I Am In Your Base Killing Your D00ds

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I am in your base killing your d00ds is a catchphrase that can be roughly translated to "LOL you got pwned and don't even know it yet." It originated in on-line multiplayer RTS games such as Starcraft though specifically Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2. While player one was innocently building Tesla coils and general infantry, player two is in player one's base, killing his d00ds. Player one doesn't even notice, so player two sends him a message:

I am in your base killing your d00ds.

This line can be used in many situations. You can use it to tell your friend that you are fucking his wife or to tell a convenience store clerk he is being robbed.

Like any old meme, it now produces anti-lulz.

Teh origin of this meme

Like all funny memes, this meme originated on the SomethingAwful forums when a screenshot of a game of Starcraft was posted on the Games forum.

Two players (one unnamed, the other known as 1337h4x (leetspeak for "Fucking Nerd") are in a game of Starcraft, with 1337h4x playing as the Zerg race, and the other as either the Terran or Protoss races. 1337h4x Zerg-rushed his opponent, and on finding that he was getting raped, his opponent asked:

<n00b>dude, where are you?

<1337h4x> im in ur base, killing ur d00ds

This meme was then used to death and abandoned by the forums, at which point it was picked up by the rest of the internets and from there became the utterly retarded LOLcats meme.

Alternate Wordings

The basic formula is "IM IN UR <noun> <verb>ING (UR/MY) <noun2>". Noun2 should always be plural, and end in a "Z" not an "S" otherwise YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.



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