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"I Don't Watch TV" (or sometimes "I Don't Have A TV") is a phrase commonly used by arty, elitist rug munchers, cocksuckers and fags of all varieties (usually in a snarky fashion) to distance themselves from the rest of us cavemen when discussions arise about hot-topic fanboy shows.


Prima: "Did you see House last night?"
Secunda: "Oh...I don't watch TV!"
Prima: "...GTFO"

This statement is used either when they're too poor for cable or when a faggot thinks they are more cultured than you and have to read books and go IRL for entertainment. It makes them feel better about their shitty lives when they get asked about popular shows like South Park, CSI, Lost, and Pimp My Ride that everyone talks about around the water-cooler.

Sometimes, you'll catch one of these fags out when they slip up and say something like "Watching the Little Mermaid DVD" in answer to the question "What are you up to?" To which the best response is: "So what...you just rented the DVD and stare at the box?" Similarly, at least 100 percent of non-TV-watchers are fans of Firefly, Arrested Development, seasons 1 and 2 of Family Guy, Freaks and Geeks...are you noticing a pattern here?

This species also frequently claim that they don't own a comp00ting machine, hate the Internets and don't even have an email address.

What average people do when they don't watch TV, illustrated with some badly drawn comic


People Who Watch TV

People Who Don't Watch TV

What People Do When They Don't Watch TV

Passable Excuses for Not Owning a TV

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