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ISCABBS is a text-based Citadel BBS which laid the groundwork for an unbelievable about of Internets drama well before the invention of Web 1.0. Much like Lucy, the common ancestor of man, ISCABBS has a relatively unevolved and crude form but a strongly developed capacity for drama generation.

ISCA came online about 1990 and had descended into all-consuming faggotry by 1991. Due to the overwhelming and persistent retardedness of the admin, many spinoff boards have been created. The latest, Inara BBS (a board for "short bus" users and neo-nazis) was created in September 2006.

ISCA users meet yearly for a ritual fat nerd orgy known as the ISCAnic. Highlights include when Shuunka Tanka, a resident "zoophile activist," brought his trained donkey to the 'nic where it immediately started trying to hump the attendees at random (pix plz). This IRL drama was the culmination of much early 90s bestiality drama on the BBS itself.

From: [email protected] (Shuunka Tanka)
Subject: Shuunka's Return/Good-bye Dreamer
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 1994 23:11:32 GMT

Well, I've been absent from ASBest for a month or three. I return
to see some politicking going on--and some new faces. I like new
faces--I found a few on ISCA, including an anon who calls himself
Equuinox. He is a good fellow.

*******ISCA BBS******
I've spent a great deal of time on there the last few months,
doing my bit of crusading for zoophilia. I was completely open to anyone
on the BBS and got more than one flame as well as more than one "Don't
tell anyone but once--" I also have picked up more than one
friend--enough that whenever someone flamed me in an public forum that
others would jump to my rescue.

It was also nice that I've been able to help a few zoos on there
come to terms with their sexuality--and this goes to Hoss
Topper--a question--Just how in the heck do I succor a zoo who also
happens to be Christian, devout Christian about, what she's done? 
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