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Hyperrealists, Everybody knows one. You go to a party, the drinks and drugs are flowing, and one guy sits down to explain why nothing is really real in the real sense of the word real. Can you turn down the music please? I was just explaining to Cindy why fractals are a better explanation of the universe than the ramblings of that retard Stephen Hawkins. Where you going Cindy? Oh yeah well if you think you left the oven on I guess you better go sort it out. Ah Kimberly, you'll appreciate this theory...

And so on.

These people are usually created by fatal misunderstandings of films like The Matrix and Jacob's Ladder. The misunderstanding is simple: these films are fiction, and some asshats believe that fiction is a collection of startling revelations as to the "true nature" of the universe. Simply put they believe fiction is real.

What it tries to show is that humanity has been telling itself the same story over and over for all of history, about our desire to undo our fallen state and re-create the unfallen selves, societies and forms of nature we inherently know should exist. All stories are parts of this one larger story. Their function is to make it possible for us to vicariously experience what it would be like to become whole selves, live in a good society and experience nature as something other than an obstacle or the raw material for manipulation.


—Hyperrealist site Transparencynow.com

Identifying A Hyperrealist

File:Hyperreal safari.jpg
This picture might not be simply "real."

Hyperrealists cannot deal with actual reality where they have no real friends, so they justify this failing by making up another reality where they are in complete understanding. We mere mortals cannot hope to correctly perceive the true reality, as it is too, you know, like, expansive to be fully grasped.

These IRL Trolls are desperate to divorce themselves from reality, but don't want to commit the social seppeku of admitting belief in anciently endorsed methods of having imaginary friends. A common component of the toolkit used in their path to understanding everything is "well drugs open up the consciousness, ya know?" Obviously drugs do no such thing, and are purely there to fuck up your mind and give you a laugh, but the hyperrealist believes that these induced delusional states, wherein they can barely function, are somehow more Real than their workday at the copy shop.

Hyperrealists react to anything remotely complicated (like recursion or going to Disney world) by projecting pocket universes of fake over them. Obviously there is brain damage involved. In one hyperrealist article, a hyperrealist describes going through The Pirates of the Carribean ride and being transported into that world. In any non-tard perceptual universe, it's openly apparent that these idiot buddhas have let their minds rot through on the sweet candy of false enlightenment. The TV is not sending you messages from some magical superbrain you jackass.

It is worth noting that Furries are known to indulge in hyperrealism, whether they know it or not. They wear their fursuit, adopt their fursona and become the animal. A normal person sees a faggot pouncing around in a cheap nylon tail, but thats commentary for a different article. The importance here lies in the deep delusion that they have found their true self, by covering their actual self in a special buttsex costume.

Where to Find a Hyperrealist

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A hypercube, which may or not be hyperreal.

The internet is a favorite source of pocket universing for all these special people. The internet isn't a series of tubes. Oh no. It's Cyberspace. This makes the internet serious fucking business. Internet hyperrealists subscribe entirely to their avatars, nicknames and online personas. Like furries with modems and a world-view formed on acid, cyberpunk, and The Matrix.

Second Life is obviously Hyperreal central.

With increasingly sophisticated fiction, there's bound to be plenty more fuel with which hyperrealists can burn their minds out and recruit more soft-skulls to their magical mindspace. For now, just be content that if you troll a hyperrealist enough, it's quite possible they may disappear into one of their simulated universes and never come back.

And never ever invite them to parties, or even mention Jean Baudrillard. Chances are that they've never heard of the French philosopher who invented the fucking word.

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