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Instructions on how to be NAM
Milhouse may never be a meme, but MillHouse could be.

A phrase used to announce any particular subject as a meme. Also used by n00bs to try to pawn off their forced memes onto the public. It has been estimated by scientists that less than 0.001% of memes declared as such turn into actual memes. Although the primary reason for this happening is still a mystery, it is speculated that the cause could be cancer and/or mutations of chronic USI syndrome.

Things that are NAM

  • Paula Benson
  • Anything that you feel the need to announce as a meme OTI.
  • Milhouse is not a meme.
  • David is now a meme.
So it turns out X is now a meme was a campaign by Nazis..

Things that will never be NAM

Things that should be NAM

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