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She is guilty for the lack of humor on this board, cos she ate it all
Foundation February 2008
Major Boards /nm/, /h/, /a/, /guns/, /po/, /f/, /fb/, /tv/, /v/
Epileptic fail IMG + Maruchan merger, Banner Xchange program
Website IMG! PushTheNet

Why does everyone always assume I'll fuck shit up?



Stop spamming adverts for your shit board faggots!


—Random victims of IMG spam

The stats don't lie. I check google analytics everyday. Five hundred users per day!


Tahko, to his victims. is a shitty imageboard full of furries and attention whore and occasionally CP. This article was started by Tahko (IMG administrator), so it's used to be full of things that nobody fucking cares about. After careful attention from EDiots it still may have nothing of value, but at least it is no longer a self-promotional piece anymore.


What actually happened

There are over 9000 IRC logs that seem to tell a different story. Mostly because each log posted is the censored, glorified version which each of the ex-gay couples use to make it seem like he (the poster) has a bigger penis. But in the end they're all just using perspective to make it seem bigger.

It started off with the Maruchannel administrator (B.T. Waldegrave, Esq.) not having the balls to tell Tahko that he was breaking up their homosexual partnership. So the Maruchannel admin made a troll on Tahko, saying that he was going to break-up with him, and then rejoin so that they could be the most publicized gay couple ever.

Aurora is the furry mascot of the IMG! board network, particularly /nm/ where she was created by a local drawfag


This guy created this failure

IMG! is a crap board that no one visits. It was created as a connection between multiple sites owned by the admin Tahko. AKA Tahko Tetsujin AKA dontaco2000. EDiots everywhere should feel free to grab dox on this lulzkiller. Tahko has a seckret dungeon in his ass where he keeps the results of his incestual relationships. PTN is intended to be free of the Cancer, although to a common irony, it utterly fails at this, and it itself is cancer. One of the other things IMG! is known for, is spamming its link and various associated pictures on other small *chan boards, since nobody visits those shit sites. The majority of the user base is composed of the moderation staff engaging in some faggotry, claiming to be 'oldfags' and SHAMWOW using the banhammer in unfunny ways on anyone that doesn't suck the mod staff's two inch dicks.


Separation Details

And they call themselves an image board

There is no /b/ board for random and there is a separation between Safe For Work(SFW) and Not Safe For Work(NSFW) boards. If you visint this site (make sure to wear at least seven condoms due to huge amounts of fail, cancer, and AIDS) make sure to spam gore or shock imagery on their SFW boards, and LOL at the bawww that results. The SFW boards do not moderate for language but mostly imagery as no adult imagery is allowed in SFW boards. This has been adopted by many other boards as a working model and gives the user a choice in what content they wish to view. This is because sex is the absolute evil whereas violence is all good. They justify this by saying that sex is something that is is really bad and distracts people lol. There is no gore or shock imagery allowed anywhere in the boards and posting will result in a permanent ban.

One of the rules for the mods is to never do anything that degrades the end users view of the board. Therefore you will never see a flashing forum of autostarted movies or music on IMG. Tahko the admin is very stern on this and has revoked mods for doing so. This is another way in which IMG tries to be different from other boards, they embrace their users and don't believe in people having to whip out adblock because of a shitty video or song. This way of running their board has led to a large amount of cancer.

Another thing to note is that they really have no concern for the conventional rules of an image board. Namefags are encouraged as it helps show more people that there are more than just children on image boards. You do not have to but they consider becoming a namefag a way to show others that there are many people with different ideas about the course of imageboard culture as a whole. There are often threads that discuss the differing philosophies on how to raep a little boy and many find them to be exceptionally informative.

There still is a general promotion of LULZ and encouragement to come up with original content. To them, a bad attempt at original content is better than good reposted content. Users have been known to workshop ideas and Tahko integrates many into the site itself as shown by Aurora the mascot of IMG having been created by the artist of the same name on the boards.

No Rule 1 & 2

IMG will tell anyone about their boards. They do not enter into the philosophy that people don't need to know as most people who do know are usually no worse than the people who don't. To this extent they have created an image board banner exchange called /xchange/ to help inter-promote other imageboards. Anyone that is part of the image board culture with a website they want to promote and a penchant for taking cock in the ass is welcome to apply for free.

Boards that do not wish to be involved will be hit with a shit ton of image-macros from PTN regardless of if they wish it. They are surprised when other boards get mad over such spam.

Special Features

A way that IMG sets themselves out apart from the rest is that they integrate special features for their boards. In /art/ there is a paint program which hides delicious CP in innocent images, in /mu/ there is a streaming music playlist, in /tv/ there is a tranny porn movie of the week. All that can be opened into their own window as to not disrupt a user's browsing of incest child porn. Additionally, they have a public IRC channel as they have implemented a Java chat client that you can simply click from any board to gain access to chat, no alternate client required and thus is filled with newfags, 13-year-old boys and other fucking losers who can't run a IRC client. This makes the fucktards on IMG happy as they can start grooming them for eventual ghey buttsecks.

Also, IMG features a board called /fb/(short for FBI) which is a catalog of various torrents and rapidshare files starring the users themselves. This is different from boards by only allowing homemade incest videos to be browsed and there are over 9000 videos of Tahko raeping small children in his basement. It is rumored that this board is a investigate tool for the FBI to look for moar people to pick up in teh Partyvan


Overnight between August 31 and September 1, it seems that IMG went too far. Not only did they engage in dickery with this page, but they flooded their image macros on a shit ton of small *chans noone cares about. It seems they got a mini raid in response.

More shall be added as it happens, EDiots are in the field reporting this smackdown by random anon annoyed with these faggots.

[IRC fun!] <[Aurora]> we're being raided

And what, my fellow EDiots ask, made them get raided ? They didnt learn their lesson for spamming *chan's. Anon does not forgive nor forget, faggots.

<docanon> I just saw some guro-esque shit on /nm/

<Protoman> ...?

<docanon> deleted it, went for the &, though. I forgot to specify a board, though, so the ban failed because I was trying to ban a non-existant post

<Kashiwaba> lol

<docanon> yeah, epic fucking fail on my part.

It seems their mod's dont even know how to USE the ban hammer......

<Kashiwaba> any clue who that is that edited our ED page ? And it's locked for some reason too now.

<docanon> It's better off with a lock right now than it to be open to editing, somebody really went spam-happy and it's pissing too many idiots off

Well at least they know WHY their ass's are getting reamed, however as of last check they still woulb b& anyone who came to their site and asked them to knock off the faggotry

<Kashiwaba> uh oh ....... it seems the ED mods are mad at our ED page ...... <Protoman> i think were gonna start getting raided <[Aurora]> Get your ban hammers ready <[Aurora]> we're being raided

The rest of the log can be seen here

Coming to you FIRST here on ED (before the fat fuck that runs IMG even heard of it), thanks to an EDiot infiltrating their IRC, the Maruchan admin got fed up with IMGs bullshit (read: spam) and split. The boards are not connected anymore. Any anon wishing to raid IMG, do not hit Maruchan, they saw the faggotry and split like a black person with your bike.

The Store- Essently IMG wants to have a lot of members . To do this they spam shitty image macros on other sites, which is kinda what caused all of the drama to start with once their shitty ED page was discovered. That ED page was basically a giant dick sucking ad. ED did not like that. So of course, EDiots played with the article some, causing BAWW among IMG users. Actually, only among the admin. As you can see in the previously posted IRC log (excerpts to come soon) Tahko, the IMG admin, basically LIKES to spam the shit out of other boards to get members. His goal is to eventually get the best 10% of image board users, cause the ones that fall for that plan are automatically the best, amirite?

The tl;dr of it is, in less than twenty four hours, an EDiot caused the two partner sites to split.

And here is the letter from the Maruchan admin

Dear Tahko,

Your jeopardous marketing tactics have placed Maruchannel in a threatened situation due to our merger. Maruchannel will unfortunately be withdrawing from sharing the hard times that lay ahead with you, as we at Maruchannel have different perspectives of prospect when it comes to running an imageboard.

Maruchannel was never meant to be insanely populated, nor financially successful. From the humble beginnings, our mission statement was to “create a small nook of the Internet where everyone either knows each other or feels that they are among pals”. This mission statement stays true to Maruchannel.

In summary, your actions have attracted what we perceive as “bad attention” in which we wish to avoid. We would like Maruchannel to be a peaceful, drama-free zone (sorry ED), in which we, or even I, the administrator, can come home to at the end of a long day’s work to just converse among online peers. Since the “bad attention” that you’ve attracted has done quite the contrary to my favored goal, I’m afraid we’ll be splitting the Maruchannel and IMG merger.

I hope we can both stay on good terms, and share a positive consequence to this separation. I wish you the best of luck with your imageboard, and truly hope you do reach that level of success you’ve always spoken of.


Bartholomew J. Waldegrave Esq.


You can read moar [| here] on maru chan.

Maruchan's header, before and after the drama.

So what caused this DREADFUL split ?

Heres a segment of the IRC log...... Bartholomew = Maruchan admin Tahko = IMG admin Kashiwaba = user:Tok`ra, EDiot author of this redone article, and general asshat <Bartholomew> I predicted this, LOL. Such a waste of time.

<Tahko> See there you go again

<Tahko> That's exactly the shit we discussed the other day

<Tahko> It's still not a loss

<Protoman> tahko..

<Protoman> SHUT

<Protoman> DOWN

<Bartholomew> Because I'm mostly right, you're advertising skills are absolutely dreadful.

<Protoman> THE ED PAGE

<Kashiwaba> I dont think he can .......

<Bartholomew> *your

<Bartholomew> Because you should've written an article for E2, not ED, silly. <Tahko> my advertising skills compared to what?

<Tahko> not doing anything?

<Tahko> My shit works

<Bartholomew> Compared to mine, let's say.

<Bartholomew> You're getting lots of visits, bad ones though.

<Tahko> I can't tell

<Kashiwaba> wait, that was Tahko that was doing the spam ?

<Tahko> no

<Tahko> well

<Tahko> kinda

<Tahko> but it isn't really spam

<Protoman> ...?

<Tahko> their mods don't regulate

<Tahko> many of those posts pointed out are weeks even months old

<Tahko> and they are still on the front page

<Tahko> I mean it's like they want a page but don't want to do the work

<Tahko> that's not really my fault

The fat fucking spammer Tahko's justification

<Bartholomew> Pretty much, however imageboard administrators are usually insecure about their sites.

<Tahko> well then they should ease up

<Kashiwaba> and the users tend to get annoied when what they percive as spam is posted

<Bartholomew> So they try to make sure you don't increase the site exit rate.

<Bartholomew> With threats and spam, whatever they muster-up.

<Tahko> if they would look at the timestamps they would know better

<Tahko> Look

<Tahko> I don't know where you went to college

<Tahko> but where I went to college that's called mass marketing

<Tahko> and it isn't my fault their boards are dead nor are they willing to do something aboutit

<Bartholomew> You're attracting a bad crowd though.

IMG response and the aftermath

Seeing how anon from multiple *chan's were pissed and fed up with his faggotry, Tahko responded.

Dear Anon: I've informed everyone to stop with the spam but if you expect and apology then you can eat a dick. -Love Always, Tahko


Howeverm the faggot neglected to mentin that he was almost the only one responsible for the spam. And despite admitting to it, he has now gone back to claiming to not know who did it.

As of current edit, freechan was in the early stages of an /i/nvasion thread on img, but if they shal deliver the cleansing fire is yet to be seen.

Confirmed liar (once again)

A Typical Spam post

And once again Tahko has been caught in lies.


<Kashiwaba> wait, that was Tahko that was doing the spam ?

<Tahko> no

<Tahko> well

<Tahko> kinda

<Tahko> but it isn't really spam


Tahko and an EDiot on his IRC.

It is hardly fair to judge a group on the a few people. We aren't even really sure who did it.


Tahko on this thread here denying knowing himself, apparently.

[18:17] cho0b hey tahko you in arizona?

[18:17] @Tahko Yep
[18:18] cho0b why is the spam from your netrange
[18:18] @Tahko because I did it dummy



As you can see, Tahko loves spam flavored Taco's.

Forget Computer Science 3 this nigga has a degree in mass marketing!


Original link

It seem's that Tahko likes to tell g4 about anon .......

dox and shit

Tahko's IP. It traces to somewhere in Arizona.

Tahko's dox: Pastebinfavicon.png ffbedb56 (the phone number is dead) pastebin gone

7chan DDoS Attacks on IMG! & Sekrat Website

As of September 17th, 2008, 7chan has stickied a thread containing plans on DDoS/BWRaeping IMG. Attacks started occuring on September 16th and have grown daily since. September 18th in the wee hours of the morning, the website went down a second time due to attacks. Tahko made IMG redirect to the raid sticky on 7chan, then changed his mind and redirected it to his web irc. There he denied ever spamming 7chan or 4chan, even when shown proof. Talk of his Sekrat Websyte sprung up, and he was quick to say that the board was 3 weeks old, and denied accusations of spamming even though the threads in it were clearly made by him. Tahko claims in this secret board that IMG is cleaning up Anonymous and making it a friendlier community. IMG users question his advertising tactics, still, and Tahko tries to persuade them to spam moar.

Ctrldata + 711chan insert their pen0rs. Also, "/!/"

DDoSd by 711chan and the Patriotic Nigras

On December 9th 2008, a thread appeared on 711chan's /i/ board about Tahko's plan to add /!/ "Counter Insurgency" board to IMG's already long list of shitty boards. After some srs hutlin' by jewlion, and help from an old friend of 711chan, Tahko's shit ended up being rooted and immediately following IMG's revival a DDoS took place that continued into the 17th, and as of december 18th 2008 now 404' Its back up and you need a password for "IMG", oh them. Tahko claims this is part of some plan to instigate the chans into attacking IMG for the added traffic he would then receive. Not only does this confirm his diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome Unwarranted self importance being fucking retarded, but it shows that he's entered the first stages of an unparalleled butthurt that will bring a new age of lulz to all involved. Except IMG users and staff of course.

Solar enjoys himself a good server rape

A bit moar on /!/: Basically the point of this board is to report /i/ to /i/ victims as raids occur. Obviously he doesn't understand that this pretty much happens most of the time anyway since over 9000% of newfags TELL the fucking target were they're from, and baww when the real anon blame ebaums, which means Tahko's lulz killing doesn't really change... anything.

The (finaly not advertising) Tahko copypasta

Hey Faggots,

My name is Tahko, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are skinny, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass imageboards. You are everything bad in the world. (Honestly, do any of you have any food?) I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of their shitty imageboards, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on 24chan.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of the spam team, and I know a small amount of PHP. What sports do you play, other than "jack off to chantoplist all day"? I also support Kusaba X, and have a banging hot imageboard (17,000+ pageviews a day; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic Related: It's me being hungry



And they're STILL spaming


ctrldata inserts their penis.. again

Tahko rages on Chan3

PushTheNet defaced and rm'd again

Read the massive chatlogs HERE!


Safe for Work (SFW)

Not Safe for Work (NSFW)

  • /f/ - Furry
  • /gif/ - Animated /f/urry

Gallery of Random spam and 7chan DDoSing

Rather than the selection of gay banners that IMG mass marketing experts origonaly had on this article, heres their typical advertising method and responses to them. Oh, and have some raid screencaps as well.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]