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Your average Hogville admin.

Hogville.net is a site for Razorback news, information, and various homosexuality contests that are encouraged and participated in by the mods and admins.

Brief History

Hogville was born on, hell, I don't know when it was. Who gives a fuck, really. There still are only five personalities on the board, who all engage in overzealous authoritarianism and inconsistent posting.

ImHogginIt sells out for the beer.

Signing day of February 2004 was a major coup for the site, with a boom in interest and two new members. Hogville was able to offer breakback news and information, which has since become a trademark, as well as a new perspective on Razorback sports: sports talk without mentality, rah-rah bullshit homer views, and a Razorback history section with numerous photos of razorbacks.

Since then, Hogville has grown at a steady clip, to averaging more traffic and posters than any other Razorback sports website. Hogville has also expanded into radio, and top-notch tailgating before and after Razorback sporting events where good food and good fellowship can be found, known as Tailgate Central.

From its humble beginnings to the site it is today, Hogville.net has emerged as the leading Arkansas Razorback sports website. Trips to Vegas by members are also planned, but what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. We sure won't say anything about Richard's run-in with a brutish, but sweet transsexual.

Windy City Hog sure can't hold his liquor.

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