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That fucking butterfly.

Hotmail was the first free, non ISP attached, email service and now it's the worst, but ironically the most used, free email site. When hotmail first started, it was used heavily by spammers and 99.99% of mail sent from hotmail users was spam. So then hotmail got put on lots of spam blacklists. A couple of years later, they got rid of most of it through heavy captchas. However, to add insult to injury, hotmail then decided to block 100% of all legitimate mail coming into hotmail members as spam. Now since most idiots on the internet use hotmail (non-idiots use something else, like Gmail), when you try to mail them, your email almost always bounces back. 75% of the time it's bounced back as spam so the recipient never sees it, and the other 25% of the time it goes into their junk mailbox where they're too lazy to check. Ironically, mail from hotmail members to hotmail members always goes straight to the inbox, to add an incentive for people to use hotmail to spam.

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