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He faps to this shit

Deviantart-favicon.png HunterHewett is a 13 year old Tartlet Vore fetish artist who loves pokemon and FNAF shit. His other hobbies consists of spouting out shitty MLG memes and bitchy whining. When He's not bitching about RPs he's busy jacking off to Diancie and Gardevoir, one of the more commonly used things as fap material in the pokemon fanbase. If you merely question him, he will proceed to yell FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!11 He also uploads black boxes to his account for no fucking reason Hunter's main interest consists of pokemon shit, just like many Special little Snowflakes. Other than his disgustingly unhealthy obsession with the weeaboo furry shit, he's also into FNAF. He shows his Love for these beloved franchises by RPing it with innocent little girls and cramming it down their poor underage throats like the sick fucker he is[[1] Otherwise he wants you to be an antro pokefucker with a huge fucking ass. Ironically, he doesn't see anything wrong with this. Thus proving that humanity is fucked. Clearly what goes on behind his computer screen is a complete mystery.

His Fuckbuddies

Once upon a time he had people somewhat respect him. One in particular, Everpootis[2], was unfortunately the case. Then, about 5 seconds later CunterPooIt fucked with the wrong guy. In the end, pootis ultimately told him to fuck off and die but even that didn't stop Cunter from putting his greasy cheetos hands on other tartlets. The other on cunter's shit list was VincentSpringtrap, whom cunter requested to, "Make a pic of me fighting springtrap but int he world of Five nights at Fuckboys" but in the end cunter was met with a crappily done picture of him being blasted by a robot furry. Cunter then proceeded to cry sad bitter tears followed by intense levels of tard rage. I should also mention how he treats his followers and random people.... [3] [4]

Hiz apologiez

CunterPooIt, after having his shriveled remainder of his nuts practically torn off by 2 of his fuckbuddies, then proceeded to apologize[5] for what he had done and decided to confront pootis and tell him how he changed for the better, via a shitty black empty image. In the end his apology ended miserably and was told once again to fuck off. Cunter went on to do god knows what else. Others then found out he continued on RPing, another guy[6], a random tartlet[[7]], and expressing his desire to fuck a piece of paper[8]. Way to go buddy, you've just created a new fetish.


Recently, Hunter's been hacked by KrimsunV This was not so much as he had the idiocy to tell Krimsun his password, as seen Here. He uses the same password for all his secondary accounts, and even his email. This being said, that doesn't stop him from creating multiple accounts:

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On July fourth, After much trolling done by a small group of users with a lot of time on their hands, his account was deactivated. How and why currently remains unknown


On July 18, hunter tried to make a return as seen Here. No clear answer has come of it so far

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