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If Internet faggotry isn't at an all-time high already, some go above and beyond the call of duty to become true faggots. Every week, month and year; some asshat decides to post ways someone can make money online. Cool, except for the fact that most of those ways make very little if any income. You could actually make more saving any money you make. But don't let that get in the way of you becoming a true money troll.

How To Troll Visitors

  • 1. Mention which sites make money.
  • 2. Specify which one makes the most money.
  • 3. Post a bullshit review about the decent ones and supportive reviews of the shit ones.
  • 4. ????
  • 5. Profit

Pro-tip: Don't forget to load up on the ad revenue!

What to do when confronted

  • When someone makes a disagreeable statement, post a counter one about what they've done wrong and tell them to try again.
  • When someone wants to quit, give them another program to invest in.
  • When the views and comments start to faulter, mention how much you make posting blogs and writing articles.
  • When they ask which sites or programs pay the best, send them to another crappy site.

The only way to make money online

10) Sell 'How to Make BIG Money Online!' advice manuals to desperate people wanting to know how this miracle is accomplished
20) WAIT: IF "police" = "0" GOTO 10

Moar info: Bernie Madoff.
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