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Hyves? HIV'S!

Hyves (AKA HIVs aka The Dutch Facebook) was the brainchild of a guy named Geert Wilders. Geert didn't have much friends, so he thought to himself "Why shouldn't I make my own Facebook?".


A few things made HIVs noteworthy:

  • Instead of a "Like" button, it had a "Respect" button. This made the usual arms race for attention common to all social networking sites that little bit more amusing and creepy.
  • Hyves had like 8 million users, and there were only 17 million dutch. This meant that 45% of all Dutch people were attention whores.
  • Hyves was the home of tough guys and underage sluts. And because every Dutchman has a lower IQ then the average fucktard they were very easy to troll. You were able give it your best shot without having any worries on your mind, because on HIVs you were banproof. Troll as hard and as much you can, but neither your IP/webmail will be banned, so after having your account deleted, you could just create a new one.


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