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iOS7 is waterproof

The idea of a waterproof iOS7 iPhone was an epic prank coinciding with the release of iOS7. A 4channer quite correctly assumed that more than a few hipster retards would fall for a painfully obvious hoax, as macfags are, without fail, painfully moronic. He proceeded to created some really convincing ads to inform said practitioners of conspicuous consumption that their expensive (and shoddy) toys would now be water resistant. Anons dutifully helped him spread the word.

What Happened?

After the ads and the info were disseminated via social media, some anons even made videos demonstrating that the iOS7 really was waterproof. In the following days, the ensuing butthurt resulting from hilariously demolished gadgetry brought about by gullible hipsters who actually put their iPhones in water was spread far and wide. This escalated so quickly that it even reached old media and became a globally trending topic on Twitter.

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