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Typical IIDB forum user

Internet Infidels Discussion Board (IIDB) is a shit forum run by The Secular Web, a group of people who hate God. The content on IIDB is similar to that of www.meatspin.com.

History & Current Events

In October 2007 this 501c charitible organization got taken over by the Nazi Party made up of The Other Michael an hero and his generals DM, Scott, and rayj. After the Board of Directors assassinated their PR person and popular activist, EverlastingGodStopper, The Other Michael decided to unilaterally ban her from the message boards causing the entire board to erupt in flames. Christians everywhere rejoiced.

The BoD's natural decision, considering this is a freethought forum, was to ban all users who questioned management, disappear threads, and lock the Questions, Problems & Complaints thread. Two months later, after a face to arse meeting of the Bored of Directors, a resolution was passed naming Qauttro [sic] Formmagii pizza the official food of the IIDB, and ToM became God-King. A townhall forum was opened to address the problems happening on the IIDB and since people decided to do that, the board was closed.

To date, over 100% of the administrators have resigned in protest, including new admins who came back to help and found out just what a dysfunctional shitstorm of cock-sucking was taking place over The Other Micheal. An official announcement has been made now that criticism will not be accepted and you are not allowed to question the discussion board management. Posts, threads, and users are disappearing faster than pingpong balls up Britney's vagina. Some liken it to the small example of Stalin's Purge.

The disaffected have relocated to another messageboard, Rants n' Raves, [1] which is now populated exclusively by loud mouthed intellectuals and a bunch of scientists. A number of other spinoff forums followed; chronicled here.

Other lame ass shit

The IIDB is run solely by a bunch of crazy ass fascist douche bags. The head of the Internet Infidels is a man by the name of Michael Moore. No, not that fat guy who complains alot. Its the other michael. Anyway, Michael Moore is the head of this organization and he demands that all staff are:

  1. Extremely fat (nb. brianna)
  2. Extremely stupid
  3. Have sex with dogs (nb. mediancat)

A mix of all of these factors is encouraged. Despite endless encouragement to comit frisbee-sepuku, the staff of IIDB is still alive.


  • To Establish Methodological Naturalism
  • War on Christmas
  • Polishing The Other Michael's knob
  • Being snooty atheists who are better than everyone else because they know what ontology means.
  • Running a 1998 website of stolen text files.
  • Tax Evasion

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