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On June 8, 2010, everything was going well on 4chan's boards, specifically the one where the most wholesome, intellectual discussions take place. However, at about 7:00 CST, an underage b& decided he would have some fun and troll. Instead of posting only once or twice, he posted throughout the thread, even though it had already been declared that he was a troll. /b/tards, being the intelligent creatures they are, decided that instead of not feeding the obvious troll, they would feed it.

Eventually, his supposed "IRL girlfriend OMG" was found on Failbook. In the end, some /b/tard decided it would be a good idea to make an ED article on this underage b& faggot, probably out of rage or jealousy of the OP's JAPANESE BLADEMASTER SKILLZ0RZ.

this guy is so hardcore it's not funny.

The story

File:Back faggots girl.jpg
I'm back faggot's camwhore g/f

OP is an epic blademaster who returned from Japan for his blademaster training and is now back with a vengance. Also, he has a hot girlfriend as well as a father who is a cop, and did I forget to mention that he is also in a gang despite being the son of a cop? He proceeded to continue posting, engaging in a rather lulzy argument with someone named Justin L Brown, who had an equally lulzy response waiting at every turn.

The original thread has disappeared into the vast 404 of /b/, but it's expected that the tardlette will return.

Archives of the incident

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