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One of the many horses worthy of your hatred.

I Hate Horses (now known as ifuckinghatehorses.com) is a blog written by Glue Factory Bob and Dog Food Dale as a means to vent their hatred. Keep in mind that Glue Factory Bob and Dog Food Dale may be one and the same. And what is it, exactly, that they hate so much? Horses. We're not fucking kidding. Most of their blog is spent stating how much they hate horses, how much they love anything that kills horses, how much they love glue, and how much they hate police for riding horses. Numerous pictures of horses in embarrassing situations are littered throughout their blog. They also seem to have an affection for all caps.

PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) spokesman Spitz agrees with Rachelle:

rachelle is right. this isn't funny. horses are the victims of abuse every day. you guys should be ashamed.


Both upstanding citizens are wrong. Horse hating is funny as hell. Almost as fun as sniffing glue, physically participating in the brutal vivisection of a living foal with a blunt Gillette or getting his ass torn apart by a stallion.


Horse Lovers

The main drama of course comes from the horse-lovers themselves, shocked and appalled to discover such a hateful blog. Only CAPS LOCKS KEYS can express their true feelings.

Horse Haters

Equally loud and retarded are the blog's fan, who seemingly have not realised they too are the targets of pointless internet rage.


Apparently I Hate Horses has created multiple youtube accounts for the lulz, and it has started a shitstorm and a youtube war. Apparently horse lovers really are dumber than shit.

YouTube Favicon.png ihatehorses32 YouTube Favicon.png ihatehorses31

More Comments

i got to tell you something bitch fucking go to hell you fucking bitch horses should hate you bitch




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