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And now, let the fapping begin!

Higurashi, in a nutshell, is what happens when a game of lolita Clue goes horribly wrong. Originating from a series of shitty visual novels, it tells the story about a group of young japanese kids, whose hobbies include playing board games and killing each other in the most horrific ways possible. The entire series main claim to fame is having its cute little lolis kill each other in the most brutal ways imaginable.

The Usual Episode Cycle...

After watching the first of many painful episodes of the first season (and assuming you've already taken note of the fact that the seasons are divided into a few story arcs) you may begin to notice the following pattern that provides the main structure of the plot...

Rena is offended that there is a plot

In each story arc, the first one or two episodes consist of typical anime-style girly nonsense that makes the eyelid of any sane person twitch just a little. The next episode may consist of less faggotry and moar serious business as the plot begins to slowly escalate the level of drama as more mysterious shit is discovered and one or more of the characters is consumed in paranoia because they believe supernatural shit is coming to rape their soul (this crap can take several episodes to play out before reaching the end of the story arc). Eventually, one (or sometimes more) of the characters either becomes an hero or kills another character and the story arc ends. That pretty much sums it up. The cycle continues a few times (resetting reality over and over again as if nothing happened) and then season one ends, just like that. It's less of a story and more of an introduction to a few fictional characters and some of the various ways they get killed, including a reset button to top it all off. Seriously.

Season two attempts to cover season one's ass by filling in most of the plot holes, but it's complicated to explain it, as it contains a bunch of confusing philosophical shit that's impossible to understand. Also, the game.

The Cast of Higurashi

  • Keiichi Maebara: Pretty much the only guy in the series. Sorry yoai fan-girls.
Okay, you can stay
This is why we can't have nice things
  • Hanyuu: A third loli introduced in season 2, who's actually the spirit Oyashiro. Like any anime, she acts as a ghost that looks after Rika as her guardian, at least she's supposed to if she weren't such a fucking stupid cunt all the time. For a deity that can controll the very fabric of space and time, she's had to revive Rika from the dead 59 different times. Seriously, Hannyu is the worst guardian spirit ever. Fuck you, Tinkerbell!
  • Takano: A pair of blond tits that whose only real significance was that she always died in a fire. Is later revealed to be evil mastermind behind all the events in the entire series.

Fappable scenes from Higurashi

Typical Scene From Higurashi

And then, a typical fan parody

How to warm her up for a handjob

Rena is less than amused by Keichii's antics

How to properly treat your sister.


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