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Dad with his favourite hobby.

I am disappoint is an exciting new meme that appeared last Thursday. This meme was amazingly not forced, and anon was quick to accept it as a meme. Since original content is so rare these days anonymous quickly swarmed the thread and it managed to last a few hours. That is, until a cumdumpster decided to come in and period all over it. The thread was then directed at telling her to gb2 the kitchen.


How it all started

It was the usual day, and the anons of /b/ were looking through the endless camwhore threads and epic amounts of cancer that are piling up all over /b/. Then, suddenly, Anon saw something that brought a tear to his eye. A thread that said "ITT things that made your dad disappoint at you when you were a kid." He remembered the epic amount of child abuse that he went through as a kid that led him to be part of the asshole of the Internet and proceeded to BAWWWW. Then he stopped caring and opened up MS Paint to make some delicious original content.

Proper way to make disappoint comics

It should be pretty hard to fail at this, but some people manage to do so. The way to do it should just be something that would make your dad angry or upset, such as rain ruining your day. Simple as that, retard.

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