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The original image that started all this bollocks

"If it fits I sits" is a phrase often incorporated onto the many LOLcat based image macros for when a particular kitty has melted itself into some object. A healthy combination of the bastardized language that is "kitteh speak" and all cats ability to plant their fluffy butts anywhere and everywhere caused brain dead idiots all across the interwebs to go into drooling epileptic fits of laughter.

The term is a retardation of an un-hilarious quirky quip from the United States postal service: "if it fits it ships" highlighting their ability to send any abhorent filthy contents from one sick fuck to another as long as it fits into a neat little box. Be it dragon dildos, a severed head or thousands of used tampons the US postal service will take it from one place to another with a dazzling smile, no questions asked.

The phrase has been plastered across far too many images of cats silently defecating on people's household items while they drool and snap pictures, and you'll find many examples posted into shit-meme oblivion in places such as 9fag, unFunnyJunk and the notorious cat-fucker haven reddit.

Hardcore sitting action


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