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Hyphy (HI-FEE) is a form of rap culture and music AIDS.

In the beginning...


In the beginning of Hyphy, there were a lot of people who wanted to dance to rap, but couldn't dance. So a bunch of rappers decided that they would make music about getting "stupid" and dancing like you were a retard. Many people from the Bay Area liked this shit, so they made "The Bay" the capital of the Hyphy movement.

Thizz Faced

act like a retard.

There are many dances and other cool things you can do to get Hyphy. Mainly

  1. Ghostride the Whip - Get out of your car (Escalade on 30 inch rims1999 Buick Century on 24's with sparkly green paint) while it's in neutral drive and dance on it.
  2. Gas Brake Dip - Alternate your foot on the gas pedal and the brake. You can usually do this two or three times before you need to buy a new transmission.
  3. Thizz Face - Make a contortion on your face like you smell some piss. This is usually what happens when you take some thizz, or Ecstasy.
  4. Put Yo Stunna Shades On - Put 'em on...plain and simple, as long as yo stunna shades has Cartier frames.
  5. Shake Dem Dreads - Dumb-ass retards with dreadlocks shake them so they can feel welcome and respected with the Bay Area!
  6. Sydeshow - a bunch of nigras congregate in the parking lot of Grocery Outlet and start getting hyphy, ghostriding their whips and shakin' dem dreads. Because the Oakland Police Dept. are a bunch of tardbags, this usually goes on for an hour or two before a bunch of Y T with roid rage come and pull their guns. Once in awhile someone gets too close to a Camaro doing a burnout and is made in an hero, except the community laughs about what a dumbass they were, rather than flooding their MySpace with wagnsty poetry.

It is an excellent use of the black community's time and resources.

Alternate method

An alternate method of getting hyphy is to smoke a lot of meth.

Mac Dre

Rest in peace, our Hyphy nigga.

Mac Dre, the "Hyphy Overlord" was killed by taking Thizz. He was about to go into the Guinness Book of World Records by being the person to make the longest thizz face when he died from taking Ecstasy. It wasn't actually the Ecstasy that killed him, it was that he choked on the pill and none of the niggas around knew how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver or call 911. It's also worth mentioning that Mac Dre was about to go into Guinness as the world record holder for the largest set of lips on a gentleman of color, but he died before they could do anything to recognize his heritage.

Hyphy Today

Although many people were saddened by Mac Dre's death, all of the things that caused Mac Dre to die are still being performed every day. Hyphy's most commercial hit was "Tell Me When To Go" by E-40, who is now famously known for making shit wine and being an Oreo with Crunkcore bands. Other coons, such as Count Blackula, have made repeated attempts to take control of Hyphy culture by sparking civil war between sparking a civil war between the BAY BITCHES and 124 Street dreadshakers, or some other made-up groups who haven't really existed since Universal bought out the rights. Of course, it goes without saying, the people who created and were involved in the Hyphy movement now have so little serotonin left in their brains, due to massive E and cough syrup intake, that they are absolutely unemployable.

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Jesus Christ had dreads, so shake em

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