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Stephen Colbert has a lot of black friends
His guy certainly has a lot of.
"I have a lot of dead Jewish friends, and to say that they died because of concentration camps is ignorant."

"I have a lot of" or "I know a lot of" is straw man argument that is often thrown into a debate when the person in question who tries to use it has a bullshit rebuttal against a valid point. Often used by pussy white liberals and cock hungry 16-year-old girls, "I have a lot of" can be used to cover a large spectrum of the freaks and dickheads in society. It can also be used as a way for moderate racists to back pedal when someone calls them out on their viewpoints on certain issues. Most commonly used as a shield for extreme faggery in the gay community, the phrase can also be extended to Niggers, Mexicans, Zoophiles, Furries, Emos, Japanese, Jews, Muslims and artists who draw questionable art. Basically if it can portray their life as an episode of Will and Grace, the phrase will be used over and over again until you go bananaphone mad.

Flawed logic

While this phrase is supposedly used to show that the person has a good understanding of a certain sub community that coexists within society, and that they know the plight that they have to endure. The person will fail to delve into any meaningful insight as to how them stating they know someone from a particular community has any correlation or connection with the opposing logical view point, and how it validates the persons retarded argument. It's also clear that the person has no friends in the first place to make such comparisons, because anyone who is friends with Niggers and other inferior species are always raped and murdered anyway.


Nigger stole my bike version.

"I have a lot of black friends and people who live in my area, and I know them really well, and often have them 'round for drinks. I know that they didn't steal my bike. Why would they? They all have jobs anyway. I've seen them carrying large TV’s and other household equipment around all the time. Delivery men are the backbone of this nation, and accusing them of being thieves just because they are black is just ignorant."

Butthurt E.D vandal version.

"What you are saying about AIDS and anal sex is wrong, I have a lot of gay and bisexual friends! TAKE DOWN THIS ARTICLE NOW!"

Two months later, all of her imaginary friends died from drowning in a pool. ZOG Doctors still haven't been able to find out why.

Emo version.

"I've had emo friends of mine die from heavy bleeding from the arms. Because they are emo? It's not about that, I have plenty of emo friends that don't harm themselves."

Tell that to the police crime scene archive.

Bad Examples

The "I have / know a lot of X" is not infallible. In some cases is can only make things worse:

Pedophile version.

"I am not a sexual predator! I have a lot of friends who are children."

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