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IRL memes are the only thing more retarded than old memes

An IRL meme is similar to a meme on the internets execept it is IRL. Due to the fact that IRL memes cannot be transmitted by anything more advanced than the old media, they tend to stay within one local group. Much as memes are in-jokes with the entire internet, IRL memes are in-jokes with a smaller social group.

Examples of popular IRL memes

How IRL memes are formed

IRL memes are formed in a similar fashion to normal memes. The big difference is that IRL memes require a persons presence when the meme is created for them to get it. Internet memes are transferred easily because they're funny to everybody, not just the first people to see it, IRL memes aren't usually that funny to people who weren't there when it was created. Usually IRL memes are created due to something awkward/funny/awesome/sexy happening

Transition memes

Sometimes old memes on the internet can become IRL memes among geeks, or vice-versa.

Some memes that have entered the real world include:

Some memes that have come to the internets from the real world:

WTF does that mean?

Most IRL memes mean nothing to people who aren't involved and when you try to explain it, you just look like a fucktard and whoever your explaining it to almost never laughs. Examples of IRL memes include:

  • Dude, your homeless is showing. No Hobo.*
  • WHAPAWHAPAWHAPA (when shit just got so real you cant form the words "what the fuck just happened?")
  • Let's Go (a punk rock, MRR meme)
  • Spread the word, kase!
  • Cats in the kitchen
  • 8E
  • It's because I have BABY T-REX ARMS!
  • Why? (Level?)
  • Legs aren't the only things you can break.
  • Hotdogs
  • Keving
  • Panification
  • Ow my ribcage
  • I9
  • Hummingbirds
  • do you see heba gee?
  • tourist
  • Your Momhammed
  • bird nest
  • fried bird
  • 1,2,3...!
  • No soap radio
  • Hockey Stick
  • People running about
  • It's a mitten, It's a mitten,It's a mitten, but It's a narwhal
  • Jordan's behind you and there's a bear behind Jordan!
  • Ethan sparkles
  • Sperm Whale
  • Bahama Star
  • goldfish
  • Cjs Bjs
  • Trente en tres
  • Will is a pop tart
  • Gonna bowser phone you
  • Skeleton key
  • Platypus
  • Snort
  • Jibbydidooah
  • Brandon Joyce
  • Carpool
  • Bacon
  • Where are you?
  • foolish child
  • it's too Grinch!
  • The suns bright and the powders bitchin'!
  • Stone. Stooooone.
  • Don't stand on that ledge, Polly!
  • The moon is tired of your crap.
  • I'm from China NOW.
  • Exploit the Chinese.
  • This is my enormous penis.
  • I want ALL the laces.
  • Ooh, I'm [noun]. I'm gonna [do things characteristic of noun].
  • Chistmas
  • Teeple
  • I gotta shoot you.
  • Fuckbots!
  • [Substituting curse words for 'tits'].
  • Boobinpants.
  • You will have an affair in the future
  • I'm gonna shove something down your throat
  • Making Canada's Wonderland out of sand
  • My legs hurt...My legs hurt...My legs hurt
  • The moral of the story is, don't play with matches, you could DIE
  • Group hug? YES
  • 7 equals fag
  • Jimboree
  • Trippidy
  • Pred-bro
  • Hey Max... I just cut off your head!
  • Barry Katarn
  • What, Uncle Rufus? What are you doing in there?
  • Horno
  • Power cake
  • Venerate the Omni-Bot, lest you suffer his cold, metallic fury.
  • Broin' it up!
  • Dude, I totally just blasted my pecs!
  • Running Crysis 2 on full settings.
  • Screamo Dance
  • That's for you!
  • Zbinder
  • Just like how you raped Kevin!
  • What a fat sack of bitch salt
  • It's a Cheat code
  • Go into the corner and do some brain gym!
  • Frig-master
  • GTA sound affects
  • Kestion
  • Creative writing
  • nice X buddy
  • John Norway
  • You don't even know
  • Not Micheal!
  • Them Damn sputniks!
  • I found a Minibone
  • Is this propaganda?
  • That Sounds Awwwwesome... Can I be involved? (said after a terrible event or something painful is mentioned in conversation)
  • I don't care or care
  • GTFO OR GMAC (Give me a cookie)
  • AHHH FUCK WERE LOST... Fuck it were going to Dallas.
  • Brawl Physics...
  • He's pulling a Tyson!
  • Phlintography Day
  • Dinosaur... DANA NA NA NA na NANANA... DANA NA NA NA na NANANA
  • ...And those were his last words.
  • (s)he's on Hern time
  • Automatic spring-loaded net retriever
  • Large Balls + Mountain Dew = BLAAAAH
  • you broooooooooooke it
  • You just cut a small animal off of her head!
  • I'm a bear.
  • Well fuck me unconscious.
  • he/she must be making soup (no relation to brb, soup)
  • I got it off the baby cat back.
  • Care-rot
  • My shirt is a shmedium
  • Have I told you you beautiful. And amazing.
  • Pedo-superheros
  • Bob Marley "mellow-mood"
  • Ice cream at dinner time?
  • Treasure of the Caribean
  • Negative ion bracelet
  • Charlie horse can't give a strait answer
  • Thats not what Bruce said
  • Also, Russians
  • Can you teach an ostrich how to love
  • frick
  • Worms in my piano
  • fuck
  • need a dispenser here
  • wangus
  • i didn't ask for this fucking waffle
  • hello mr asian man, sory i am not allwd to notise u r asian, but i am alowd to notise u r french jon, yah that is cus french are dicks and foul at football

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