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Look away! Lest it burn thy eyeballs!

HotHead The Mare AKA HotHead The Stallion, HotRod, BrucesArtCorner, ShadowStar The Pony, HotMod, Princess HotHead, and currently Queen HotHead, is a 16-year-old Brony roleplayer who runs an RP blog on Tumblr dedicated to showing off the many cringe worthy features of himself, and his Mary Sue pony OC Queen HotHead. HotHead The Mare has done many terrible things in his 5 years on the internet including, but not limited to, stalking, hack threats, death threats, hate threats, overused meme abuse, hypocrisy, and the worst of it: RP rape, harassment, and child porn defense: The faggot thinks that just because its cartoon its ok. His preferred excuse for his behavior is Autism.

The Beginning (Stallion)

Look away! To this day, he has never taken that bag off, and his shoulders are still shaped like the edge of a dorito.
The hand is traced..... badly I might add, and apparently the arm is attached right below his fingers. :/

HotHead the Mare started his reign of bullshit back in early-mid 2012 using a tumblr blog under the name "AskShadowStar," a grey-furred pony character with purple and yellow colored mane and tail created in GeneralZoi's Pony Creator. This blog name was changed within 2 weeks after receiving several complaints about the character being a knock-off of a better known blog at the time (now deactivated) "AskShadowSteed." This was proven by his abrupt acts of communication before the blog even had content within.

He changed his pony to the infamous HotHead under the blog name (hotheadthepony), and refused to even acknowledge the existence of the aforementioned character. During this time, he relentlessly stalked several artists, and demanded that they draw his character. When they refused, he piss and whined about it before attacking, if not directly stealing, the artists' work, calling them all manner of names, using his autism as a means of guilt tripping, and insulting their families until they either blocked him, or gave in. When they accomplished the latter, he would simply take the piece, and run to the next artist. No word of thanks, no apologies for his hurtful words, or any signs of appreciation were heard from him, but he was more than happy to use their art pieces for his own purposes and say he, himself, was in fact the creator of the piece.

These acts caused an uprising of troll blogs with unimaginative alterations of his name meant to ridicule him. This cycle continued until early 2013 when he had foolishly convinced himself that what he was doing was wrong, and changed the character again to the better known HotHead The Mare: A gender-bent version of his previous character. He apologized for his previous behavior before abruptly resuming it thinking he had a clean slate.

The Middle (Mare)

The scene is in a court of law. See you there!
Than roll further into the dark until we never see you again. :/

Beginning in early 2014, HotHead The Mare decided to start fresh with this new gender-bent version of his old character in the hopes that a female pony would gather better attention since it provided him more opportunity to promote his character through sexuality. He wasted no time "refining" his character with an uncomfortably sexual attitude, slutty outfits including nurse and tight leather, and in-your-face harassment towards blogs with lonely characters waiting for their next sexual fix. He was more than happy to whore out his character to anyone and everyone who wanted her claiming it was purely in the interests of "character development." For certain situations, he would use the magical magics of his magical pony horn to re-gender-bend his character to sexually roleplay with other mare characters, until one day one blog (that will remain nameless for privacy reasons) was roleplaying with another, and HotHead intruded asking to join in an orgy. When the blog refused, instead of actually doing something, the crybaby pretends to rape her in a fake-ass RP.

This caused many people to become repulsed by his character and do everything they could to stay off his radar, until one day he took it a step further when he won a Tumblr art raffle, and asked the artist to draw pornographic art of his character HotHead The Mare. This didn't just cause more controversy to come his way, but the artist of the aforementioned piece was informed of possible legal action for supplying porn to a minor who is to incompetent to search google like ever other horny teenager. The piece was immediately taken down, but HotHead wasted no time spamming the piece on every ask that he could despite several pleas by the artist to cease. Needless to say, he refused, and continued to attempt to receive pornographic content for himself.

After this incident, HotHead The Mare attempted to rectify his errors with countless apologies, "cleaning up" his character, and horribly-drawn gift art to popular tumblr users. Among many other attempts to clean up his fake name, He made a journal on his DeviantArt page trying to blame his Autism, and "male hormonal problems," for his reckless behavior using his full real-life name in the process. One tumblr user noticed this, immediately went to facebook and notified his parents of all of his behavior up to that point. After this act, his parents forced him to delete the HotHead The Mare Tumblr blog, and remove any 18+ content from his computer.

The Tumblr RolePlay community's sigh of relief was short lived, as just 3 days later, he returned as "Ask-HotMod-The-Pony." An orange-red pony with nothing going for him at all besides the fact that this was his only character not done in GeneralZoi's Pony Creator, but drawn horribly in MSPaint. There was nothing major about this blog as it was just HotHead The Mare's human self as a pony failing to be the badass he thought he was. However, this did cause HotHead The Mare's father to create a tumblr blog himself to monitor his actions. Ask-Hotmod-The-Pony was deleted after less than 3 months of activity, and thus his father's blog was deleted as well, but anyone who was expecting him to come back was not disappointed as he returned, stupider than ever, as the blog that everyone loves to hate, "Ask-Princess-HotHead."

The attack of dallasmod and the-foxton

Tumblricon.png dallasmod had found out this guys real name then contacted his parents. then he gave it to Tumblricon.png the-foxton and she sent his deviantart to his parents showing his nasty fucked up fetishes to his parents.

The Now (Princess)

War ended. You lose. Also your body is broken. How are you not spilling your kidneys out?????
Cry me a lake :/

HotHead The Mare constantly displays that he doesn't know when enough is enough, or when he is not wanted. In Mid 2015 he didn't just make his character infinitely worse in design by adding wings, messy hair, jewelry, stubs, a growth spurt, and an obnoxious attitude, but he managed to make a complete ass out of himself by adding a trait that even he doesn't know the definition too: Hypocrisy. Ask-Princess-Hothead is a Mary Sue in every sense of the word.

HotHead The Mare uses this new blog as a personal blog with very rare RolePlays s despite claiming to be a RolePlay blog. This is mainly due to him getting more anon hate than any actual asks, and due to people pointing out flaws in his already screwed-up logical thinking. One example of this is his stance on child porn claiming if it is fake, made up, drawn, animal, or otherwise not real, it is legal. Many tumblr blogs with lawyer family members have told him otherwise, but as expected, he refuses to acknowledge them.

As previously mentioned, HotHead The Mare has no shortage of Hypocrisy under his belt. He claims to stand against bullying, rape, cyerbullying, art theft, harassment, and death threats; all of which he has done himself. To this day, HotHead The Mare spends his days acting as a Social Justice Warrior to many others who are ignorant of his past, pointing out flaws in other people, and claiming he wants to forget the past while committing the same acts he preaches against at the same time. There have been many attempts to remove him from the internet, but all have failed and he constantly harasses users who do so. One such tumblr user went into a panic attack at his constant harassment towards them. HotHead The Mare is a menace to the internet, and many hope he one day comes to the realization that he is not wanted on the internet, and leaves. If he decides to start fresh, see his other blog "UnforseenSmiles."

The Right Now (Queen)

As of 1-2-2016, it seems Princess HotHead is now Queen HotHead. With no reason for the sudden coronation, it seems HotHead The Mare has no desire to stay in line with the lore of his own fandom, or even make sense of his own character. Keep an eye on his pages for the entire month of January for constant reminders of his birthday, (1-26), in an attempt to get one piece of fail art, and than whine about how he didn't get more.

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