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IMO is an acronym for 'In My Opinion'. Don't be confused! IMHO is the same thing, only it's 'In My Honest Opinion'.

Since complete objectivity is nigh-impossible when combined with anonymity, the internets are rife with absolute garbage. But those who think a little civility lends itself to being credible add a utility clause such as IMO to seem like they're being reasonable in the face of a wailing shitstorm in Lj-favicon.png debate, even if it's something like "IMO, parent-child sexual intercourse is a natural and loving part of a healthy sexual upbringing."

However, any student of logic knows that adding a qualifier- 'if', 'unless', 'when', 'IMO', whatever - weakens your overall arguement. It would be nice if logic applied to the internet, but instead, this act of civility only indicates to people that you can be safely ignored because you're not an internet tough guy.

Consider which of the following is more persuasive:

  • "IMO, black people are just as deserving of human rights as other people."
  • This.

"IMO" is much more effective if used at the beginning and end of each typed sentence. Example: "IMO, your mother is a dirty slut, but that's just IMO" Also, "IMO" needs not to be an actual statement of opinion- why limit this great argumentative tool? Like many internet acronyms, it is more correctly used when the resulting sentence wouldn't make an ounce of sense. Example: "Hello, IMO." Also, "IMO" is a convenient way to identify newfags, who try to use internets language to seem "leet". Example: Reply: "IMO, Bush is the President, but you know, that's just IMO"

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