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With nowhere else to turn to and Razoric.com becoming one giant ad, I started to create my own sites. I had a slew of failed sites, with failed ideas and concepts. Sinister Palace, Driver Crew, and god knows what else. It wasn’t until I stopped caring that I created this site to basically throw up anything I excreted out in MS Paint. It wasn’t until I finally said to myself “Wow this is actually a good idea!”"


—Byron on his own failures

ICVD is part of the Castlevania community, formed by disgruntled emo asslovers and like minded basement dwellers from other castlevania communities experiencing extreme butthurt. While it is a Castlevania forum, the majority of the topics are about man love and unrelated member issues, due to the long grudges many of the members hold against one another. In reality and behind the eyes of the profane they talk about the latest hentai and loli anime they import and wank to.

Since this article is about an exclusive Internet group seeking to suck each other by remembering their good old days, the stuff that's actually funny will be promptly edited and replaced with ego-stroking garbage. Que sera sera. WHEER DUZ IT SEZ WE HAVE TO BE FAIR!!1?

Site History

Despite the insightful and justified reasons describing how ICVD came into being, the truth is that it was created out of spite for the bitches and fags at some other crap Castlevania forum.

Alright! Alright, I'll tell ya how it happened!


See this? This is called "THE PIC" not TUBGIRL! Long before the rest of the internets found her in the Off-Topic subforum of The Castlevania Dungeon she was known as "THE PIC" and still is amongst THOSE WHO KNOW!

Back in 1999 some fagot had his own Castlevania website by the name of | The Castlevania Dungeon, and his ego wasn't nearly large enough due to his lack of ability to receive online rimmings from the HUUUUUUUUGE fanbase. So he registered his own shitty forum on some crappy provider by the name of SITEPOWERUP.COM, and birthed one of the shittiest message boards known to man. A bunch of teenage niggers registered for that board and eventually someone noticed that posting did not require registration, and thus they were able to impersonate each other. One butthurt individual was so displeased by this that he left and never returned, but not without leaving a beacon of wisdom to the unenlightened.

This technocop is not me, I would never say such mean things about a person. And if you noticed, I always use the name Technocop with a capital T, so this is obviously an imposter"


—The wisdom of Technocop

Naturally, such great wisdom could only be respected, and so the mighty Kurt Kalata ditched the SITEPOWERUP.COM forum and got himself an EZBOARD. This was back when EZBOARD was free, and didn't have shitloads of adds or try and sell Jew accounts, and still had many vulnerabilities which were gladly exploited and abused by the infestation of trolls that was to follow.

The Castlevania Dungeon Ezboard

Amidst the turbulent times, Kurt couldn't be bothered taking responsibility for his board and recruited a bastion of geeks and internet tough guys to do it for him. His A-Team consisted of a Jew, a Spic and a 40 year old virgin, who used their mighty powers to look after a board full of angsty teeny bitches. Eventually, even the mods couldn't be bothered being strict, and joined in the sick discussions that prompted the forced creation of the OFF TOPIC section. Not long after, discussion on the board became infected with cancer; repeated posts of THE PIC, and eventually devolved into a faggy breeding ground for trolls. This lead to a WARNING being put up on the boards, because everyone knows that trolls are so obedient when you ask nicely, which obviously didn't do any good.

Kurt and his mods began coming down hard on the trolls, who soon found they could no longer post RONDO ROM PLZ!!!! without the banhammer fucking them up the ass. For over 9000 years, all anyone did was bitch about how the man was keeping them down, until a few 1337 hackers decided to break into the board, IP ban all mods, and DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING.

The Improved Castlevania Dungeon Ezboard

Kurt Kalata, a massive Christfag, was so embittered by this turn of events that he went an entire month without a forum...


So, Kurt Kalata decides that he wants another forum that isn't full of vulnerabilites and so decides in his wisdom to go with Gamespy and that's where his forum has remained ever since. The forum is shit, and filled with an ever expanding array of DevianTartlets and faggots who spend their time bickering over such philosophically quintessential topics as "WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE CASTLEVANIA?!!?!?!" and "HEY, LOOK AT MY FANART!"

Shortly Before This And At THE Same Time

However, the trouble was by then it was already too late and most of the hardcore original membership of the Ezboard and Sitepowerup boards had already made spinoff forums while they were waiting, that were much more fucking liberal. ICVD was the first of these forums. Since Kurt Kalata had his Castlevania Dungeon, Darkmoon and Devilotx forged their own twisted version. The Inverted Castlevania Dungeon, as innocent as what they called the Right Side Up forums, so they were corrupt. Almost anything was okay as long as it had a warning tag, and you were accepted into the elite clique. Getting registered was easy, surving the legendary "n00b hazing" that often cut right through the safety of the internets into the IRL psyche of the recipient, was perhaps not. You could only be respected if you survived this, and even then it wasn't a guarantee.


Staff Past and Present

  • Devilotx - Co-creator and current owner of ICVD. Also reigns as the Forum Admin. Went from a once devout Satanist with a whore for a wife to a monkey fucking nigger loving Christian after being booted from the Church of Satan. Incidentally, he claims to be the son of Satan, which either means:

1. His ego is as bloated as his belt size.

2. They should've cast an unattractive white trash fatass for the role of Devil in The Devil's Advocate instead of Al Pacino.

  • Darkmoon - Co-creator of ICVD and former Admin. A Jew with 'tude. Stormed off after getting butthurt by the rest of staff, and separated the ICVD forums from the main site. Now over-run with furries.
  • Loki - High Lord Asshole of the forums and overall cynical Scotsman. Wields the banhammer with pride . Used to have terrible spelling, but since he thought he wasn't being scary enough, he remodeled his writing after the speech style of the Scarecrow, infesting his replys with rustic words and a pompous overtone. Left dramatically some time ago. Said this was because he "doesn't care about Castlevania". The real reason was likely he cried more and more uncontrollably each time another thread about his own music sunk to Internet Oblivion with 0 responses. Returned later. Is a fag. No, srsly. His mortal nemesis is a demon who is going to suck the life out of him as he sleeps.
  • Sindra - Ship-jumper with titties. A cross-dresser who likely pegs his boyfriend. A lamer copy of Loki with a pussy (though, ironically, far more masculine than him).
  • Necro - Who??

Notable Peoples

black person
  • Snappleman - Schemed his way into Succubus' pants, and with the aid of a strapon for her, rides miles of cock nightly. Is a pedo and tries to hide this by making casual jokes about being a pedo. In fear of consequences, he settled for the next best thing: a chick who looks like a teenage boy.
  • Succubus - The original bitch of the scene, she and Snappleman constantly forget to logout and post as each other, resulting in edited posts with "STUPID WHORE TINA! LOG THE FUCK OUT!" a staple feature. Obsessed with "the boys club". Displayed her beehive queen complex perfectly when Loki made the alter ego Succulent Succubus, which threw a whole lot of sand in her snatch. Used to not like racist humor, but thanks to Snappleman's influence she now likes it as much as the stable of Internet Cocks she used to rule as the Queen Bitch.
  • Redrum - Some guy who decided to become An Hero but stopped short of doing it because it wasn't yet the craze of the internets.
  • Bloodreign - Some bald guy, gobbles cock and probably a pedo, rapist and has moar hair than the Castlevania werewolf.
  • Abnormal Freak - Reformed Christfag who had to leave the forums because they were a bad influence on his spiritual development, and then came back for MOAR when he couldn't find scat to fap to in the Bible.
  • Jorge D. Fuentes - (WHORE HAY) A filthy, black ass black person from the darkest regions of the anus of South America, musical guy, works on the railroads during the day and is a male escort at night. Is into barely legals.
Jorge D. Fuentes clad in a gay Link costume.
[08:12] <@TGMagus> That tween is turning mighty sexy these days.


—Jorge, being a pedophile as always

After being laid off from his job (his boss realised he did nothing but cruise Facebook for loli), and finding out nobody likes him, Jorge went into Super-Emo mode, comparing making fun of Pokemon to calling him a Spic and eventually quit the internet.

  • Clara E. Leet (aka. Former Jailbait)- Jorge's ex-girlfriend who is now of legal age and is most likely to masturbate using her Wiimote.
  • Ralph - Lurking faggot who never stays around long enough when he says he will. Obsesses over the word "lecacy" and won't say what it means like a kid with Down's protecting his blanket. Some theorize it's his personal safe word during BDSM. His fascination with Wilford Brimley may indicate he is currently in the process of attempting to ascend into walrushood, or that he has the Beetus.
  • Spig - 34 Dollah.

(posted cp and was trolled massively for it for ages. Now looks back with fake laughter at his mistake, hoping that pretending to not care about other Dungeonites constantly bringing it up will make them stop)

One's a fat numbskull. The other isn't real.
  • Tweeter - Trolled Spig on AIM telling him he was going to use shopaped and get a reward. Hilarity ensued. Also a weeaboo to whom nothing is funnier than himself writing broken english. Was severely butthurt when Devilotx, under a psychosis caused by a fast food eating binge, accused him of flirting with his wife. As a result, he vowed to never return (which turned out to be a couple of weeks). Recently got almost pwned by a car, and is too much of an inbred retard to go to the doctor about it.

The Downcasted

What one can expect from ICVD fine stock.

Pretty much those who have come and gone, and possibly come again, but are still special enough to not really need be cared about in any great length.

  • Angel Sephie - Stole Devilotx heart, and caused a massive amount of Drama see below!
  • Damaris - Darkmoon's wife, her presence is usually heralded by cow emotes.
  • Destina Faroda - Some fucked up bitch everybody hates and tried too hard
  • Byron Emo - Oh...we'll save him for later, look below!
  • JerkofWonder - More like JEW of Blunder AMIRITE?
  • Moonchilde - Never an actual member, so why is he mentioned?
  • Wolf - Canuck evil, knows how to press all the BAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW buttons. This is probably because he has been known to BAAAAAWWW a lot himself. Is using his remaining braincells to discover "the lulz" while the rest of the Internet is starting to get sick of it. Known for his amusing "I'm leaving forever and don't give a shit about any of you guys" -tirades which are usually followed by his return a couple of days later.

ICVDF is an exception to his leaving cv forums 4evahs because the moderators get butthurt by him every time and he only joined because of past dramatic bullshit, but nowadays he is being cool in the internets by humiliating Byron. Considering the amount of superior racial slurs which offend, tender treatment towards the ones currently as admins and this article surfacing after his tussle with Byron, he probably only wrote a quarter of this.

Interesting to note, because of the very nature of Wolf and his antics over the years at the expense of other's dignity and much butthurt he has been given this long winded shit nobody cares about due to the sensitive individuals who have banned him and continue to be offended by his very text and being on the internets lulz. Due to Wolf's delusions this is what he chooses to believe but its far from the truth. His Mom has him in plenty of therapy sessions due to him making a lolcow out of himself on forums. Wolf is obsessed with Redrum, Midnighter and Moonchilde because they denied him entry to their assholes. He linked this article to his e-mail so that he can laugh and fap at his own material. Wolf is probably the most emo out of all the dungeon members as the person he targets the most was the same person he bitched to the most about how butthurt he was over the sensitive individuals who banned him. Nothing ever changes and years later he's back again to add more to this tl:dr shitfight soap opera which should have ended years ago but didn't due to Wolf's inability to come to terms with the fact that nobody gives a fuck about him offline hence why he lobbies for attention online. This is Wolf's cycle that we've all learned he will repeat over and over and over again because his Father molested him and he needs to take it out on someone. What better place than the internets.

I figured why not provide some entertainment by once again posting an excerpt from one of the many brilliant things Wolf posts at ICVD Forums. >)

So it looks like Dev and some people around here support pedophiles on their forums and even respect the pieces of shit.

Well lets make something clear also Dev, cause there is a flip side too, I dont care what you think, what you believe or if you don't like me or my opinions or choice of words. You may ban people or sit around with your stooges and bitch about you not liking my comments to a pedophile you are friends with, thats too bad son.

It really does not matter what I say or what manner I say it in because either way you are friends with and respect a child fucker and will ban me anyway.

The whole of rsu or icvd could give me shit and you know what ? I will tell each and every one of them to go fuck themselves, if they dont like it they can also fuck their families up the asshole too.

When will you stupid monkey fuckers understand, that I have and will continue to do and say whatever the hell I godamn please, see unlike you pathetic little weasels with no backbone, I respect peoples opinion and dont act like a little crybaby bitch the second they say something I dislike, and for the record we dont go around banning people on C** because we have true freedom, we do not have masters like gamespy to worry about and we dont have sniveling little cunt swores like you.

I came to this forum to post and reply to some of the intelligent threads, some of the scum from rsu also happens to post here, if you want icvd to be known a child fucker supprt forum, hey all the power to you, I just wont be around and I dont want to be around disgusting vile shit like that, no matter what they say or do or how much others may like them, some people may accept that shit, I wont and never will.

The threads here suck 99% of the time, this is why I have stopped posting here for the most part, I post when Loki posts because his topics are normaly worth responding too, I dont care about the personal lives of other people on here, I dont want to reply to boring attention whore threads or useless shit.

Don't forget to write when the little curious george pops out of the hippo^^

  • cheers*

Your bastard wolf



and if you actually care enough to read more: http://www.icvdforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2740 As you can see from the spelling, Wolf is a very intelligent individual.

Oh, it goes on: http://www.icvdforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3989&st=0

  • Paavo - Drunk Finnish dude, has some intelligence when he's sober. He lives under a bridge and eats pigeons.


Here comes teh Drama-Llama!

Constant Incestuous Warring

From around 2001 onwards, ICVD proclaimed itself the KING of the castlevania community and the general consensus was that this was true. That is until some whiny bitch got upset at what the mean membership said about them and started his own forum and brought all his friends to post there instead. Essentially this is how the whole of the Castlevania Community has evolved, people leaving ICVD and starting their own weaker, piss poor versions championing a fair system by granting modship to all the friends. So what do you have? Empty forums, with a few faggots who are all moderators, sharing power over a place where only two people post every month or so.

For some lulz, members of ICVD would invade these other forums and spread lies and malicious rumours, causing cross contamination and bitching across the whole community. Deep seated hatreds that were just under the surface finally came into full view, like a massive dong wrapped in spandex.


One day, Eric Roman, an aspie obsessed with Castlevania III: Dracula Goes To Summer Camp, got butthurt over his favorite character losing in a internet popularity poll and decided to gather up his fellow butthurt fanboys and circlejerk until they came up with a devious plan for revenge. Not having any real 1337 H4X0R SK1LLZ, they decided to just crapflood RSU, in an epic raid that took two moderators a few hours to clean. But not being able to post "which castlevania character can bake a better cake??/" for a day caused drama all around, with many RSUers blaming ICVD. It was henceforth referred to as 7|15 by Eric Roman, in a tribute to his fellow Jews.

Whore Hay goes apeshit

So one day Snappleman and his brother Koolaidman, and Succubus decided to meet up with Jorge D Fuentes. All was good for a while, bu then Jorge started whining like a fag. The problem was apparrently started when he complained that Succubus didn't talk much, and whined about this the whole day, going so far as to suggest everybody there hated him. Matters were not helped when Koolaidman had the audacity to slag off Pikachu, and vicariously Jorge's favourite game in the whole wide world ever. Jorge continued to whine like a bitch, and when it was time to leave made sure to tell Snappleman that his brother had ruined his day by what he said about his favourite game. EL OH FUCKING EL!


Some 30 something faggot, who lives in his mothers basement, has no job, no life, and thinks too much etc etc, makes it his mission to befriend as many people as he can, and then go on psychotic, self-destructive episodes. This used to be fun to watch, especially as people who liked to pretend they were concerned citizens would get drawn in and defend the schmuck. Not content to keep his bullshit in full view on the forums, Byron would also use PMS and AIM as a means of bleeding his heart out to anyone who was unfortunate enough to forget where the block button was. You could block this bastard, and he'd make up new names to come in and try and apologize for his transgressions, waxing lyrical about how much of a loser he is, and that he didn't mean any harm. What happens when you don't forgive him?

Weellllll...he goes on another tyrade of abuse, makes everyone else out to be a loser for not accepting his gracious friendship and then leaves for months or years. Occasionally, you hear about him doing the same on some other forum, before he comes back to repeat the process. CHATLOGS AND SCREENS PENDING! COME BACK SOON!

So one day he decides he's a musician. MAXIMUM VOLUME YIELDS MAXIMUM RESULTS!

As mentioned earlier, he disappears (if only it was permananet) and does something else. It wasn't known what this something else was, but here's what he has to say about the matter.

With nowhere else to turn to and Razoric.com becoming one giant ad, I started to create my own sites. I had a slew of failed sites, with failed ideas and concepts. Sinister Palace, Driver Crew, and god knows what else. It wasn’t until I stopped caring that I created this site to basically throw up anything I excreted out in MS Paint. It wasn’t until I finally said to myself “Wow this is actually a good idea!”"


—Byron on his own failures

Yes indeed. And you can find his Latest Web-Failure] is an elaborate documentary on his life, at the expense of his own dignity, under the guise of a new and growing web-community. Many have wondered just what exactly his problem is. Taking a look at his own artwork that he posts there might give us some clues.

Agoodfriend.png Mentalhospital.png

So it appears at some point in his life he has tried to come out to his friends and parents, who have reacted negatively to this. Which in turn brings on his psychotic episodes, forcing him into some kind of botched "Therapy" sessions which fail to address the issue.

So why does he come back?


Okay, in his mind he is invited back. That's something that needs to be remedied.


As you can see with this example, byron doing what he does best even if there is only 5 members to read about it with no compassion or need to respond.

Yes I am sure they are all thinking about you too byron. STFU FAG! Take a look here, he's using his power for good now!

I have made a decision to make this place to be an outlet. Having a learning disability myself and not fitting in anywhere, Shitty Art is going to start not only being for Art but for support for people who are upset and need somewhere to go to talk. For those of you who can’t handle this theres plenty of other sites out there to go to. I’m sorry but within the last few days I realized I never want people to feel like they are alone. Like I have. And this site can be a site to do great things. And lift people’s spirits. This is what I want.”"


—Byron's new mission statement

UPDATE!: Byron is now attempting to update this article with TRUE and HONEST statements (kind of like a certain other manchild), digging up old dirt on people who have made him cry all under the clever name of JohnnyX. Lern2sockpuppet, Byron.

Wow. Why do you even care? I feel sorry for you Wolf. I really do. But if you want to continue this little "war" just know its fruitless. But keep crying. Maybe someone will listen. I'm actually done listening. I can't even believe I read that piece of shit you call an article. Nobody at any of the dungeon sites actually cares what you think of them. But hey carry on with your incessant whining. Maybe if nothing else you could always cry a little more about Jorge's love life or make posts in that place that Sindra will just delete. You're pretty much the petulant child of The Dungeon who got spanked way too many times to whine "Child Abuse". But yeah Wolf if this is something you want one on one against me you're out of luck. I bitch smacked you way too many times to count. Also regarding everyone else I got what I wanted. Complete exclusion from everyone. But there's still the matter of you. You want a piece bitch come and get some. I eagerly await an "ownage". lol"


—Byron, before he pussied out and edited it out of the talk page

ZOMG UPDATE 2 Byron proves he's the Herpes of the internet, once again coming back to edit this page:

****Disclaimer**** This portion of the article is completely made up by Wolf as he does not know anything about Byron at all. The true statements are as follows. Byron is a 32 year old who has lived in a studio apartment on his own for the past 12 years. Byron's job is working at the YMCA one day a week for the time being while he goes to college. Byron has a life complete with working out at the gym and plenty of friends and family who love him. Byron has fucked up on the net alot and made a lolcow out of himself and will gladly admit that. Note this addition can be edited, reverted etc. at any point in time by unfunny,angsty high school jocks and stoners who never evolved beyond the bathrooms they toked up in.


Interesting to note:

ICVD Forums isn't the only place Byron has irritated and pissed people off at. Numerous other forums can't stand the guy either. When the shit hits the fan in other realms of the net Byron will bring up his issues at ICVD Forums. This will rouse curiosity in people who don't know what the fuck ICVD Forums are. However, once they get there to talk shit about Byron, or think that they can ally up with other enemies of Byron, they are accused of BEING Byron looking for attention. Byron himself finds this completely and utterly hilarious. He doesn't even need to post, register or do anything on those forums to have an apparent presence over there due to Loki's paranoia.

Evil Richter

File:Evil richter.jpg
Would you fuck me? I would fuck me.

Wow, this totally wasn't written by Byron/Johnny.

Some fag (in denial; being a natural born failure, he doesn't know how to be a homosexual) from Texas who got divorced and cried about it to Byron AIM. After this he then faked a friendship to Byron to get laughs although when he brought this out for attention and laughs, nobody really cared. Also ER is a pedophile who had an "Age Of Consent" link in his signature for a while.

Creator of Star Ocean Realm where he bragged about the many times he got banned from Castlevania Dungeon. Unfortunately, not only did very few people care, but it led to distention in the ranks when he claimed credit for all the ideas on the site. Once Succubus claimed credit for the majority of the ideas, it led him to going on a huge bitch fest about nothing and later closing the site and board. Evil Richter is one of the more pathetic members of the dungeon as he leaves every time he wants to commit suicide and/or has no place to live because he's too stupid to know how to pay bills (having now lost any chance of getting Peter Steele's cock up his tight nostrils, the chances are better than ever for him to go moar emo).

Tends to use logs to attack people because he doesn't have any intelligence or originality to effectively "own" someone using his own intelligence. Furthermore, even those logs tend to suck ass:


His claim to fame was driving a 40 year old, neurotic, homosexual named PJK to his breaking point. After that nobody really cared about Evil Richter. Occasionally he will whine about something and people usually will ignore it.

Darkmoon Splits & ICVD Orphaned

For whatever reasons, Darkmoon decided that he didn't want to associate with the lulz anymore, especially when people started ragging on his cow, Damaris. Darkmoon claimed the majority of ICVD was full of faggots and cut most ties with the forum. The truth of the matter was that he couldn't accept that most people didn't want to be nice to his new love interest, and hated him and her for granting her power. ICVD took a leaf out of the French Revolution's book and run those bastards out of town. He cried a bit, then made another forum to associate with the fanservice from his shitty sprite webcomic. Irony struck when said forum was taken over by furries from his ex-girlfriend's anthro webcomic, and he was ostracized by the fur-fuckers. He still updates his site, but nobody fucking looks at it.


Not long after Darkmoon split and started his own shitty forum and took some reject whores with him, he came back to ICVD to bitch and whine that his forum had been HAX0red. Of course, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE person in the whole world who is capable of doing such a thing. And so Darkmoon bitched and whined for ages at this person in public view of the rest of the denizens of ICVD, whilst they all laughed and sucked each other off in their hilarity. When you're faced with the truth or the legend, always tell the legend, AMIRITE? Not this time, the truth of the matter is that Darkmoon had fucked up a board-upgrade more than once and refused to take responsibility for his FAILURE to make shit work and decided to blame someone else.

Angel Sephie

She used to be a normal regular of ICVD until one day Devilotx decided it would be a good idea to meet up with her, and then a relationship was born. But OHHHHHHHHH LAWWWWWWWWD! THEM CRAZY FUCKS FROM FLORIDA! Her entire family showed up on the boards to check up on her, including her invalid sister, emo-fag brother, and batshit insane mother. Everybody fucking hated them for bringing their IRL bullshit to the boards and did their best to get them the fuck out. Anyway, Dev soon revealed that whilst Angel was staying at his place, he was constantly harrased with phonecalls from her sister and mother, and that she stank of catpiss. The reason for this was because she literally had over9000 cats in her house, most of them orignally strays. None of them were vacinated, or properly looked after, and so they all caught cat aids and continued to piss and shit everywhere in the house. Strangely, nobody decided it would be a good idea for the welfare of the animals to rehome them elsewhere. Each new cat found was added to the collection as others died, and the family used YOUR TAX MONEY to fund this cockload-failure of an animal sanctuary, that was their home. Dev was so distraught after the Angel Sephie episode of his life that he had to take a massive hiatus from the forums, and thus surrendered power to two crazy motherfuckers who delighted in abusing it.

The Stealing Of Sindra From CVR

Sindra, was originally an admin of the superior CVR forum, along with Snappleman who had left ICVD and Moonchilde. She and Snapps got fed up with Moonchilde's controlling nature and failure to deliver on his promises of skins for the forum, and the actual site that was supposed to come along with it. Aaaaaaaaaanyway. Sindra's hawt and got a nice rack, the mostly gay and male ICVD recognised a need for diversity, and a need to stick it to Moonchilde, who would constantly talk shit about ICVD whilst never having posted there, however the butthurt ex members who now ran over to ICVD also made it a habit to constantly talk shit about CVR as well, even going so far as to ban the name. So, Loki and Dev chatted her up on AIM and promised her complete artistic freedom and power to abuse, and naturally she could not resist.

Loki's Acceptance Of The Banhammer

With Darkmoon gone, and Dev still apeshit from previous spillings of his personal life onto his forums, he entrusted Loki and Sindra to take over. Loki and Sindra, a match made somewhere Harp Music is frowned upon, delighted in editing people's posts, scarring away n00bs, and banning people randomly for fun. Sometimes they created special subforums within ICVD that users granted "special access" could only post in. So there were at least 50 users who never saw the regular forums, and could only post in these "special access" forums, and only after their posts were approved, and promptly edited. Sort of like a concentration camp, an invisible arpartheid was in place. TRUE ONLINE SANDBOX GAMEPLAY!

Midnighter the Prophet

So one day some English gentile joins ICVD to warn everybody, and I mean everybody who has eyes about the imminent rise of the Brown Tide. Citing racialy prejudiced views that he plagiarised from the likes of Kilroy and Stormfront as the basis of not only fact, but the crux of his argumentation he was easily trolled. If you didn't agree with what he was saying, you've either been spoonfed information from Uncle Tony or you've not OPENED YOUR EYES. When all else failed, posting links to SKYNEWS articles provided the INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE needed for him to claim victory. Eventually everyone got bored of him and he faded away back to CVR where he could find Wolf to agree with him on some issues about racial mixing, but not always with the total Xenophobia only a Do'Set man could muster. Not too long after exhausting his racially questionable views at CVR, he became tired of trying to convince everyone and decided to join some cult and a band from england ( which claims to be celtic but is not ) instead where he enjoys the position of ARCH DRUID and to this day will be found in jolly old england dancing around trees under the moon with arse exposed screaming I believe!

ICVD Sayings

Wolf Jizz
  • Beat Aria - Based off of "Aria of Sorrow" for the Gameboy Advance. Self-explanitory.
  • "I'm touched. Touched like a little boy at Neverland Ranch."
  • "Just because it's the internet doesn't mean your safety's garunteed."
  • "Masturbates on thread"

Dramatic Rivalry Bullshit

Exemplified by various abbreviations. Learn them well.

Castlevania Repertoire

  • A rival forum was created when Moonchilde, a member of another rival forum, was butthurt by the lolicunts of RSU - the gay and original castlevania forum - and the ass crapery of ICVD - a wannabe bootleg version of the former shitty fandom forum. After doing it wrong at TekHacks, another shitty rival, he did it wrong again by planning to break off of Tek and MAEK ANOTHER RIVAL FORUM, LULZ! He lawl'd his trickery and got Snappleman and Sindra to help him create the ULTIMATE forum.
  • Cuntbaggery ensued over lol forum skins and unauthorized grants of admin power, resulting in a very butthurt individual who got talked into joining over to ICVD. Thusly, this caused a separation and lies. After months of only having a half-done forum with no site like was promised, Moonchilde went batshit fucking insane and declared himself the only thing that mattered, a lawlgod. CVR ended up shitty and died a slow death, and is no more. However, it still impacts ICVD to this very day, it's very anagram censored via forum filters and causes much drama and lulz when mentioned on ICVD's forum. LAWWWLLLL!!
  • Important to note, ICVD has a running joke about CVR never having a site. Thusly, as lulzy residual karma would have it, ICVD no longer has a site and is just a forum with a member's page. Also, ICVD is pathetic enough to censor the acronym to be used in their forums. This could have passed as a simple joke, but after 4+ years, it's actually a genuine example of collective butthurt.

  • The forum changed it's name to SHADOW OF THE CASTLE in lieu of Moonchilde's prophesised website of fanserving crossover fappage. Men in leather, with whips fucking giant robotic animals or some shit. But the idea was made of fail, and he decided to just come out and make his forum reflect this.


For those gay enough to look in "General Cock Talk" you will be flooded by topics such as these: Cvr2.jpg

  • LOL NOTICE THE PUSSY POST HAS 0 REPLIES!!!! The gay-themed and jap-fappage topics draw most attention.

The Castlevania Corner

  • Was originally some TekHacks forum that had good momentum, but was ultimately posing and failed after its leader turned douchetrout. Fueled by dreams of grandeur and having multiple An hero attacks while in alcoholic rage, the walking emo time bomb: Redrum ( aka RIMS ) thought it would be a good idea to revive CVC due to his lack of power at the two respective forums ( ie whenever he suffered butthurt from other members ), however this was an epic fail because it was only CVC in name since by that point all of the original CVC members had moved on, this new CVC still remains a floating turd in a sea of stagnant water, due to giving rimjobs ( along with MMO like funds ) to whoever would join this shitshow. Over the years he has been the subject of Lulz at the cost of his own dignity, however he has also weaseled his way back into the ICVD community by giving enough head .

The CVC has a history of being filled with trendwhore rejects from other castlevania forums. Unable to think of anything original to talk about, they traul other boards for topics to discuss at their shitty board instead.




The Chapel of Resonance

Apparently ICVD is whining over this shitty article not only because of butthurt, but because it doesn't focus solely on their little internet club and feed their massive ego. LOL U MAD SINDRA?

Upon further inspection, it was restored by one of the cockmonger administrators. Apparently deleting our own shit is vandalism and is a no-no. But page-hijacking, that's ok.


—Sindra, BAWWWING upon realizing the ED admins moderate their site as they see fit. This probably gave the God Of Irony the orgasm of his lifetime. And the scent of his jizz still lingers in the empty halls of ICVDF.


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