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"Revenge porn destroys women's lives. It's called 'revenge porn,' but it is really cyber rape. It's just another way of exploiting women."


—Holly Jacobs, raped by the internet

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An ultra-rare clothed version
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Holli Lehuanani Thometz aka Holly Jacobs. If our tits were that tiny, we'd do anything to Delete fucking everything too!

Holli Thometz aka Holly Jacobs is a PhD graduate from Florida International University who masturbated on webcam and took nude photographs of herself. When the pictures and video were leaked online, rather than ignoring them and waiting for them to get lost in the tidal wave of filth posted on websites every day, she contacted a lawyer in an attempt to have them erased from the internet. Her plan might have worked if not for the fact that she founded and appointed herself President of End Revenge Porn.org and Cyber Civil Rights.org, and then did a news tour of the world, spreading her story and ensuring a huge increase in the amount of interest in her nude pictures, despite her flat chest and horse face. This either makes her a complete attention whore who probably leaked her own masturbation tape just so she could get famous, or the most stupid PhD graduate in the entire world.


Holli Thometz and Ryan Seay dated on and off since high school, but parted ways for good on amicable terms in late 2008.

In 2009, Jacobs claimed Seay had hacked her Facebook account and posted nude photos of her on it. Jacobs also said nude photos and video of her were posted to a revenge porn site, and even sent to her boss, according to WTOP. She had her name changed to Holly Jacobs to avoid association with the photos, which she shared with Seay during their relationship.

According to the Miami New Times, Jacobs brought her case to the Miami-Dade County Sheriff's Office, who wouldn't investigate since she had originally consented to take the photos. She convinced Hillsborough County deputies to investigate, and Tampa prosecutors brought charges against Seay in March 2012.

Innocent boyfriend scapegoated and abused

A Florida man who was accused of posting sexually explicit images of his ex-girlfriend to the Internet has broken his silence following the dismissal of criminal charges against him.

In October, Hillsborough County prosecutors dropped all charges against Ryan Seay, whose girlfriend, Holly Jacobs, had claimed he'd spread hundreds of explicit pictures and videos of her on the Internet. But Seay said the damage has already been done.

"I want nothing to do with her. For the past five or six years, she's been nothing but a bane to my existence," Seay told WTSP. "The situation has done damage. And the girl that I know is long gone."



According to the Miami New Times, Jacobs brought her case to the Miami-Dade County Sheriff's Office, who wouldn't investigate since she had originally consented to take the photos. She convinced Hillsborough County deputies to investigate, and Tampa prosecutors brought charges against Seay in March 2012.

Jacobs launched a media blitz, but Seay said counsel advised him not to speak out due to the criminal charges. Seay told WTSP that during the investigation, Jacobs even sent him and email saying that she would "do and say whatever I have to... to make sure that you get what you deserve and will never work again."

"She has been bullying me for the past year," Seay told the Miami New Times in October. "Holly is guilty of the exact same thing that she is accusing me of: taking these pics, splashing them internationally, and attaching my name to them. She has ruined my life."



"The only evidence that investigators had unearthed was a tenuous link between his computer network and a fake email account created in his ex's name. But detectives couldn't prove Seay had created the email account or used it to disseminate any photos."

The charges may have been dropped, but for Seay, the fight to clear his reputation has just begun.

"My family, my girlfriend, my true friends have been on my side. But, my work has suffered. People Google my name, and this comes up," Seay told WTSP. "They should have never charged me in the first place. If you read through that probable cause affidavit. There's nothing there."



The Scam - Holli needs a salary to do this shit

"At this point I'm really, I'm really honestly, to be quite honest with you, I'm working on filing the paperwork to, to aquire what is called 501C3 status, to make us a tax-exempt organisation so that we can really start bringing some funds into the organisation. Cause right now I'm working, as I said, I have to go to work after this. I'm working a regular full time job and then I'm doing this on the side and obviously I'd love to get to a point where this becomes my full time job. "


—Holly Jacobs, begging for donations so she can pay herself a bloated wage worthy of a PhD graduate. (58:15 onwards)


Legal Letters - What happens if you host Holli's nudes

-----Original Message-----
From: DMCA Defender [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 07 March 2014 03:20
To: [email protected]
Subject: Legal Notice

Contact Information:
DMCA Defender
1100 Walnut Street
Kansas City, MO 64106
Legal Department and/or Support,
We are writing you on behalf of our client. Be advised that this communication is in reference to a severe legal matter. You are the owner or hosting company for :


The above referenced web site is currently violating our client's copyright. It appears someone has uploaded our client's images onto your website without her permission. Our client is the copyright owner of the photographs being infringed at:



We are representing our client and are writing to inform you that our client owns the copyright to all of her images. We are requesting that all of her images be removed from the above mentioned websites as well as completely removed from your servers immediately. The images are private works created by our client. No person or entity shall copy, publish, or otherwise distribute the private works without written authorization from our client. Our client chooses to exercise their right to keep their works private.
The following information is presented for the purposes of removing web content that allegedly infringes on our copyright per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We appreciate your enforcement of copyright law and support of our rights in this matter.

This is official notification under the provisions of Section 512(c) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") to effect removal of the above-reported infringements. We request that you immediately issue a cancellation message as specified in RFC 1036 for the specified postings and immediately cease from posting the infringing photographs and videos to your servers in the future. Please be advised that law requires you, as a service provider, to "expeditiously remove or disable access to" the infringing photographs upon receiving this notice. Noncompliance may result in a loss of immunity for liability under the DMCA.
We have a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of here is not authorized by our client, the copyright holder, or the law.

The information provided here is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We swear under penalty of perjury that we legally represent the official copyright holder.

Please send us at the email address noted below a prompt response indicating the actions you have taken to resolve this matter. Thank you for your help!

/s/ Regina Moore
Email: [email protected]


Conspiracy theory

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Fact: The vast majority of revenge porn is made by dykes

Holly Jacobs posted her own nudes then blamed her ex-boyfriend Ryan Seay who is computer illiterate. Her ex-boyfriend was then falsely arrested by the police and his reputation destroyed by the media labeling him as a "cyber rapist." She posted her own pictures so that she could become a public figure activist to campaign against men so that she could make cyber rape laws to make men felons if they post pictures of a women on the internet.

According to Seay, she is a nut case and will go to no end to screw men over. She hates men of her kind so much that she would only take advantage of black men like Seay for sex. He even said that she was a chronic masturbator and would store videos of herself masturbating on her computer. She would also tape herself having sex with other men even when they were supposed to be in a relationship making him to feel uncomfortable and wanted to break things off years earlier, but she wanted to still continue with him even though they had a long distance relationship.

Holly Jacobs intent is to criminalize millions of men and restrict free speech so that men have no free speech in the United States unless you are a women. This law has been passed in California and unless states and it has been passed using false statistics and the lies of Holly Jacobs that she is a so called "revenge porn" victim.

We need to create awareness that her advocacy is all based on feminist lies and that free people are going to lose their rights to free speech if we don't stop her.

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