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Apology Not Accepted.

Hunter Fyffe is a would-be uber troll that alerted the world to /b/'s OPERATION RIP KANYE via Twitter, causing the Internet Hate Machine to crank it up to 11, and send fatty back to the all you can eat pasta bar from whence it came.

Operation RIP KANYE

The background story is as follows. On the 21st of October, 2009, a clever Ausfag Anon posted a thread on's /b/. This thread simply read, "SPAM RIP KANYE WEST FUCKING EVERYWHERE". A shitstorm of epic proportions erupted in the peanut gallery, and Anon after Anon was soon spamming up the tubes with RIP KANYE WEST. It was everywhere, Myspace, Facebook, Youtube but most of all Twitter. Many lulz were had as a horde of Anon watched RIP KAYNE WEST become the No.1 Trend Topic on Twitter, getting hundreds of thousands of tweets, and becoming one of the most tweeted phrases of all time.OF ALL TIME!

All was good, the idiots that populate Twitter were falling for the hoax. Niggers were raging with Tweets that resembled the work of a five year old. Some copypasta was even doing its rounds in the form of the Imma Let You Finish meme.

The vibes of the old /b/ were being felt through-out the land, until one Anon stumbled across the following:

The Tweet that started it all

Hunter crosses /b/

Hunter had Tweeted himself into a whole pile of shit, thinking he could ruin the entire operation by telling Twitter it was a hoax. Anon soon was spamming up his emails, threatening his Twitter profile and doing what it does best: ruining lives. This onslaughter caught Hunter off guard, because he soon backed down and surrended faster than the French Army.

Pictures of old chubby men rubbing their nipples is hardly a fair representation guys


—Hunter F.


Hunter sucks /b/'s dick on Twitter.

Hunter realised the force that he has reckoned with, and promptly apologized. He offered to delete his Twitter and even posted an apology image on /b/. Being the huge assholes they are, /b/ demanded that a shoe on head, sharpie in pooper, and a time stamp pic would be required to cease all raids. Hunter, probably realizing that /b/ never keeps promises, did not delivar. He began to post on threads as anon and try to draw attention away from himself. Of course, /b/ continued ruining his life.

One thing to ponder, oh so unforgiving gentlemen. You may not forgive, or forget, but don't targets who challenge appeal more to you?


—Shitting his pants

Internet Hate Machine, I am sincerely sorry, and rules 1 and 2 shall never be broken by this fatty.


—Hunter thinking /b/ has a heart




Hunter eventually went to bed saying "I'm going to sleep. Still paying for breaking those rules, have a feeling I will be for a while." At this point /b/ got bored as there seemed to be no more lulz to be had.

Online Presence

His Friends

I have NO idea who the hell would want to be friends with this fat fuck but lo and behold he managed to trap a few into LIKING him. These are those poor souls. Maybe they aren't actually his friends and are all just from his special education class, either way feel free to drop them a line anytime:


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