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HiryuGouki, [1] a.k.a. Kiwi-Punch, Sin-Comixxx, Tony-G-Steele and Theclassybutler is a fucking weeaboo on DeviantArt and Newgrounds. He can't accept critiques and is easily butthurt by any kind of it, including the nicest of critique, which is ironic as his skill level is to par of a ten year old. His women have thunder thighs and their waists are so skinny it looks fucking unnatural. Apparently, his heads are fat and his necks are so thin it looks like they're going to fall right off of their heads. His eyelashes stick out the sides of his face. They call this shit art? He cannot draw and as they can't accept that they cannot draw, they might as well become an hero.

He has a bad history of starting up random drama and baaaaaaaaaaaaawing about how mean 1111! people are to his work! Waaaaaa nobody likes my artwork i need help you GAIZ. Then when he gets the help, he doesn't listen to anyone, especially those who are not an elite artist like himself.

When he is butthurt enough, he goes to the forums whining about how people were onto him, leaving out the truth. He doesn't state that he was the one who started the shit. He wants people to leave him alone but he's a fucking hypocrite. Dipshit, next time you want to be left alone, DON'T START BULLCRAP.

Anatomy, eh?

One of HiryuGouki's unoriginal characters in a manga titled Calamity.

His gallery consists nothing but fantasy chicks with what is already mentioned above. They do not have proper anatomy at all. All of them are horribly drawn and horribly colored. But oh, don't comment about that, only give him asspats. Whenever someone has the balls to say it straight up, he says such things such as: "You are NOT an artist." and "Sorry, I'll only use references... I learn best MY way." The thing is, he does not study from real life or photo references as we all did in preschool and grade school, but rather he studies from faggy weeaboo anime such as Tokyo Mew Mew and Inuyasha. This in turn causes him to draw anatomically squashed up anime chicks with no sense of rendering or foreshortening to them as common sense tells you that anime does not help you learn how to be a real artist. But whenever someone tells him this, he tells them off in typical HiryuGouki fashion! How eloquent.

If you comment about how wrong they are, he will lash out at you or ignore you. [2] Lyk, srsly. If you critique him at all you are wasting your time. He treats everyone like dirt once he's been butthurt. Perhaps it would not be such a bad idea to simply ignore him, instead of putting all of of the fucking energy into trying to help him. Do not talk to him or he will insult you and hurt your leet feelingz, lawl. He's an asshole that OBVIOUSLY shouldn't be trusted.

Way to go Hiryu! Contradicting yourself, how do you sleep at night?

The sheer irony of this is either too sad or too funny to laugh at.

What Does He Do When He Gets a Critique? Welllll....

As butthurt and excessive bawwwwwwwing ain't enough, he also posts retaliating reviews on the original criticizer's artwork, if it's on Newgrounds. Shall we take a look through the gallery of such knightly acts by our hero? "This is shit", "Cute is all I got... too simple", and the classic "Go kill yourself!" are only three of many abusive reviews that Hiryu enjoys leaving on poor, innocent people's artwork--simply because they OMG QUESTIONED HIS SEXTASTIC ART TALENT.

This is so lulzy that you can be at his page all day long and enjoy the ride going on there. Free ORGIES FOR EVERYONE!~!!1

Hiryu’s Gallery of Sexy Things

Recently, after the incident on the Art Forums over at Newgrounds, Hiryu has sworn off posting art there for a long, long time. Rather, he has taken to posting them on DeviantArt. [3] Meanwhile, back on Newgrounds, his art is still up for some unknown reason—it makes no fucking sense as there are massively damaging reviews reputation-wise on there. It’s hilarious because he uses such tags in his drawings as SEXY, ANIME, BABE, and especially MANGA—which is a fucking joke as his ‘art’ is far from the manga of Inuyasha, Battlestar Galactica, and Death Note. Here are his works, at your viewing pleasure!

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

How To Critique, MY WAY

Once he was on Newgrounds, and wrote a "How To Critique Guide" after someone gave him a rather harsh critique on his drawings there. Yep, the comment was harsh, but grow a thicker skin, Jesus Christ. If you can't accept harsh critique, get the fuck off the net. Nobody needs you on the net if you're going to bawwwww every time someone says they do not like your horribly-done shit. Not everyone is going to like your shit. If you're not liked, STFU and GTFO. Are people really that retarded as to not grasp the concept? Srsly. Of course, nobody agreed with him and one fellow NG user even went out to write a full-blown rant on the thread, forever humiliating Hiryu and wounding his ego to the point where Hiryu, for the 9001st time, threw a temper tantrum and swore he would quit Newgrounds forever. Of course, he came back the next day. Too lazy to read the thread? Simply read on--problem solved!

Kumakun tries to break it to Hiryu gently.
Lintire's famous rant.
Hiryu's weak response.
Kumakun's next post.
TurkeyOnAStick speaks truth.

Those kinds of things will make artists want more of your advice because they know that while it may be harsh in some respects, they also know you genuinely care about their development as artists. It makes them feel...comfortable if you will...


—HiryuGouki, being a total fag as usual

Listen up, you fucking weaboo:

Now, it's really bad that you attempt to pass off in the first place that you know how to critique better then anyone else here. It's rude, it's disrepectable, and it makes you a socially inept asshole if you can't even figure that. And that would be if you were actually good at reviewing - say, along the lines of the Review Crew or the like. They know their shit.

But you're not even that much - you're a fucking terrible reviewer, and shitty artist and an awful poster. Your few moments of acceptability that I'm seeing you pull from your arse don't make up for the bland crap that you spew out the entirety of the other time. That you've spent the better part of this page making excuses for your reviews makes it even worse.

Don't you tell me how to do what I do, because as far as I'm concerned, I already know how. You're the worst kind of hypocrite. If all people wanted was sugar and praise, they'd stick their artwork up on mummy's fridge.

Now go back to your hole and think about what you've done. I'm sick of you purifying the place.


—Lintire, telling the perfect truth.

Hiryu's Further Faggotry

What the actual fuck?
Wonder why it was updated.
Deny, deny, and deny! Also, badass? Lmao.

As you might already know, Hiryu enjoys making gay journals that serve no sole purpose but to showcase his own stupidity and fail. [4] and [5] One such example of those is this jewel [6]: "U wanna piece of me? Cause I'll give you more than you can chew. I'm Newgrounds to have fun, and there's nothing you can say, nothing you can do to get me off, for I am the Great HiryuGouki. I'm not gonna get offended anymore. If you wanna say something, fine. Go ahead. Be my guest. I don't give a flying fuck!" But of course, the two replies that was left were less than stellar. 10JD: "JD10? are you fucking dyslexic?" Martin: "Lmao." They were met with generic 'comebacks'.

His most current DA journal as of June 5th, 2011 is composed of the weeaboo hosting a contest. And yes, it's for real. Only two comments as of late have seemed to be left on the journal entry, and it also seems that only one actually has entered something in the "contest". Why even one person would bother is beyond me, and beyond others. Fucking faggot.

Then, in July a crybaby schizophrenic chick made a whiny thread concerning Roger Ebert. Hiryu decided he would further embarrass himself and posted two comments that don't make any fucking sense whatsoever. [7] Which is hilarious, for if the latter sentence was actually true, he would be a fucking fantastic artist.

Zafina of Eden IV

To top it off, Hiryu invests his time into drawing sexy chicks from his new video game, "Calamity", that is presumably made up of nothing but fail, AIDS, and is a rip off of Star Trek. One such character is Zafina of Eden IV, a seemingly perfect character. [8] As Hiryu quotes it, "Personality wise, Zafina is narcissistic, stubborn, quick to anger, and predictable. She worships her body, and due to the fact that she has the power to manipulate time and space (to a low degree; we're not talking some Dialga's Roar of Time insanity here), her ego has grown bigger since she became the "Eden Savior". Her powers of space time manipulation include the ability to will anything to use as a weapon into existence." LOLOLOL SO FUCKING ORIGINAL. Unfortunately, when he submitted the artwork of Zafina to Newgrounds, he was met with unexpected results.

NeonCecil: "Wow, if this is art. Then, they must have really lowered the standards these days. It's incredibly flat with very little body details. The cape is uneven. The eyes are lifeless. No breasts are that small. And there's no sign of any ears. Finally, to top it off her calves are way too thin to match up with her legs. The only thing you did get right was some good coloring. But, even a child can do that.."

Whysomangry: "It looks like she's about to take a giant shit, and it's going to get everywhere. The breasts are abnormally shaped and totally out of proportion. Don't fucking get me started on that face." (LOLWUT)

Celx-Requin: "The proportions are wrong, the pose is lame, I have no idea what's going with the background. Furthermore you claim to have wanted to create a narcissistic character so you would have "freedom with their expressions", then why does she have the same fucking spastic expression you give to each one of your characters?"

The reviews were met with either meek responses from the artist or sheer unresponsiveness. It should be noted that in the cases where he is meek and nodding his head along like a pants-on retard, it is simply an act. In reality, he sits behind the computer monitor eating ice cream, choking back tears as people rip him a new one.


In October 2010, a NGer named Nantes decided it would be productive to troll the fuck out of Hiryu. [9]

Nantes: "for someone who has seen 'plenty of naked women and 'studied anatomy', you really fucked up on this one. relevant to your beliefs of how a female looks, if put in practice, and this was an actual person, she wouldn't be able to walk up straight. the torso is way to thin and slender, the legs are too long and the head is gruesomly disproportioned. same goes for your interpretation of the "boobies". next to that the perspective looks awfully off. you could say to me to fuck off and die in a hole. but living in a family from which the majority does art, and me, a person who is attending an art school, i can see the technical flaws of it all.

yes i do not draw antomically correct, i accept huge flaws in anatomy for my interest in what the perspective of art is. and i'm more fond of drawing silly doodley characters, and the funner, easier things that my doodles represent. the modern esthetic of grafitti also influences that.

considering you could break me down on every little thing in my drawings. the problem with you is you actually think this is technically correct. that the anatomy is flawless. i would say you looked at some random anime for this. but let me tell you one thing. anime and manga anatomy is far from related to the anatomy of an actual person.

so the verdict? 0 out of 10, because if this is awful. putrid color schemes, horrid anatomy and your bloated sense of self righteousness isn't going to save you. Sure, people will love this, but only a small target audience will appreciate this. 6 to 8 hours to complete something of this caliber is very unrealistic, considering i could draw something this awful on a very old computer, with a mouse, in maybe less than a half an hour.

i would recommend you the book "Essential Fashion Illustration" by Maite Lafuente or " Step-by-Step Studio: Drawing Concepts: A complete guide to essential drawing techniques and fundamentals" by diane dardaci. These are people who have been drawing their entire lives, people who know the essentials, the fundamentals, the tools and the patience to make something beautiful. i'd say throw out all your manga drawing guide books and anime DVD's, grow up, and start concentrating on realistic things. start by going outside and drawing your area, draw the people, draw the houses. it takes patience. it's not about how long you work, because i know people who can make insane portrets in less than minutes. so stop being so self absorbed and try it.

that's about it, i have given you all the advice i can possibly give. so yeah

T;dr; your art sucks, get practicing, or die like a failure...

-Love, nantes."

He was met with a typical result of, "I'll only use references...Sorry, I learn best MY WAY."

Unfortunately for the retard, it would not be the last he saw of Nantes. A mere month later, after churning out another art piece titled "The Siren", [10] Nantes returned, a new fury blazing deep inside his core after seeing absolutely zero improvement on Hiryu's artwork.

Nantes: "Ok, i had enough. listen, i gave you all the advice that i could possibly give to someone like you. I had such high hopes that you would improve, that i would see something that is not blatantly inspired by manga. but that is inspired by heart.

But you didn't learn. you didn't fucking learn.

Your shit is still the same bland product you keep offering. just in a different setting. It doesn't matter. It's still shit. I hate everything in this picture, The anatomy is fucking confusing as balls, the shading i can still live with. but that doesn't make up for the fact that i hate those color schemes. And that background is horrible, like, i mean, there's horrible, and there's FUCKING HIDEOUS horrible. and the placing of the character isn't complimenting the background at all.

i fucking hate it, you worthless sack off shit, i hate it so much. you make it seem like you put so much goddamn work into this, like you make it seem that doing a color overlay is fucking hard, well i'm sorry to say, but you are fucking retarded. and that's being nice. I can do a goddamn overlay in like 5 seconds. Unless you have fucking carpal tunnel syndrome or parkinsons, you don't really have an excuse for being slow.

Fuck i hate this, i hate you, i hate all of your goddamn works. you think you are such a prolific artist that will change the world, that you and your art is fucking perfect on every level. well sorry to crush your dreams asshole, but that isn't the case. Now i'm going to sound very fucking cocky, but i know from myself, i'm a fucking better artist than you. by like a million. and that's talking about me doing low effort.

I gave you all of my advice, and you just decided to be cocky. and tell me off. well guess what, live in your stupid fantasy world. and die alone

Fuck you. 0/0 for everything"

Hiryu was quite taken aback and could only stutter out a small, "If you hate it so much, why'd you bother to review? Just a thought..." Which just proves the fucking point that he doesn't listen to any sort of helpful critique, even if he seemingly accepts it with grace.

A Tutorial to Drawing… MY WAY.

So, apparently traditional art sucks and is boring.

He even has a How to Draw and Color tutorial, MAH WAY!!! [11]

Just take a look at all his "It's my style/my way of learning" replies that he leaves to all the critiques. Goddammit, stop fucking helping him and laugh at him instead, and while you’re at it, troll his ass. It's much, much easier that way.

HiryuGouki: The Movie

Not too many weeks later, someone by the name Fag McGee, otherwise known as MudkipzLOL, put his time into creating a flash movie [12]. To everyone's surprise, it featured no one other than... HiryuGouki. The movie itself portrayed the young artist as a raging man furiously beating it as he said useless bullcrap in the flash such as, "MY ARTWORK IS VERY AROUSING". Which is how Hiryu really thinks. The climax reaches its point when everyone gives his art scores of zeros, and then Hiryu pitifully ejaculates and slams his hands upon his keyboard, typing a very angry "OMG I LEARN BEST MY WAY!!! ACCEPT IT OR I'LL BLAM YOUR ARTWORK!" all the while continuously beating it, until his dick explodes. When the real Hiryu came upon the flash, he himself typed an angry review.

Human evolution just took a spiral staircase down into the toilet with this...Just how immature is this film? It's badly animated, badly drawn and it's not even funny. What I would do is smooth up the animation, add more details to the frames and maybe draw the characters in a more clear style, just to add more depth to them, and identifiable. But, if you must know, I am actually lean framed, and no, I don't like cock humor, because it's trite and immature. Try some other forms of humor and see what works before making another flash movie. You have potential. I can definitely see a good flash coming out of you in the near future, so keep at it, and keep improving. As an artist, it's out number one goal to become the best at what we do.


—HiryuGouki, posting an useless (no, really) review.


Shemale of Darkness by 10JD
The "Sir"en by 10JD

Then, around the same time, a troll named 10JD decided it would be amusing to commission Hiryu with drawings portraying his characters as shemales. People flocked to 10JD's page and many hailed him as a hero, however when Hiryu saw the drawings, he became extremely butthurt and posted shit like how 10JD was simply jealous that 'Calypso had a bigger dick than he ever would'. Of course, 10JD simply retorted with the epic comeback: "So your not denying that shes a shemale?" Hiryu has not replied to that question as of late because he does not know how to.

Various artists have come forward asking the now famed troll to draw more pictures of Hiryu's anatomically-incorrect females, however as HIRYU WAS SUCH A PUSSY THAT HE REPORTED 10JD TO THE MODERATORS, 10JD cannot do so. How selfish of him! Of course, 10JD was not the only artist to make shemales of Hiryugouki's characters, but he was the only one not to have them removed from Newgrounds. Probably because 10JD blew the moderator in charge of submission deletion that day.

No, Insults do NOT Make a Critique!

In late May, right after the Newgrounds incident when Lintire ranted at Hiryu, the weeaboo made a whiny complaint on DeviantArt’s most notorious forum, Complaints. Thinking that he would be backed up by loyal fans, he instead was met with deviants asking him a sensible question—something incredibly rare among deviants. [13] Curiously, he added a plz of an orgasming face for =Prosaix, which makes no sense as he is apparently not gay.

I swear...Some people just seriously cannot get enough lulz these days can they? These trolls just popped up out of nowhere on my artwork and started insulting and then proceeded to act like Jesus in the fact that they're "telling me how to improve". Umm...I don't think telling someone to "go die in a hole" is a critique, yes? Do you suppose, "I bet you've never had a girlfriend before, your art probably turns girls off; why even bother?" is good criticism? If that's "constructive criticism" I would hate to see how you trolls ask each other for advice, or wish each other happy birthday, or maybe even congratulate each other when each others' children are born.


—Hiryu, ranting on about the mean trolls that harass him daily. OH NOES!

In the same topic, many made the exact same mistake over and over again, attempting to help the weeaboo see the errors of his ways, however they were simply responded with excuses for his moronic behavior.

RiiZ: "dude.. how many times have people told you to stay off of NG and how many times have you said you were leaving the site..?"

HiryuGouki: "I know. I'm thinking about seriously quitting this time...I've just had enough...but again, if you had been paying attention, I was complaining about the whole trend in general, regardless if it's my own art or not."

quixotic-spark: "So much bawwing about a site you could just leave..."

HiryuGouki: "This complaint comes from observation of what I see on others' artwork, and some of it includes mine as well. Not all of it is me complaining about trolls insulting my stuff. It's art in general that gets insulted that gets me mad sometimes, especially when the troll tries to justify his or her ridicule of a work...It's just...so sad..."

quixotic-spark: "And you were making these same posts a year ago. Why not just stop using NG?"

HiryuGouki: "I'm not posting art there ever again, that's for damn sure."

I-Bit-Nosferatu: "You were there at 10 this morning."

LeucisticCrow: "When will you learn to stop posting these stupid threads? I think I recall going over this with you several months ago. Your art is shit and when you whine about the lack of asspatting, you get attacked because people know it gets to you. Let me sum it up for you: Nobody likes your art. Nobody cares about your art. Nobody wants to hear you whine about how nobody likes or cares about your art." Truth.

There was also another thread titled, "Dear Noobs: Bases aren't COOL!" but that has since been either moved or deleted much to the misfortunes of lulz. Summary: Fag thinks only untalented people use bases, then a Tartlet points out that nobody cares because his art is shit. Striking back, Hiryu sets off a band of trolls hot on his trail. Such examples are, ~I-Bit-Graf-Orlok and ~MedievalPete, who were the top two trolls in the thread. It went on for 13 fucking days.

Wonder Frog.

False Delusions of Grandeur

"Well, if you must know, my real identity is NOL Captain Maximillion Malcovich. I am young and wield a Nox Nyctores named Lobos Lobora, but my real weapon lies in the Grimoire hair piece I wear. I may be a guy, but I need it to keep my powers stable.

I am here to make friends, you see? Hopefully, this site isn't lame and I can find some people who actually will give a damn about me. DeviantART doesn't, Newgrounds doesn't and on MySpace, everyone's only interested in how large their friend roster is. BAH! My true home though is Tinier Me, which I have found to be an enjoyable way to talk to people. Anyway, enough said, let's get this party started. I am also interested in role playing, and my character description is as follows.

Maximillion Malcovich is a young 22 year old captain of the Praetorian Guard Alpha Squad. He has blond hair, tied into a braid at the back, giving him a Nordic appearance, and he has one visible bright red eye. No one knows what color his other eye is, nor if there's even one there at all, since he wears an eye-patch on it. He is level headed and calm, and can be cold and calculating in battle. He wields the Nox Nyctores weapon, Lobos Lobora, which is a scythe that can double as a pole-arm and a short sword for extreme CQB. He wears a uniform like Jin, but without the flappy cape things and his vest is black and so are his pants, which actually go over his boots, but high enough to see the silver toe. He has the same collar, with a sleeveless blue jacket, with red rims.

I'll draw him later and show what he looks like. Nuff' said, he is extremely deadly at mid and close range and can throw his scythe, and truth to be told, his eye patch covers his Azure Grimoire. His Azure Grimoire allows him to control a bluish dark plasma material, and allows him to integrate it with his Nox Nyctores. So, he is like Ragna with his attacks, but only his shadows are a dark to light blue. He's like his light half. Anyway, that's all."

Oh, and he's dating a revoltingly ugly frog named Hillary McFarland. Update as of Summer 2012: They have broken up.


Last night, two trolls decided that it would be entertaining to send Hiryu a log of their conversations as the other trolls had done with Tsukinohoshi, another deviant that has since deactivated her account due to the harassment she received from the dear trolls daily. The conversation takes place between the creator of the ED article--Anonymous Pinhead, as his name will not be revealed (unless, of course, you want to be a complete faggot and sign up to find his history)--and A Little Elf, his minion and writer of most of the chapters of this article.


Wow...Do they have anything better to do than make fun of me? Sheesh. They are truly lifeless, aren't they?



Gallery of Shameful Reviews

When one decides to upload art to an art/flash site such as Newgrounds they are also asking to get ripped apart unless they are a fantastic artist. However, this is not the case with Hiryu, as he draws so badly that sometimes his art is rejected from the art portal. Not only that, but since he gets so butthurt whenever receiving a blunt critique, the trolls flock to his page [14] and start 'blamming' his artwork. Which is technically simply hurting the total scores left on his artwork--Hiryu takes it a step further by saying the word 'blam'. Remember, it only truly applies to flash, which only goes to prove that Hiryu is a potently autistic twelve year old with a severe victim complex that enjoys to take words out of context. Dozens of reviews with scores of zeros are visible on nearly every piece, most notably the recent ones ranging from a year and half ago to a couple of months ago. However, not all of those are quite lulzy, but quite a few of them are....

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Discovery of This Article


[15] Mere hours after the original posting of this ED article, Anonymous discovered it and posted the link to Hiryu's profile page. Hiryu then attempted to brush it off with a simple turn of his nose up the fucking air--but wait! What's this? He's actually scared? Way to shoot yourself in the foot, retard. In addition, he actually thinks that ED will provide him with positive fans as the pageviews are going to roll in now. A normal person would have just ignored the article and not stir up any sort of drama, but oh no, Hiryu's a special case. We can only wonder what is going on in his head. Just for the record, the only pageviews that'll be worth anything will be the readers of this page, because chances are they'll troll the fuck out of Hiryu.

Stay turned. The journal makes for potential drama, however it is entirely possible that Hiryu will just fucking delete the evidence. Also, hidden comments.

Years Later

Over the years, Hiryugouki has changed his name Over 5 Times thinking everyone would forget about him. Let's start, shall we? First we have Kiwi-Punch then Sincomixxx which consisted of erotic art then that changed into Tony-G-Steele which is now TheClassyButler.

The kid seems to not fucking get it. No matter how many times you change your name, you're still the HiryuGouki that we all loathe and hate. Now let's go through the usernames one by one.


The great anime artist decided to rebrand himself since he pretty much tainted his name with so much asswiping and self public shaming that running around with that name on the internet became unsustainable. Did that help him at all? NO!

As Kiwi-Punch, he still retained his qualities as a great artist. His threads are even more funny than they were before.


Kiwi is convinced that lying to a girl will guarantee him a girlfriend which is utter bullshit.

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