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Hot or Not is an Internet phenomenon that originated in the 1990s with non-interactive picture rating sites, on which people would post pictures to be rated between 1-10 by any visitor, for people to get a relatively objective idea of their attractiveness to strangers.

The trend took off, with many online quasi-dating sites allowing participants to rate each other's looks, and the rise of rating communities on LiveJournal.


While some people use Hot or Not for a legitimate reason (teh funnay), the vast majority of users are attention whores with no social skills who brag about their ratings on their LiveJournals. As can be expected, most of these users are either fugly or camwhores (not necessarily mutually exclusive), suffer from Internet Disease, use netspeak in place of the English language, and write terrible profiles that make them seem just as annoying as they really are.

To give you some idea of the language crimes the users have committed, here's an unedited profile from one of the users: mt name is teresa i like to dance travel met people i like sports I would like to man whos polite honest sexy not very jelous and over 30 or 29 years old . and has a good heart and loves me for me. The original page can be found here.

Beware when looking for people in your area of "models". These people are easy to spot because they are actually hott. The hotornot webmasters threw in a few ringers so you would believe there are actually hot people in you general vicinity. To consider that anyone in your area is this attractive is asinine.

Yeah you live in the greater Billings, Montana area. You just got that Yale shirt when you went on vacation last year.

Fun Games

Hot or Not can be a source of endless amusement for anyone, unless you stumble across your picture and find that you were rated a "2" and hang yourself. That situation is rare, though, and has only occurred in small Indiana towns.

  • Search for men or women over 40, and rate them all 10. Don't forget to save the really creepy ones.
  • Search for men or women that are 18-25 and rate them all 1. Especially good for annoying camwhores who post 20 different profiles.
  • Search your area for people to meet, and see who has the most pathetic picture/keywords/description. Bonus points if you know them. Extra bonus points if they have more than 3 profiles.
  • Search for straight men (if you're male) or women (if you're female) and click "Meet Me" to every one of them. Their responses are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, or, if they know where you live, a rupture to your colon.

Rating System

What would seem like a simple rating system of 1-10, where 10 being perfect and 1 being something akin to a troll-like creature that feeds off your utter disgust from looking at it, is not the case. Women who very clearly should get 1's for some unexplained reason seem to get 4's or even 6's. This leaves women who you would normally only tolerate being in the same continent as you (eg. 4-6) suddenly getting 7's and 8's and truly hot women getting 9-9.9. Everyone knows that anything above 9 has never happened as is only a theory.

Anyone who wants to find the actual rating of a woman on hotornot should use these formulas:

Ratings 1-6

∜Actual rating

Ratings 7-8

√Actual Rating + 2

Ratings 8-9

Actual Rating X .94

Ratings 9-10

√Actual Rating^2



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