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In May 2006, an IQ test meme from IQ Challenge travelled far and wide on Livejournal within one day. Countless happy LJers proudly displayed their high scores on their journals, and waited for the accolades to flood in.

Unfortunately for them, it was a hoax. No matter how you actually did on the test, it gave you a high score and a bunny graphic to put on your blog/LJ/whatever. You would see the image saying you scored highly (around 150). However, other people who went to your blog would see your score as being somewhere between 70-80; displayed next to a dim-witted bunny.

Most bloggers got embarrassed by proudly posting their scores and later deleted the entry. Many people got really cocky about it saying things like, "I'm smart! I'm superior! I always knew I was brilliant!" or "I can't believe how much higher I scored than so-and-so." The dramatic irony was that they looked overly pleased with an IQ score of...70?! And so became a source of much lulz.

This lulzsome meme was created by notorious poop-fetishist Triggur in an inspired moment of pure troll.

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