people required immediate amputations

Microsoft Flight Simulator

1 MiniflagAlQaeda.png (((Al-Qaeda))) 2,977 6,000+ Y 2001
2 MiniflagEgypt.png Gameel Al-Batouti 216 0 Y 1999
3 MiniflagGermany.png Andreas Lubitz* 150 0 Y 2015
4 MiniflagIndonesia.png Tsu Way Ming 103 0 Y 1997
5 MiniFlagMorocco.png Younes Khayati 43 0 Y 1994
6 MiniflagUSA.png David Burke 42 0 Y 1987
7 MiniFlagNamibia.png Herminio dos Santos Fernandes 32 0 Y 2013
8 MiniflagJapan.png Seiji Katagiri 24  ? N 1982
9 MiniflagUSA.png Joe Stack 1 13 Y 2010
10 MiniflagUSA.png Charles Bishop 0 0 Y 2002
11 MiniflagUSA.png Auburn Calloway** 0 4 N 1994

*Lubitz became the first German pilot in 70 years to kill 150 people.

**Calloway inflicted more injuries than Bishop, but somehow managed to drop the ball and got restrained by the very same flight crew he had just brutally beaten with a hammer and thus survived his attempt to become An Hero.

Euro Truck Simulator

1 Tunisia miniflag.png Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel‎ 86 434 N - killed by police 2016
2 MiniflagGermany.png Anis Amri 12 56 N - killed by police 2016

Sid Meier's Civilization

1 MiniflagChina.png Mao Zedong >50 Million 31 years
2 MiniflagSovietRussia.jpg Joseph Stalin ~20 Million 7 Years
3 FlagofNaziGermany.png Adolf Hitler ~13.2 Million* 3 Years
4 Democratic Republic of the Congo Leopold II of Belgium ~10 Million 44 Years
5 MiniflagJapan.png Hideki Tojo ~6 Million 3 Years
6 Cambodia Pol Pot ~3 Million 4 Years
7 Turkey Enver Pasha ~1.6 Million 5 Years
8 NKorea Flag.jpg Kim Il-sung >1 Million 45 Years
8 Ng.gif Yakubu Gowon >1 Million 9 Years
9 Vn.gif Ho Chi Minh ~900,000 24 Years
9 Rwanda Jean Kambanda ~900,000 -1 Year
10 Et.gif Mengistu Haile Mariam ~700,000 14 Years
10 Iq.gif Saddam Hussein ~700,000 24 Years
11 MiniflagIndonesia.png Sukarno >500,000 22 Years
11 MiniflagSovietRussia.jpg Vladimir Lenin >500,000 7 Years
11 Pk.gif Yahya Khan >500,000 2 Years
11 Syria-Flag-icon.png Bashar al-Assad >500,000 2,5 Years
100s MiniflagDominican.png Rafael Trujillo ~5,000* 5 days!
100s Cl.gif Augusto Pinochet ~4,000** 17 Years

**Plus 38,254 tortured people in prison[2][3]

Divine Offerings

1 MiniflagUSA.png Jim Jones People's Temple 918 35 Mass Suicide Y 1978
2 MiniflagUganda.png Joseph Kibweteere, Credonia Mwerinde Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God 530* 0 Sacrifice Unknown, Unknown 2000
3 MiniflagUSA.png David Koresh Branch Davidians 86 50 Disputed Y 1993
4 MiniFlagFrance.png, Miniflag Belgium.png Joseph Di Mambro, Luc Jouret L'Ordre du Temple Solaire 52 0 Mass Suicide/Conquest Y,Y 1994
5 MiniflagUSA.png Marshall Applewhite Heaven's Gate 39 1 Mass Suicide Y 1997
6 MiniFlagFrance.png, Miniflag Belgium.png Joseph Di Mambro, Luc Jouret L'Ordre du Temple Solaire 16 0 Mass Suicide Y**,Y** 1995
7 MiniflagJapan.png Shoko Asahara Aum Shinrikyo 12 5000+ Conquest N 1995
8 MiniflagJapan.png Shoko Asahara Aum Shinrikyo 8 200+ Conquest N 1994
9 MiniflagUSA.png Charles Manson The Manson Family 7 0 Conquest N 1969***
10 Indiaminiflag.gif Shoko Asahara Rajneeshee Movement 0 751**** Conquest N 1984

*In additional 248 members, whom been killed weeks prior, were found buried beneath the cult's multiple compounds making the final score a grand total of 778.

** Died before event.

***Throughout the year.

****Murder was not intended; Rajneeshees contaminated salad bars in hopes the disease would cause low voter turnout in an upcoming local election.

Fire Emblem

1 MiniflagSKorea.png Kim Dae-hun 192 151 2003 Died in prison Set fire to a stopped subway train, which then spread to another nearby train. Police couldn't find him for 10 hours.
2 MiniflagUSA.png Julio González 87 6 1990 Died in prison Got so mad at his girlfriend that he burnt down the club she worked at. The peaceful refugee didn't even manage to kill her, but he at least removed almost 90 spics from the gene pool.
3 MiniflagKuwait.png Nassra Yussef al-Enzi 57 90 2009 Awaiting execution Mudslime woman that was jealous of her ex getting married again. Poured petrol on a tent where friends and family were partying, trapping them inside and sealing their fate.
4 MiniflagChina.png Chen Shuizong 46 34 2013 Dead Suicidal IRL oldfag who set fire to a bus, causing it to explode. Died in the flames.
5 MiniflagCanada.png Louis Chiasson 40 2 1969 Died in prison Quebec man who was totally one of the only survivors of a tragic fire at a retirement home. Kept coming back to the scene of the crime and was convicted almost a month later.
6 MiniflagUK.png John Thompson 37 23 1980 Died in prison Poured petrol into the letterbox of a bar, dropped some paper inside, and watched the fireworks. Died in prison on the 28th anniversary of the attack.
7 MiniflagDenmark.png Erik Solbakke Hansen 35 17 1973 Institutionalized Set fire to a hotel in Copenhagen, got away with it, and wasn't caught until 14 years later when he fucked up and tried to relive the glory days by lighting up a neighborhood.
8 MiniflagItaly.png Team Black September 34 21 1973 Released Attacked an airport in Rome, and firebombed a plane about to take off. Hijacked another flight and went to Kuwait, where they were captured and later released to Palestine.
9 Flag of Turkey.png Kadir Çal 34 7 1991 Dead Killed a group of Greek tourists by torching their bus. Died in the flames.
10 MiniflagChina.png Zhang Yunliang 27 73 2009 Dead Lone wolf attack on a bus. Told his kids he wanted to "die differently."
11 MiniflagUSA.png Humberto Diaz de la Torre 24 32 1981 In prison Angsty teen that tried to kill his uncle by setting fire to his apartment, but ended up burning down the entire building. Also killed an unborn child, so it could be 25 depending on your outlook.
12 MiniflagHungary.jpg Szilveszter Matuska 22 120+ 1930-1931 Disappeared Dapper engineer that literally got off on burning bridges and causing train derailments. Was captured and sentenced to death, but escaped from prison and was never seen again.
13 MiniflagChina.png Ma Yongping 17 32 2016 In prison Another Chinese bus arsonist, but this time he actually escaped only to be captured hours later.
14 MiniflagGermany.png Team Roach Removers 5 14 1993 In prison* Four Neo-Nazis that burned down a large Turkish family's house.

*Two of them were released early on good behavior.

Tactical Espionage Action

1 Flag of Colombia.png Luis Garavito 138 172-400+ 1990s In prison Raped children, tortured children, killed children.
2 Flag of Colombia.png Pedro Alonso Lopez 110 310-350+ 1969-1980 Free, lol Raped children, tortured children, killed children.
3 Flag of Colombia.png Daniel Camargo 72 150 1974-1986 Killed in jail Raped children, tortured children, killed children.
4 Flag of Brazil.png Pedro Rodrigues Filho 71 100+ 1967-2003 In prison Killer of criminals. Avenged the death of his mother by killing his father and eating his heart. Killed 47 inmates in prison.
5 Flag of China.png Yang Xinhai 67 67 2000-2003 Executed (alias the "Monster Killer") Would go into random Chink houses at night, armed to the teeth. After entering, he would proceed to pwn every-fucking-thing in sight.
6 MiniflagSovietRussia.jpg Andrei Chikatilo 53 56 1978-1990 Executed Murdered wimmins and children in the forest, raped their corpses, ate their flesh and organs (he especially liked to eat vaginas and wombs). Three people were previously convicted and executed for his crimes.
7 MiniflagUSA.png Gary Ridgway 49 71-90+ 1982-2000 Jailed Trucker who strangled prostitues would dump them in the green river and come back for some sweet necrophillia
8 MiniflagSovietRussia.jpg Alexander Pichushkin 48 61+ 1992-2006 In prison Beat hobos with a hammer then stabbed with them with a broken vodka bottle wanted to kill 64 people to fill a chessboard
9 MiniflagUSA.png Ted Bundy 35 36+ 1974-1978 Executed Escaped from prison twice,strangled and raped 35 girls over 4 years
10 MiniflagUSA.png John Wayne Gacy 33 34+ 1972-1978 Executed Killed and raped little boys often dressed up as a clown hid bodies in his crawl space

Surgeon Simulator

1 MiniflagUK.png Harold Shipman 218 250+ 1975-1998 Hanged himself in prison Would inject diamorphine into his patients and then falsify the medical records, reporting that his patient had been in poor health
2 Flag of China.png Hu Wanlin 146 150+ 1997-1999 In prison Ran hospitals in three different cities, all while administering "miracle cures" with a suspicious amount of the shit that goes in laundry detergent
3 MiniflagJapan.png Miyuki Ishikawa 103+ 169 1940's Free (Pussy Pass Bonus) Carried out "extra-late" term abortions of infants born to parents unwilling to care for them
4 MiniflagUSA.png Steven Massof 100 100+ 2003-2008 In prison Snipped the spines of babies the second they showed signs of life
5 MiniflagItaly.png Daniela Poggiali 38 38 2013-2014 In prison Would insert a shitload of potassium into patients she found annoying then take selfies with their dead bodies
6 MiniflagUSA.png Jane Toppan 31 31 1885–1901 Institutionalized (Pussy Pass Bonus) Got her rocks off by injecting patients with morphine and then spooning them as they dipped in and out of consciousness.


1 MiniflagJapan.png Satoshi Uematsu 19 26 July 25, 2016 In Prison A noble eugenicist who removed 19 disabled people from the gene pool at a facility near Tokyo. Turned himself in an hour later.
2 MiniflagChina.png Yang Qingpei 19 0 September 29, 2016 In Prison A chink who managed to stab nearly 20 people - with no survivors. All of this with a shitty knife, too!
3 MiniflagJapan.png Mamoru Takuma 8 15 June 8, 2001 Death by hanging A former janitor, went to the private Ikeda Elementary School and killed rich kids. Only used a kitchen knife.
4 MiniflagChina.png Zheng Minsheng 8 5 March 23, 2010 In Prison Bonus points for using a machete to end the lives of school children
5 MiniflagUSA.png Richard Speck 8 0 July 13, 1966 Dead Went into a Chicago townhouse dorm for female college nursing students and raped, beaten, tortured, stabbed and strangled all 8 women to death.
6 MiniflagUSA.png Ramon Salcido 5 (+2 by gunfire) 1 (+1 by gunfire) April 14, 1989 Awaiting Execution After a fun night of binge drinking and doing coke, he drove his three young daughters to have fun at an isolated dumping site, but wanted to show his daughters how much he really loved them. After having sex with his young daughters like how any great father would, he decided to cut their throats and leave them there to play by themselves, while he went to run a few errands. Two of his daughters later mysteriously died while the other was found in a trash can (wtf?). He then drove to visit his mother-in-law, but was violently attacked for no good reason, prompting him to justifiably stab her and her two kids to death in self-defense. He then returned home, where he shot his bitch wife for refusing to make sandwiches. His next stop on his errands was Grand Cru Vineyard, where he decided to get even with his supervisors after they had made fun of him for being overweight and having a small dick, shooting both of them, killing one, wounding the other.
7 MiniflagHongKong.png Lee Chi Hang 6 38 June 3, 1982 In Prison Dual wielding knives and chisels, killed his mom and sister then entered the nearby kindergarten
8 MiniflagUSA.png Julian Marcelino 6 13 November 24, 1932 Dead presumably Filipino immigrant who ran amok through the streets of Seattle and stabbed people for half an hour before surrending to police.
9 MiniflagUK.png Jack the Ripper 5 (11?) 0 1888-1891 Haunting the streets of London Did like GTA and killed the whores to get the money back
10 MiniflagIsrael.png Elias Abuelazam 5 13 Summer 2010 In Prison A good Jew, believe it or not, who did his part by thinning out the black.
11 MiniflagUSA.png John Murphy 5 3 July 5, 1901 Dead presumably Made PETA proud by killing slaughterhouse workers.
12 MiniflagNiger.png Unknown 5 1 January 10, 1994 In Prison, presumably Clubbed 4 children like baby seals, then killed a bitch trying to stop him before getting beaten by mob
13 MiniflagCanada.png Matthew de Grood 5 1 15 April, 2014 In prison Used a kitchen knife to bag a lousy handful
14 MiniflagUSA.png Dexter Lewis, Lynell Hill and Joseph Hill 5 0 October 17, 2012 In prison 3 apes and one FBI informant had robbed a bar for $170, but Dexter had stabbed the bar owner and four patrons to death, while Joseph Hill had held up the cashier at gunpoint. Joseph's brutha, Lynell Hill, had blocked the door. They set fire to the bar afterwards before fleeing. All three were charged except for the undercover agent.
15 MiniflagUSA.png Maksim Gelman 4 5 February 11-12, 2011 In Prison Was going to take down "rats" who had wronged him
16 MiniflagUSA.png Jason Abbott 4 1 March 25, 2008 In Prison Killed his aunt, uncle and grandparents and wounded another aunt with a hunting knife after his mother threatened to call the police on him because he was yelling about orange and red being "evil colors".
17 MiniflagDenmark.png Peter Lundin 4 0 April 1991 and 2000 In prison Strangled his mother in 1991, before he was released from the US to Denmark. Here he stabbed the female owner of a brothel and her two sons. He used an ax and a grinder to remove all the body parts, before putting into separate trash bins.
18 MiniflagSweden.png Anton Lundin Pettersson 3 1 October 22nd, 2015 Shot by cops Used the force to cut through students.
19 MiniFlagFrance.png Adel Kermiche 1 3 July 26, 2016 Shot by cops Pwned some Christfags in the Normandy church in France.
20 MiniflagUSA.png Alex Hribal 0 25 October 17, 2013 In Prison Dual wielding knives in the Franklin Regional High School map.
21 MiniflagUSA.png Dylan Quick 0 14 April 9, 2013 In Prison Failed horribly at his plot to go on a "stabbing rampage," likely due to the fact that this loser had used a knife that was used to shave paper and a surgical knife (wtf)?
22 MiniflagUSA.png Abdul Razak Ali Artan 0 11 November 28, 2016 Shot by cops A mudslime nigger rapefugee from Somalia that got sympathy from SJWs because muh oppression.
23 MiniflagCanada.gif 14 year old Tumblrite 0 9 February 23, 2016 In prison None of them even had life-threatening injuries she was so shit
24 MiniflagChina.png Xie Zhongcai 0 8 March 7, 2003 In Prison Rejected by a teacher. Went on to rightfully stab children and teacher staff
25 MiniflagChina.png 30 year old woman 0 8 August 29, 2011 In Prison Used a box cutter to slash 8 people. Only injured one severely.
26 MiniflagUK.png Horrett Campbell 0 7 July 8, 1996 In a padded cell. Invaded a picnic. Probably pretended to be Ant Man. Owned a Volvo and used a machete
27 MiniflagGermany.png Riaz Ahmadzai 0 5 (+14 shock victims) July 18, 2016 Shot by cops Mudslime ISIS supporter who tried to attack a train but failed on account of being 17. Only managed to hurt some Chinese tourists
28 MiniflagUSA.png Kali J. Bookey 0 1 July 29, 2016 In Prison Cute Jailbait broad stabs her brother's GF to near-death. Sauce
4330 MiniflagUSA.png Nicholas John Miller 0 0 October 17, 2013 In Prison Played Grand Theft School bus. Took a detour. Was arrested. Completely useless.
99999 MiniflagUSA.png Logan Clark 0 0 December 8, 2016 In Hospital Pulled out a knife, didn't use it, got shot by a cop, and was hospitalized.

Difficulty Levels

Easy: This level includes slow moving targets, easy to navigate locations and a pretty much nonexistent chance of victims being armed or fighting back in any way. It also has limited respawning NPC's and Police response is slow. Common places include:

  • Libraries
  • Nursing homes
  • Public parks
  • Schools
  • Swimming pools
  • Britain
  • France

Medium: Although more difficult than easy this level is still fairly easy for the experienced high scorer. This level has faster police response time. More people with faster reflexes. Also the locations are harder to navigate, may have light security already present and (depending on location and jurisdiction) a small to medium chance of encountering armed victims. Several people have played on this level including James Holmes, and Charles Whitman. Places include:

  • Hospitals
  • Malls
  • Rooftops
  • Theatres
  • Train stations
  • Switzerland
  • Czech Republic

Nightmare mode: Without a doubt the most difficult level. It has infinite respawing NPC's, almost immediate police response, high security, confusing and small maps and a medium to high chance of victims being armed or fighting back. The only known people to have a good score on this mode was Major Malik Nadal Hasan, who went 13/30 on the map Fort Hood, and 2nd Lt. Sanurip who went 16/11 in an Indonesian airport. Locations include:

  • Airports
  • Government offices
  • Gun stores / shows
  • Shooting ranges
  • International borders
  • Military bases
  • Police stations (as well as Doughnut shops by extension)
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Israel

How to High Score

  1. Be from somewhere where murder isn't an everyday occurrence and people actually care when you go on a shooting rampage. If you speak English and are white, you probably have this covered.
  2. Play violent video games (Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt series and FPS games like Doom, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, etc) and listen to metal (Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Cannibal Corpse, etc). They will train you to kill better and will ensure that after the murder and harm is over you can continue the lulz by ensuring that misguided idiots everywhere will be wiped up into a rage of fascism and will push for censorship laws.
  3. It is preferable, but not necessary, that all firearms, ammunition and other weapons used and/or any ingredients used to make explosives are acquired legally so that, like in section 2, retards will call for stricter gun/weapon laws, demand 1984 style security at schools, airports, etc and attempt to demonize anyone who has an interest or hobby in firearms and the like afterwards. This has the doubly lulzy effect that if stricter gun laws are passed, and anyone decides to follows in your footsteps, their victims will be even more disarmed and helpless than they were before, leading to higher body counts, less personal freedom for everyone and greater amounts of lulz.
  4. Leave behind lulzy, dramawhore statements and media, also remember to take a photo of yourself just before hand, preferably with a big shit eating grin on your face, for the papers and news sites to splash all over their front page and send a clear signal to all the other limp dicked social rejects who cram their faces with anti-depressants to numb the pain of their worthless existence out there that all they need to do to make everyone pay attention to them and make their name and face nationally or internationally known is go for the high score. This point is essential for weapons grade lulz, nobody cares about a vanilla killer.
  5. Ensure all, or at least the vast majority, of the people you kill are complete strangers and have absolutely nothing to do with any problem you have or any real or perceived injustice against you or in society. They still deserve it, for some reason.
  6. It is customary that when you've satisfied your bloodlust/run low on ammo/been cornered by police or some other armed individual/etc to off yourself. This does not count as a kill, but it does make you an hero.
  7. In addition to buying your weapons legally also buy a bunch of armor such as bulletproof vests, gloves, masks and other shit so that people will want to ban those to.
  8. Shoot victims multiple times and kill little kids as opposed to adults and teenagers.
  9. Leave a note on you saying you have planted a bomb somewhere that will go on in a certain amount of time at a certain place to cause more drama

Notable Losers

FPS players who couldn't break into the top 25 list. Typically under 13 kills.

1 MiniflagUK.png Derrick Bird 12 25 Y 2010
2 MiniflagUSA.png Mark Barton 12 13 Y 1999
3 MiniflagUSA.png Aaron Alexis 12 8 N (Shot by cops) 2013 Some nigger who went for the high score armed with a shotgun. Straight outta doom.
4 MiniflagUSA.png James Pough 11 6 Y 1990
5 MiniflagUSA.png Michael McLendon 10 6 Y 2009
6 MiniflagFinland.png Mr. Saari 10 1 Y 2008 Copycatted Pekka a year later and managed an extra two kills.
7 MiniflagGermany.png Ali David Sonboly 9 27 Y 2016 Half-shitskin who killed a bunch of fatasses at a McDonald's
8 MiniflagUSA.png Mark Essex 9 13 N (Shot by cops) 1973
9 MiniflagPhilippines.png Ronald Bae 9 11 N (Shot by cops) 2013
10 MiniflagUSA.png Chris Harper-Mercer 9 7 Y 2015 "Do you believe in god?"
11 MiniflagUSA.png Jeff Weise 9 5 Y 2005 A drunk injun fatass who also asked his victims if they believed in god.
12 MiniflagUSA.png Satan Claus 9 3 Y 2008 Gave us the lulziest christmas evar!
13 MiniflagUSA.png Dylann Storm Roof 9 1 N 2015
14 MiniflagFinland.png Pekka-Eric Auvinen 8 12 Y 2007
15 MiniflagIsrael.png Alaa Abu Dhaim 8 11 N (Shot by civilian) 2008
16 MiniflagPhilippines.png Rolando Mendoza 8 9 N (Shot by cops) 2010 a symbol of Pinoy pride
17 MiniflagUSA.png Robert Hawkins 8 4 Y 2007
18 MiniflagUSA.png Robert Steward 8 3 N 2009 extra credit for doing it at a nursing home
19 MiniflagUSA.png Scott Dekraai 8 1 N 2011
20 MiniflagUSA.png Jennifer San Marco 8 0 Y 2006 The only woman man enough to kill more than 3 people in a shooting, probably because she targeted azns, darkies and spics.
21 MiniflagNetherlands.png Tristan van der Vlis 7 15 Y 2011 God-hating bitch that went an hero
22 MiniflagUSA.png Jared Lee Loughner 6 14 N 2011
23 MiniflagUSA.png Elliot Rodger 6 13 Y 2014 tiny dick Brit-Azn butthurt because he was still a virgin at 22.
24 MiniflagUSA.png Wade Michael Page 6 3 Y 2012 A neonazi retard who tried to kill jews - by shooting up a Sikh church.
25 MiniflagUSA.png Jason Dalton 6 2 N 2016
26 MiniflagUSA.png Kyle Huff 6 2 Y 2006 Goth
27 MiniflagRussia.png Dmitry Vinogradov 6 1 N 2012 One of the few Russian shooters.
28 MiniflagUSA.png Stephen Kazmierczak 5 23 Y 2008 a bisexual faggot who tried to pull a Cho but wasn't Azn enough
29 MiniflagUSA.png Micah Xavier Johnson 5 9 N (Blown the fuck up by cops) 2016 A Black Lives Matter acolyte out to kill white cops, and succeeding.
30 MiniflagUSA.png Esteban Santiago 5 6 N 2017 Played on Nightmare Mode in a Fort Lauderdale airport
31 MiniflagUSA.png Charles Roberts 5 5 Y 2006 Extra credit for doing it at an Amish school house.
32 MiniflagUSA.png Arcan Cetin 5 0 N 2016 Leftist turkroach that killed 5 people in the makeup department of a mall in Washington, sparked a manhunt. Evaded police for almost a day before being caught.
33 MiniflagUSA.png Kip Kinkel 4 25 N 1998 killed his mommy and daddy, then managed to hurt 25 others before being dog-piled and thrown into the slammer for life.
34 MiniflagCanada.png Anon 17-year-old 4 7 N 2016 Kid who chimped-out at La Loche Community School.
35 MiniflagUSA.png Nghtmrchld26 4 5 Y 2007
36 MiniflagUSA.png Jaylen Fryberg 4 3 Y 2014
37 MiniflagUSA.png Ivan Lopez 3 16 Y 2014 FUCKING FORT HOOD AGAIN! SERIOUSLY!
38 MiniflagUSA.png Robert Lewis Dear 3 9 N 2015 bonus points for targeting a Planned Parenthood clinic
39 MiniflagUSA.png George Sodini 3 9 Y 2009
40 MiniflagUSA.png Jerad and Amanda Miller 3 0 Jerad: No (Cops) Amanda: Yes 2014 2 of the victims were cops
41 MiniflagUSA.png TJ Lane 3 2 N 2012 One of the lulziest failures around. Broke out of jail in 2014 only to be recaptured.
42 MiniflagUSA.png Noah Jacob Harpham 3 1 N (Shot by cops) 2015 shot up a street in Colorado then got pwnt by cops.
43 MiniflagUSA.png Anonymous 2 14-17 N 2016 Pulled off a shitty sequel to the Pulse Nightclub Massacre.
44 MiniflagUSA.png Brenda-Ann Spencer 2 9 N 1979 Pulled off a massacre because she hated Mondays, which caused so much lulz. Probably inspired Jim Davis to create the Garfield comics.
45 MiniflagUSA.png John Russel Houser 2 9 Y 2015 Another generic mentally ill faggot who went postal.
46 MiniflagAustralia.png Huan Yun Xiang 2 5 N 2002 V-Tech Massacre: Ausfailian Edition.
47 MiniflagAustralia.png Man Haron Monis 2 4 N (Shot by cops) 2014 Attacked a chocolate cafe and terrorized hostages for 16 hours before getting owned by the pigs.
48 MiniflagUSA.png Hesham Mohamed Hadayet 2 4 N (Shot by cops) 2002 shot dead by airport security
49 MiniflagUSA.png Jesse Osborne 2 3 N 2016 Killed his dad and attempted to pull off a sequel to Sandy Hook, failed miserably.
50 MiniflagUSA.png James Paul Diaz 2 3 N 2014 another California man attempting to out-score Cho
51 MiniflagUSA.png Larry Gordon 2 2 N (Shot by cops) 2016 Michigan convict going to a court appearance when he broke free and killed two bailiffs. Tried to takes hostages but bailed for no reason and was shot by the piggies while escaping.
52 MiniflagUSA.png Keith Luke 2 1 Y (after conviction) 2013 failed to purify his town of Brockton miserably
53 MiniflagUSA.png Anthony Powell‎ 2 (inc. himself) 0 Y 2009 decided to shoot up people in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
54 MiniflagCanada.gif Kimveer Gill 1 19 Y 2006 Definitive proof that goth culture needs to be banned!
55 MiniflagUSA.png Jason Rodriguez 1 5 N 2009 follow up of the Fort Hood shooting
56 MiniflagCanada.gif Michael Zehaf-Bibeau 1 3 N (Shot by cops) 2014 typical muslim that tried to assassinate the Canadian prime minister with somebody's grandpa lever rifle. Got owned by some RCMP officer who is then promoted to become an ambassador
57 MiniflagUK.png Raoul Moat 1 2 (1 later committed suicide) Y 2010 now worshiped by Chavs across Britain
58 MiniflagUSA.png Larry Rosenberg 1 2 Y 2016 77 year old nursing home resident that had issues with the "damn poker gambling" others were participating in
59 MiniflagUSA.png Robert Butler Jr. 1 1 Y 2011

Absolute Fucking Failures

These assclowns couldn't even manage to get a single kill! They are the Polygon of real life.

1 MiniflagGermany.png Sebastian Bosse 20 Y 2006 Tried to shoot up his school with flintlocks, sawed off 22s, and a makeshift garage gun. Didn't go well.
2 MiniflagUSA.png Abdul Razak Ali Artan 11 N 2016 Sandnigger who went on a stabbing spree at Ohio State University, he was the only causality in the attack.
3 MiniflagUSA.png Lamar Moore 4 N (Shot by cops) 2011 Died bravely in a line of fire by police inside a police station after he brought a shotgun in the building and wounded 4 officers, none of the critically, even at point blank range. He was falsely accused by The Man of kidnapping and raping a 13 year old girl, when she probably deserved it anyways. So that was when he heroically stepped into the office and amazed the whole world of how much of an incredibly amazing man he truly is.
4 MiniflagUSA.png Asa Coon 4 Y 2007 He was punched by a nigger and then killed himself. To add insult to injury, the cops leaked photos of his corpse.
5 MiniflagUSA.png Mason Campbell 2 N 2014 Some 12 year old loser who tried to go cho. He sawed off daddy's shotgun and used birdshot, randomly firing everywhere, before being tackled and shackled.
6 MiniflagUSA.png Neil MacInnis 2 N 2013 4chan Post
7 MiniflagCanada.png Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath 0 N 2015 Planned to shoot up a Halifax mall with two of her friends, but got arrested due to posting about her plan on tumblr, and is now in jail.
8 MiniflagUSA.png You 0 N (sadly) The current year This faggot hasn't even committed to their attack plans yet. Instead they just jack off to furry porn and read ED articles all day, every day.

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