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Icedancer4 is a batshit insane, hypocrite, lolcow, dragon drawing artist with a horrible case of unwarranted self importance. She constantly bitches and cries to her gang of whiteknighting pretend interwebs friends everytime someone dares to point out how stupid she is. She enjoys drawing Chernobyl dragons, telling everyone how great her art is, giving useless, inane critique to other artists and blocking people who speak the truth about her "art". If you dare point out how much of an annoying piece of shit she is or try to rationalise and explain to her gently how much of a spoiled, hypocrite moron she is, she will call you "stupeed" and block you cause you're scared of her. She'll take offence if you ask her age or remind her that she is eleven but she'll tell everyone who dare not agree with her they are 'stoopid three yer olds'

Sailiea the Chernobyl Dragon

Since Icedancer4 is such a shit DA weeaboo, she has (of course) a godawful OC which looks like it died in a nuclear disaster and then got raped, beaten and shit on by Rosie O'Donnell. Icedancer of course won't listen to the facts that her OC is bollocks like everyone else's and chooses to channel her butthurt through it.

Critiques of fail

On August the 28th 2010 Icedancer4 submitted probably the most useless critique on DA. When someone confronted her about how nonsensical this critique was she added them to her 'rbaindead' list and blocked them not before she came up with the most pathetic comeback in all DA history.


Icedancer's youtube account practically shows how young she is. She posts cute videos of her drawing her dragons and has even animated the story of Sailiea's life. Note: Her high soft voice, bitten nails and small hands.

Age of Icedancer4

Since she can't draw, write or even post a half-decent comment you'd be forgiven for thinking she was a socially maladjusted six year old, but according to Icedancer she is far more mature than you and you are 'just dumb 4 year olds'. Icedancer has tried to hide her age with lies and more hypocrisy. She denies that she is eleven years old but has also claimed that she is fourteen, thirteen and sixteen.

White Knight buttsex-buddies

Like all DevianTARTS, Icedancer has a gang of pretend interwebs butt buddies who will praise her no matter what she draws and will furiously defend her. Unsurprisingly these white knights fail as well.

YOUR NOT FAMOUSE FOR HATING HER. less than 24 hours later, This little white knight was banned. Probably for being a recoloring loli.

Icedancer4's Friends

You would think Icedancer has no IRL friends. This is pretty much true. The poor little sods that can be considered her real-life friends have to endure her endless ranting, whining, bitching and fight-picking. None of them have ever thought of letting her be, for she might be the only friend they'll ever have. Icedancer's relationship with her friends is pretty much the same as those of other TARTlets. Once one of her friends doesn't kiss her ass like they're supposed to, Icedancer goes batshit and draws them hate-art, post butthurt journals and cry to her other friends about how mean the current 'ex-friend' is and how they don't understand the hardships Icedancer is currently going through. In the end she will post a Deviation explaining why she 'hates' her ex-friend which is usually tl;dr and just the same shit every single time. Seriously guys, Icedancer is having a hard time!

These Deviations usually gets her friends to apologize even though they haven't done anything wrong. With some luck, Icedancer even gets some extra fan-art! 99% of the 'fan-art' drawn for her is from people who feel sorry for her.

Hypocrisy & irony

Though icedancer4 claims to block people for being 'mean to gays' that doesn't stop her from telling another DA member that their art is gay as an insult. This proves that she is a retard. If you dare point this out to her she'll block you. She is also imfamous for telling people how 'stupeed' the are whilst not being able to grasp the meaning of irony and spelling like a tard.


After discovering her ED page Icedancer got a severe case of butthurt and decided to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING as shown in this journal.

Unbeknownst to Icedancer, her trolls already have all her fail artwork and it doesn't make a fucking difference whether she puts watermarks on her art or not - it's still going to fail.

  • Update- Since Icedancer4 has a ridiculous amount of 'art' on her DA, it's physically impossible for her to remove each image from her gallery, add watermark and repost, thus the lulzy fail is preserved for all to see.

Icedancer's Ego

Even though Icedancer can't draw to save her life, she is convinced that she is the best thing to happen to art since the renaissance and will furiously defend that belief against all who challenge it for the lulz as seen here. She will try to defend herself by acting like a spoilt fucktard and by trying to upset her trolls by insulting their gallery and comparing them to Hitler though this doesn't work and only provides this page with additional lulz.


Like most stupid retarded pre-teens on the internet, when Icedancer makes a cock-up of a comment and causes a shit storm she automatically blames it on a hacker. Besides from the fact that she is obviously lying through her teeth no hacker would hack an account and not change the email address in the settings so the original owner couldn't change the password and reclaim the account also no hacker would steal an account just to reply to comments.

well, im sure you wont believe me, but i have been hacked a lot, so im gonna to change my pass word...again.


—Icedancer shifting the blame

Memorable quotes

Im 13, and your as we all know a 6 year old, imature, ugly, worthless, recolor artist. you dont even deserve to be called artist. what you creat is worthless. as your self. your art represents what a worthless diot you are. you think of your self a funyn charming little boy, but your not. im not going to say what i would ptu, because deviant art would think i was going to murder you. but mark my words, as they are what you need to pray against, i will get my revenge. also i noticed you havnt faved my lazar art anymore. what a shame.


—Icedancer4 flexing her raeg




—Icedancer the furry.

Whatever your name is, I know who you are.


—Icedancer4, now an omniscient internet tough guy.

Yes my keyborad is broken. And not its not because of my "obese" fingers. obviously you dont know the meaning of the word. Yes, how about you got back to school, 157, and stop eating junk food, because thats who you become obese. Obese means fat. Also, your sweaty, smelly, dirty fingers are probebly why you can only recolour, and not produce your own work. We all know. Youv'e only got friends who are as "special" as you. Also, request's are closed for you and you "special" friends. The reason being is because I don't want to be asked to draw a dead giraffe. Yes, I know. We all knw now 157, we all know now. Also yes I blocked a bunny. And Id EAT the bunny, not matter how horrible they smell when being cooked.


—Icedancer describing 157 with her own appearance

obviously that doesnt count because my "bullshit" art is much better then your crap on paper.


—In response to someone who called her out on her bullshit.

The so called crap on paper Nigga's jealous.

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Deviantart-favicon.png Futurepoophead Another new account. Deactivated do to the ass hurt she received.

  • Her YouTube (It's like a mid 90's Nickelodeon website.)
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