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Israeli youth are taught about the Holocaust's sexy aspects.

In the early 1960s, as Israelis were being exposed for the first time to the shocking testimonies of Holocaust "survivors" at the trial of Adolf Eichmann, a series of pornographic pocket books called Stalags, based on Holocaust themes, became best sellers throughout the land.

Fapped to by generations of Israeli 13 year old boys, the books told amazing stories of captured American pilots being raped by sadistic female SS officers outfitted with whips and boots. The plot often ended with heroic Jewish death camp escapees saving the day by rescuing the pilots, and raping and killing the SS officers.

The Stalags, a uniquely Jew concoction of Nazism, sex and violence, are re-emerging in the public eye, with a rekindled debate about Holocaust history, and whether it is reasonable to continue using materials with such sexual perversion and voyeurism in the Israeli high school curriculum.

Also in cinema

The popularity of the Stalag books in the 1960s and '70s led several Israeli and Israeli-American film directors to make films based on these themes. As Italy was widely known to be the cheapest place to make films at that time (hence all the "spaghetti Westerns"), the directors naturally went there to create a fantastic bunch of movies.

An example

For example, in Gestapo's Last Orgy, some of the highlights include a dinner table scene where high ranking Gestapo officers dine on dead Jew flesh; a menstruating woman is fed to bloodthirsty Dobermans; there's a slideshow featuring shit-eating and mother/daughter incest; a violent gymnasium orgy; a woman traipsing around in panties made of human hair; and a sexy scene of a Jewish woman giving a blow job to a midget.

A clip of this genre

Americunts stuff their face with McDs after Nazi orgies.


An American Nazi (And girlfriend) Roleplay.


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Homo hotty Holocaust hookup

This is the Holocaust Memorial, Berlin.

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And these are the degenerates who use its hidden recesses and maze of passages to advertise blowjobs and buttsex.

This live-action 24/7 trolling outrages everyone, especially pisses off teh Jews, because they can't complain without pointing out that Hitler wasn't a fan of the gay, and since they want the Holoco$t to be all about teh Jews they have to keep quiet instead. It also makes neo-Nazis' heads explode because on the one hand it pisses off teh Jews but on the other hand it proves fags survived.

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