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iFunny (aka UnFunny, imaFaggot, 9GAG Mobile, The cancer that is killing everything or iPolitics) is a shitty app that you can get for your iPhone, so now it can be completely worthless. iFunny is what you would get if you took the content theft of Ebaum's World, the community of 9gag, and threw it into a food processor with the seasonings of terrible web design and AIDS infected blood.


The entire user base are consist of fucktards such as the teenage whores, kids who only made friends with his dick, the neckbearded Pony fuckers and swaggots aka wiggers that literally copy and paste fucking everything from the internet (and it's even worse when they make their own content). They all laugh at 5 to 10 year old memes such as: Rage Comics, Troll faces everywhere, and everything else a 13 year-old boy laughs at in the modern day of Social Networking cancer, But that was in days of old...people say it's much better

Nowadays, iFunny is a literal cesspool of ignorant fat fucking self-absorbed lazy faggot assholes that only can relate to iFunnys Feature Set (about 20 posts from the same users get put on the "Front Page" of the App at least 4-5 times a day) which are mosly stolen from other sites that relate to he following: Bacon (or anything food related in general), Social Anxiety, Depression, Ghetto Anime Tweets as in "childhood classics", (Self-Diagnosed) OCD Etc. Etc...the list goes on. Rage Comics are complatly obsoleate, no one posts them anymore uless they're new, or being ironic. Not to mention Chefs countless dickriders (iFunny Chef is the head-honcho of the American server)

Because of all of this, it's extremely easy make them smash their iPhones. Sadly, the developers behind iTheft realized this and removed any form of free thought. All you can do is like a picture and share it on Facebook or Twitter with all your brain dead friends. However, you can still upload pictures of disgusting shit and watch the faggots lose their shit and BAWW on their Facebook wall.

"Notable" Members

File:Shaug face.jpg
What a charmer.
You better watch out, or he'll shoot up your school with his toy gun!


Back in the earlier days of the app (2014), Shaug was a teenage child who prided himself on knowing how to hack. There's no proof one way or the other, but considering everything, he was most likely making this up. However, his shit truly did get hacked, revealing his below-average looks, as well as the fact that he was a brony.

One thing led to another, and he eventually threatened to shoot up Land O' Lakes High School. What Shaug didn't realize was that he was pictured with an airsoft gun instead of a real gun, making the picture lose all intimidation power. Shaug was deemed "no threat" by officials, apparently finding no weapons in his possession. Shaug was pretty soon after banned from iFunny.



Trolling the denizens of iFunny is so simple, there is no need to list methods here. Just do what comes naturally.

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