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Um, me. I'm doing it on purpose. I wrote teh Hyldenism page by making up a load of religious crap that sounded serious. Seriously, Hyldenism doesn't exist. Um, sorry?

For a brief time, Wikipedia was the worldwide primary authority on Hyldenism. However, due to the hatred by some admin of minor religions that s/he doesn't understand, the Hyldenism article was deleted from Wikipedia. Below is the original article in its entirety.

The article

Hyldenism is an offshoot of Christianity, incorporating Jewish mythology and various forms of demonology from world religions as the "Ultimate Truth".

First, there was Yahweh; the Alpha and Omega, Creator and Destroyer, the Beginning and End of All Things. Second, there was the Host, the multitude of angels and spectral entities formed from Yahweh's own holy light. These beings were given a choice: serve their Father in Heaven, or roam the dark plains of the Abyss for all eternity as their own masters. Those who chose the path of Evil became the original Devils, with the almighty archangel Satan as their leader. In the shadow of the Abyss, they decayed and reverted into dark, primal creatures of Hate and Malice.

An aeon later, while the Angels and the Devils co-existed on seperate plains of existence, the Archangel Lucifer, God's first among the angelic Host, grew more and more powerful. Reaching a pinnacle of omnipotence matched only by Yahweh Himself, he led a third of the Host in an unholy battle for the throne of Heaven and ultimate control of the Universe. Outnumbered by the remnants of God's army, Lucifer and his followers were stripped of their wings annd cast down into Hell along with the ancient Devils.

However, Lucifer was far from finished. Defeating Satan and claiming rule over all of Hell, he vowed to use his legion of the Fallen Angels and Devils alike to seek vengence against Yahweh.

An age passed; and finally God gave birth to his greatest creation: Man. Billenia of slow evolutionary progress had created the ultimate being, capable of its own free will, blessed by a purifying cycle of Death and Rebirth. However, Lucifer used his power to corrupt Man, leading him down a dark path of Violence and Sin. The souls of the damned would forever be tormented within the bowels of Lucifer's prison, feeding his dark power. Only the purest of spirits would reach the Gates of Heaven; neutral souls would hereby be reincarnated in an eternal cycle until they were either Cleansed or Damned, and so the Great War began; an eternal battle for Man's mortal soul.

Hyldenism stands by science and evolution as the origin of life, but maintains the truth of its unique holy scripture.

Lucifer is not evil; he is the Lost. Had he defeated the faithful Host, he would have ascended the Throne, becoming God; History would have been rewritten. Now he presides in Hell with the souls of the damned, awaiting the day when he can take his vengence.

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