Hitler: The Babe Within

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Tracks is an International surfer magazine, aka shark bait, full of shit nobody cares about.

The Raid

So it begins...

So it all began with Jew Juice posting in our /b/ with the words of great salvation: He hath told us that Hitler should be the #1 babe in all of Australia. This is when /b/ gathered in its time of true need, for the newfags were attempting to take over /b/. The internet hate machine was waking up from its slumber and vivid loli dreams and went to http://www.tracksmag.com.au/ to put the whores in their place. We made numerous profiles and voted them in pace. Babes by the name of Anonymous Chan, Epic Fail Guy and Pedobear were quickly rising through the ranks of cool surfer babes!

Battle Cry







The Steroids

Onwards to victory
A /b/rother steps up the plate.
Newfags, they doubt the dedication of a /b/rother.

Because just clicking to vote is for fags and a /b/rother clicks through enough porn on a daily basis to cause massive amounts of carpal-tunnel, we needed a program to make the voting faster, so the victory.bat guy came to grant our wishes. Now that we were set, the army of /b/tards united by the steroids of victory.bat and spamming votes to much delight, we had 5 profiles in the top 15!

While the hate machine was churning and newer babes were signed up and rising through the lower regions of the contest, it became apparent that the top 6 girls had an astounding amount of votes. Some speculated the contest was rigged, while the theory that the cool surfer babes asked for a favor from the admin was more commonly accepted. We were not disheartened however, and doubled our efforts to ensure victory for the Third Reich! A new version of the victory.bat was released and with renewed strengths Legion marched on.

Because we realized overtaking the cool surfer babes at the top of the list would still be a while away at this pace, the efforts of some of the more tech-savvy /b/rothers turned to attempting to inject data into the system. http://www.tracksmag.com/admin/login.php was discovered and the gears of the hate machine were whirring at full force. While not succeeding in altering the contest in this way, it was discovered you could find out how many votes a contestant had through a script.

The Victory

Close, but no cigar.

After 10 hours of vote-spamming with great vigor, Hitler rose to the rank of Miss Tracks 2007! The dirty whore previously at #1 had nearly 772,000 votes. Many lulz were shared, many bricks were shat, DICKS were EVERYWHERE and win was claimed, Hitler was finally our greatest babe in all of Australia.

With our epic win came a greater win. Little did we know that we would make them reboot to a backup, we had achieved a truly epic victory. The 6 /b/tards who united on IRC to ensure victory go by: JayK, Elim Garak of the obsidian order, Mr Novak, The Victory bat himself, Sid and Obsidian.

The Moral

The Epic win

Hitler is such a babe


  • All roads lead to victory.bat
  • Use LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG names to fuck up the sites frames.
  • Blame it on Ebaumsworld
  • Post a profile until it is posted

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