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Example of IMVU Trolling

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(In this example, Teo is the troll and the troll bait is iObnoxious. Everyone else is extra.)

Teo: Oh shit...
Teo: Dude listen...
Intelligenter: Wb.
Teo: I don't have much time.
Teo: Please run while you can...
Teo: It's going to get me and I can't stop it.
nuvona: the fuck.
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Teo: Run wh?il?e ¸yo?u? c?a?n?!?!
Intelligenter: Bumped :/
Teo: I?t's go?i¸n?g t?o? g?e?t you¸.?.?.?!
Guest_x3NDx: Wtfudge, and sorry :/
Intelligenter: Good song.
Teo: N?????_?O°????????? ???????????S????¯????????T???"???????O??"????????????P?????????????_? ?????????P??´~?¯??????????????L?`???_?????E´???`?????????A??"????????????????S?"?????????__??E????¸?????!?¨?????`????
Teo: A????¨?¯¯????????????????H??¨???????????????????H"???¯"???????????????H?"?????~???????????????????????????H???¨??????¸??????????H?~????^????°?????_???????????H?????^??????^????????????????????!?????????????????? 
Intelligenter: o.o
nuvona: too bad my computers shitty and i cnt read tht,.
Poco: o.o
Intelligenter: Lmao.
Teo: N^??¯?¯????????????_????_?_??????O????´??~??¯???????_???????????O???¯??"?^????????¸??????O??????????????_?_?O???°??`?¯????????????????????????????????O????????????????_??O??´??????????????????????O?¯????????¯????
Guest_x3NDx: LAG o-o
Intelligenter: Shut the fuck up Teo.
Intelligenter: -.-
Guest_x3NDx: Lols
Guest_x3NDx: Ikr
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Poco: i think i will go watch greys anatomy
Guest_x3NDx: Haii everyone ^-^
Poco: bye kai & alex
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Intelligenter: Hai :3.
iObnoxious: :o
iObnoxious: u said u would go o ncam >.>
iObnoxious: and me and tabby are cammin.
Poco: XD
Poco: damn
iObnoxious: pshhhh
Teo: ????¯¨????^???????????????? ?¯"????????¯?????????????????????????????``???????_????_? 
Intelligenter: *dance1
iScreamzilla: Uhhh
iScreamzilla: Lolz
Guest_x3NDx: Oh God "-_-
Intelligenter: :x I need a mosh dance.
Teo: ????¯¨????^???????????????? ?¯"????????¯?????????????????????????????``???????_????_? 
Poco: omg
Guest_x3NDx: HOLY SHIT!
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iObnoxious: reported
Guest_x3NDx: Dude stop writing in Thai and Other Stuff
iObnoxious: inb4disabled account
LavenderThePuppy has joined the chat
Teo: inb4accountonfor5yearscannotbebannedcannotbebannedCANNOTBEBANNEDERRORERROR
Guest_x3NDx: Teo, why?
Teo: Why? Because I can.
Guest_x3NDx: Nice -_-
iObnoxious: anyone can be disabled dumby :)
Teo: Dumby not a word
Teo: Error
iObnoxious: and im almost 100% sure u will be for spam of that multitude.
LavenderThePuppy has left the chat
Teo: It's not spam if you can read it you massive dick head.
iObnoxious: ????¯¨????^???????????????? ?¯"????????¯?????????????????????????????``???????_????_? 
iObnoxious: ????¯¨????^???????????????? ?¯"????????¯?????????????????????????????``???????_????_? 
Guest_x3NDx: Wait were you talking to me?
iObnoxious: ????¯¨????^???????????????? ?¯"????????¯?????????????????????????????``???????_????_? 
iObnoxious: ????¯¨????^???????????????? ?¯"????????¯?????????????????????????????``???????_????_? 
iObnoxious: ????¯¨????^???????????????? ?¯"????????¯?????????????????????????????``???????_????_? 
Guest_x3NDx: Please stop D;
iObnoxious: ????¯¨????^???????????????? ?¯"????????¯?????????????????????????????``???????_????_? 
iObnoxious: my names teo and i can copy and paste google language!!
Guest_x3NDx: Stop
Guest_x3NDx: Sto
iObnoxious: fucking retard.
Guest_OMGITSCATIE has joined the chat
Guest_x3NDx: Stop
iObnoxious: learn some cool tricks
Teo: Well there you go now I can report you. And that's not google language.
(It's the Zalgo generator)
Guest_sashabrilliantrose has joined the chat
Teo: inb4disabledaccount
iScreamzilla: -.-
iObnoxious: awhh cool kid googled cool symbols?
Teo: You're incredibly ignorant dude.
Guest_sashabrilliantrose: hey
iObnoxious: stfu
iObnoxious: ur incredibly bad at trolling
Teo: no u
Guest_OMGITSCATIE: What did I come in on? <_<
Guest_x3NDx: Teo can I PC you?
Teo: If I'm getting a reaction out of you, then it's working. Just getting you to post that again was a sign of success.
(Me typing truth)
Guest_x3NDx: (private chat)
Teo: I've already won you dumb prick.
Guest_sashabrilliantrose has left the chat
Guest_HOTSHARLYN: sasha you look horrible
iObnoxious: haha idts
iObnoxious: you seem mad bro :)
iObnoxious: umad?
Guest_x3NDx: UMAD?
Teo: usad.
Guest_x3NDx: xD
iObnoxious: nopee
Guest_pirosilicon has joined the chat
iObnoxious: im actually watching tabby eat on cam lol.
iObnoxious: and shitting on ur life.
iScreamzilla: LOLZ
Guest_x3NDx: Anyone in here got Skype or MSN?
Teo: ha ha (emoticon)
KaiLuvzYou: xD
Guest_x3NDx: Like Im totally bored
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Guest_OMGITSCATIE has left the chat
Guest_x3NDx: I dunno what to do xD
Teo: So now you're this cool internet tough guy looking at chicks on webcams yeah that totally sounds like you.
Teo: Hey kid how about you do only one thing at a time so your brain can process it?
Teo: Stick to your webcams or imvu cus god knows you can't do both.
iObnoxious: nope im just verbally more talented than you are.
iObnoxious: anything you say i will 1 up.
iObnoxious: thats just the imvu chain bud :/
Guest_x3NDx: What's with the fighting guys? o3 o
Teo: Do you know how much I am owning you, you fatty fat fat man?
iScreamzilla: I like this better than the spamming.
iScreamzilla: Lolz.
Guest_pirosilicon has left the chat
Guest_x3NDx: Lolz totts
iObnoxious: i dont think ur owning anything
iObnoxious: u came
iObnoxious: u trolled
iObnoxious: now u mad
iObnoxious: and im laughing
KaiLuvzYou: xDD
Guest_x3NDx: XDD
Teo: I am laughing at you. For reacting so hard to my bullshit.
iObnoxious: and now u lieing :3
(Dude's delusional)
Teo: Really dude? You think you're better? THAT'S A LAUGH AND A HALF ha ha.
iScreamzilla: What a lovely weather this is
iObnoxious: hey whatever u gotta do to win bro
iObnoxious: ohh really?
iScreamzilla: Getting cold
iObnoxious: sounds like u mad broski
iScreamzilla: I hate the cold.
Guest_JoeBoi345 has joined the chat
Guest_x3NDx: Can I add some of you here?
iObnoxious: hey broski
iObnoxious: u mad?
(This dude is the cancer that is killing /b/)
iScreamzilla: Go ahead
iScreamzilla: Ima brb
Teo: Look at how easily I baited the coolest guy in this room.
Teo: May this be a lesson to all of you.
KaiLuvzYou: tyt
Teo: Not to fuck with me.
Guest_x3NDx: Kk thnx
iObnoxious: lmaoo
iObnoxious: k buddy
Teo: Or you end up like this douchebag.
iObnoxious: u sureee taught us all ;)
iObnoxious: i honestly feel bad for you.
Teo: Just having you respond back proves that I defeated you.
Teo: You are EASY broski.
iObnoxious: i think u have social problems maybe downsyndrome.
iObnoxious: i dont wanna push this further for that reason.
(Oh hating on people with Down-syndrome, you'll earn the room's favor with that comment.)
Teo: Easy play.
Guest_x3NDx: This is the most fun I've had all day.
Teo: I'm barely trying.
Guest_x3NDx: Thanks random dude ;)
iObnoxious: im assumeing ur 14.
Guest_abbybabydollgal has joined the chat
Teo: Assume all you want bro I still got ya I am laughing so much right now
iObnoxious: as i used to play pretend also when i was that age
DudeXWtfXShellz has joined the chat
Teo: You seem to be slightly irrate....
Guest_thegirlcute666 has joined the chat
iObnoxious: you seem to be using vocab above ur age level.
iObnoxious: im impressed.
Teo: I love this guy...
Teo: Dumb emo fag you fall for it EVERY TIME.
(Every time)
Guest_x3NDx: Lols
iObnoxious: lmao
DudeXWtfXShellz: Hewo...
Teo: What are you gonna cry? Are you gonna cry crocodiles tears while bleeding your arm off now?
iScreamzilla: SHELLZ<333
DudeXWtfXShellz: TABBY<333
iObnoxious: you know your winning when the person relys on labels and looks to gain an upper edge xD
Guest_JoeBoi345: hilo ppl
Guest_JoeBoi345: DX
Guest_JoeBoi345: laggin
Teo: I had the edge the moment you started talking back to your better.
(Me saying more truth)
Poco has left the chat
DudeXWtfXShellz: That's probably my fault. xD
Teo: How incredibly foolish you are.
Guest_cloudycandy78 has joined the chat
Guest_x3NDx: BANANA *¬*
DudeXWtfXShellz: Ick. -___--
iObnoxious: your childish :)
Teo: Dude what do you think he's gonna type next?
Guest_cloudycandy78: o-oo
Guest_JoeBoi345 has left the chat
Teo: I see the bubble on top of his head, stupid fag doesn't get it lol.
iObnoxious: theirs no way to win verbal fights lmao.
Guest_x3NDx: I love little tiny people, so cute ^-^
iObnoxious: ur gonna type
iObnoxious: im gonna type
Teo: Well you can always not type that's an option bro.
Teo: You don't have to comment on my gorgeous good looks.
Guest_x3NDx: Love the face bro
iObnoxious: lmaoo. no one even knows what u look like
iObnoxious: upload a pic for us all too see
iObnoxious: cmon bro
(Pshh he wants me to upload a picture of myself? I'm wearing a mask)
Teo: Rest assured I am quite beautiful.
Guest_abbybabydollgal has left the chat
iScreamzilla: -Stalks Alex's profile.-
DudeXWtfXShellz: <_<
DudeXWtfXShellz: xD
KaiLuvzYou: o-o
iObnoxious: hahaha
iObnoxious: ur probably an ugly shit
iObnoxious: no one knows what u look like
Guest_BlueEmoConverse has joined the chat
Guest_x3NDx: Oh, I know what he looks like xD
Teo: In fact, I can't post a picture because if I did, all the girls would wet themselves in pure awe. Plus it's rather stupid to put your picture on the internet for millions to use for whatever they please.
iObnoxious: i think its the complete opposite
Teo: What sort of dumb ass would embarrass themselves for eternity? I know I wouldn't.
iObnoxious: i think u dont post pics
iObnoxious: and if u have to
iObnoxious: u post pictures of ur friends from facebook cuz ur faggot
iObnoxious: amirite?
Guest_cloudycandy78: ok finally done loading
Guest_cloudycandy78: o.o
DudeXWtfXShellz: Ahahah
iObnoxious: all caps?
iObnoxious: u mad xD
Teo: All caps.
iObnoxious: its okay alot of people fake :)
iObnoxious: they all fat and ugly :)
Teo: No you don't get it I have to type that when someone says that
Guest_viceversa34 has joined the chat
Guest_x3NDx: Need more fun stuff >.<
Teo: Makes it funnier.
Guest_cloudycandy78: i just got bumbed like a whore
Guest_cloudycandy78: -.-
Guest_x3NDx: Come on, I'm watching this like a movie
Guest_BlueEmoConverse: Hi :P
DudeXWtfXShellz: xDDD @Candy
iObnoxious: no one gets u buddy, ur in ur own imaginary world with ur silly v for vendetta mask that looks extremely stupid xD
Guest_BlueEmoConverse: I am a nyan cat ù.ù
Guest_viceversa34: >.<
DudeXWtfXShellz: Ahah
Guest_x3NDx: I Have Nyan cat Youtube thingy xD
Teo: So bro do you have a picture? I mean it's rude to suggest a pic from someone if you don't even show your own. That's just plain cowardice.
Guest_x3NDx: where he's the bar
Teo: You want to see my picture? Then show me yours.
Guest_cloudycandy78: xD
iObnoxious: cmon bro
iObnoxious: post ur pic
Guest_cloudycandy78: <_< >_>
Guest_cloudycandy78: i feel short
Guest_x3NDx: Hehe
Guest_x3NDx: Dont worry
Guest_x3NDx: Ill be short for you
Teo: So which one is you? That's like 5 people get one of you.
iObnoxious: bottom
Teo: Can't you just get a normal picture without the fat angle? I mean unless you're actually fat.
Guest_viceversa34: lol
iObnoxious: lmao
iObnoxious: im pretty sure several people can vouch for me that im not fat in this room
iObnoxious: so wheres ur pic?
Teo: It's not hard dude. Get your phone, take a picture, send it to your email, and host it on an image site.
Teo: Really not that hard can you at least do that much?
iObnoxious: wheres ur pic?
Guest_cloudycandy78 has left the chat
DudeXWtfXShellz: Ohmylanta, Viceversa, I love your hoodie. xDD
iObnoxious: nuff said.
DudeXWtfXShellz: Batman<3
Teo: I'm not showing a pciture of me until I get a picture of you. The one you sent me is something a poor nigger from africa would send me. Send me something legit and not gay.
Guest_viceversa34: lol
iObnoxious: lmfao.
iObnoxious: i posted my facebook
iObnoxious: add me, remove it
iObnoxious: unless u dont have a facebook?
iObnoxious: LMAO.
SammixxD has joined the chat
Guest_viceversa34: >.<
iObnoxious: in that case ur a fucking looser :D
Teo: I don't have a facebook. Only no life losers who follow trends go on facebook.
iObnoxious: and this conversation is over.
(He really thinks facebook is a big deal in this conversation)
Guest_viceversa34: and i got bumped
iObnoxious: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Guest_viceversa34: p7
SammixxD: Hallo Everyone :p..
iObnoxious: /end discussion
Teo: facebook is a trend and only losers and emos use it.
(More truth)
DudeXWtfXShellz: Hewooo
Guest_x3NDx: Just coz someone doesnt have a facebook doesnt mean they're a loser
Teo: Which makes sense.
iObnoxious: hahahahaha
iObnoxious: u lost kid
iObnoxious: no facebook is for uglies
Teo: You're the one who lost, just having a facebook is enough to fuck you with. Everyone on dramatica is going to have a chance to hack away at you.
Guest_viceversa34: nah no facebook is for people who dont want to get addicted to it lol
iObnoxious: hahaha
DudeXWtfXShellz: xD
Teo: And there's nothing you can do but quit. Which means you will lose.
iObnoxious: let em hack boiii
iObnoxious: ur looser friends can all take a whack at my facebook
iObnoxious: cuz ill delete and remake and have the same 400 friends i did :)
(The 400 friends that he doesn't have.)
Teo: Well there we go... now I got permission. Don't get any lawyers cuz that's proof that you said I could.
(You read it yourselves. Leave him nice complimentary comments about how beautiful and sexy he looks on his facebook. He don't mind.)
Guest_thegirlcute666 has left the chat
iObnoxious: hahahahaha
Guest_BlueEmoConverse has left the chat
Guest_DaraTakesOver has joined the chat
Guest_viceversa34: wow
iObnoxious: you wont hack shit
Teo: I won't, you're not even worth hacking.
iObnoxious: didnt think so ;)
SammixxD: Fighting Over Facebook .-.?
Guest_viceversa34: lol
Guest_viceversa34: yup
DudeXWtfXShellz: xD
iObnoxious: i called that when i gave u permission <3
Teo: Not me, I don't have one.
Guest_viceversa34: i find it funny
SammixxD: aha ^-^
DudeXWtfXShellz: Me too.
iObnoxious: please none of u start... u dont know what this fight is over.
iObnoxious: and u will be thanking me for starting this.
(I know people who will thank you.)
Guest_DaraTakesOver: XD
DudeXWtfXShellz: I'm not. -puts hands up-
Guest_viceversa34: its about your guys looks
iObnoxious: ;P
iObnoxious: nope
iObnoxious: its about this
DudeXWtfXShellz: I'm outta this.
Guest_viceversa34: you want to see who is sexier lol
Teo: You lost the moment you responded back to me. Such a cool guy.
iObnoxious: crapp
Guest_x3NDx: Add me xD
iObnoxious: hold on
iObnoxious: ?????????`??°???¸?????????????´??´?^???????`??¸?????????????????????`????????_?????? ???^???´??????¨???????????????????_?_????.?????????¨??¸???_?? 
iObnoxious: its about that.
Teo: Dig yourself a little deeper and you might find buried treasure huh bro.
Guest_x3NDx: add me people I like xD
Guest_x3NDx: Lols
iObnoxious: lmao
iObnoxious: no facebook brahhh xD
iObnoxious: no pic
DudeXWtfXShellz: O.o
iObnoxious: no facebook
iObnoxious: ur fake and uglehhhh
(I wouldn't put my picture on the internet even if I was the most handesome hunk in the world.)
SammixxD: Soooo Hows Everyone Doing :p.?
Guest_viceversa34: >.>
Teo: I'm smart dude.
iObnoxious: i wish
iObnoxious: WISH
iObnoxious: your not smart
Guest_viceversa34: im doing great
Teo: You have made yourself look like a fool for all eternity
Guest_viceversa34: you?
iObnoxious: your a stupid little shit
DudeXWtfXShellz: I'm doing pretty good, Sammi. How about you?
Teo: I have the history to post
iObnoxious: that thinks hes smart
Guest_x3NDx: Dude I Know This Dude
Teo: And I have your facebook
iObnoxious: ohh tooo who?
Teo: Your picture.
iObnoxious: ohh yeah
Teo: I have everything I need to show how foolish you are.
iObnoxious: and what are u gonna do with it?
Teo: And you don't even realize it.
SammixxD: Im Good Thanx ^-^
iObnoxious: pretend to hack it? :)
Guest_xXRileyGoRawrXx has joined the chat
iObnoxious: u gonna play pretend with all ur hacking buddies?
iObnoxious: awhhh thats cutee :)
(Think's I'm pretending? This is forreal 'broski'.)
DudeXWtfXShellz: You're welcome :D
Guest_viceversa34: -.- and i got bumped again lol
Teo: I bookmarked everything, I got all text history on a fucking notepad dude. The world is going to know what a fake emo fag you really are.
iObnoxious: " ok guys i got the facebook, now how do i get into it!"
iObnoxious: ohh yeah?
iObnoxious: im waiting buddy :)
iObnoxious: hey
DudeXWtfXShellz: Awhhh, Vice. xD
iObnoxious: message me when u get this revolution started
iObnoxious: mmk?
iObnoxious: cuz im 100% sure my life will be the same after tonight :)
iObnoxious: because ik for a fact ur too dumb to do anything
Teo: That's the victory quote at the end of the battle my friend. Though it's not much of a battle it's more of a slaughter.
iObnoxious: with my facebook.
iObnoxious: haha
iObnoxious: yup
Teo: Always nice to rub it in though.
(As we at ED so LOVE to do...)
Guest_viceversa34: p7
iObnoxious: the e-slaughter
iObnoxious: except
iObnoxious: ur real life slaughter cuz ur ugly :p
Guest_viceversa34: ill stand here lol
Guest_xXRileyGoRawrXx has left the chat
DudeXWtfXShellz: Haha
Teo: Yeah keep assuming what I look like in real life, you look a lot smarter that way.
Guest_SweetSugarCookieDoll has joined the chat
iObnoxious: mmmhmm, because u wont post a picture
iObnoxious: and i have a half nude i sent to my ex?
DudeXWtfXShellz: So how about that weather, huh?
iObnoxious: if u wanna see that picture?
(There will be nothing there.)
iObnoxious: lmao
DudeXWtfXShellz: Pretty crappy. xD
SammixxD: lmaoo.
Guest_viceversa34: lol got my spot back
Guest_viceversa34: p7
Teo: Posting a picture would ruin the purpose of why I wear this mask. You having a facebook only proves how much of a faggot you are.
(Wearing a Guy Fawkes mask this whole time)
Guest_viceversa34: yeah weather is pretty crappy
iObnoxious: hahaha
DudeXWtfXShellz: Poor Vice, forever getting bumped. xP
SammixxD: Its Hot Outside -_-
Teo: You scared bro?
Teo: You should be
Guest_viceversa34: D: bumped again'
iObnoxious: ur the kid that walks with his head down in the halls of school
Teo: Because we are legion
Teo: We never forgive
Teo: We never forget
DudeXWtfXShellz: D:
iObnoxious: and im the faggot with a facebook? xD
Teo: We have over 9000 penises
iObnoxious: lmfao?
Guest_viceversa34: p7
Teo: And they are all raping childeren.
iObnoxious: awhh
DudeXWtfXShellz: Dude, Sami, it's cold here. D:
DudeXWtfXShellz: *Sammi
iObnoxious: is that ur dramaticon's saying? :)
(Ignorance is bliss.)
Guest_viceversa34: yawn
SammixxD: D: I Wannah Go By You
iObnoxious: thats really cute and well thought out
DudeXWtfXShellz: I wanna go by you. D:
Teo: You might want to get your name changed. Thanks for playing the game.
(The rest is him blabbing about me being stupid and asking to take my mask off)

TL;DR: iObnoxious's facebook You can help by keeping his facebook heavily trolled and milk every lol you can get from this emo fucktard.