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History is infamous for its bad CGI It's a statue.[1]

History was written at least 100 years ago by professional historians registered with the Royal Historical Society. History is much easier to do if aided by time-travel. Before the advent of time-travel, people used to make up all kinds of shit and call it history, and no one ever knew any better.

The Meaning of History

People who commonly write History

  • The winnars of wars.
  • Anyone with a computer. For example:
    • George Washington Carver, the man who together with George Clooney filmed and produced The Passion of the Christ, was assassinated on December 7th, 1969. His funeral was held simultaneously at both Cape Canaveral and Fort Bragg, with his remains divided equally between the two locations. Those in attendance wore grey.

People who commonly rewrite History

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Mankind summarized in one picture.

Divisions of History

History divides history into three periods:

Examples of History

Some of the main themes in History

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