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He likes them without clothes. Srsly.
You sure about that? This article says otherwise.

Illcitvirus115 is a basement dwelling sack of shit who's so fucked up his story will be put in the history books next to Oedipus. So, ED Presents... The Tale Of The Pedophilia Prick.

The Denying Pedophile

There once was a basement dweller named Illcitvirus115 who thought that drawing fanart of young children from the Binding of Issac in was alright. Not enough? He even had no issue making said children HAVE children. Of course, he quivered when the mean trolls had found him and belittled him about his deep, dark, sick fuck fantasies. He thought he could cleverly plan this out, by simply denying that Pedobear was not his teacher of the CP. Little did he know, they would soon find evidence of his sick fuckery, and show it off to the world.

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He makes a user extremely uncomfortable when he starts using his underage OC Rebecka to undress her OC.

Examples of Denial and Hypocrisy

Every single TARTlet with the mental capacity of a goldfish on dA has been known to be a hypocrite. A denier. This is what Ilickaclitoris is. He's both things in one. He thinks it's natural for a child to run around naked with a GROWN man in an RP, and he especially thinks that pairing his underage OC with Issac, who is also a minor, IS AWWWWRRIIGGGHHHTTT! He'll ask people to draw him things sometimes that involve his naked child OC, Rebecka. Below is a few examples of his bullshit:

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The grandline of butthurt.png
He screams at other users, gets butthurt, and insists to Majora that she cannot escape him. Yet...

...You turn around and ask people to make nude drawings for you? WTF?

Then, here's one page out of FIVE PAGES of an RP with Rebecka including an older man:

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I'm being serious. He really thinks this is FUCKING OKAY.

Not to mention, he had the SAME PERSON DRAW A PICTURE OF THE TWO:

Image was removed we are that unsure of its legality.

It's made worse by the fact this guy is TWENTY THREE FUCKIN' YEARS OLD. let that sink in.

Here's a collection of screenshots that showcase Virus' retardation.Flagged down, due to Virus being butt-hurt over the truth.

Reaction to This Article

The butthurt is really strong here.

And within a flurry of absolute TARD RAEG, Virus made a journal whining about how he wasn't a sick fuck and everyone else is just trolling. Soon as people rushed to comment on his profile, he immediately blocked them or hid their comments.

But still, Virus, Chris Hansen wants you to have a seat right over there.

In recent events, Virus' fuckbuddy Nexus is now trying to get back at those dang dirty trolls!

Good thing his brain is too small and stupid to understand how to make an ED page.

But instead, Nexus made a website dedicated to 'idiots' who actually know what they're talking about. Awwww! Thanks, Nexus! We love you too.

UPDATE:It's all a hoax. See below.


Not surprisingly, Virus here is just among the flood of dA users who use Microsoft Paint dAmuro. Because I guess paper and a pencil or even taking some damn drawing lessons was too hard for him. In a nutshell, his artwork is enough to make even [chasethehedgehog] bleed internally.

This Talent is Shit About missing Pics
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In a fit of retarded Pedo rage, Virus had deleted most of these, but that doesn't mean someone hadn't caught a few screenshots of his gallery before hand: DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS, he moved everything to scraps!

Cover Up, and other shit

As stated early on, Virus tried to justify his pedo artwork by claiming it's based on some shitty flash game. However, when his Steam account was found, said game wasn't anywhere in his library. He claims to have played the demo, and was only interested in making BOI artwork to counter the dark nature of the game.

If that wasn't enough, along with his recent BAAAAWfests in his journals and deviations, most of them seem to feature Virus begging for people to make fan-art for a story based on a 9 year old naturist (expected). Indeed, he has also tormented other deviants to draw fan-art for that crappy series. Needless to say, Virus was rightfully turned down, and even the author got sick of Virus' shit and put the story into storage. Also, he deleted a link to a leaked image seen in the artwork gallery.

Virus' Roundtable of Circlejerking White Knights

Gather around! This section is dedicated to all the white-knights that Virus has. He keeps them around to protect his pedo ass from both Chris Hansen and the party van. Illcit is so heartless he dosen't even care about his "Friends". All he sees them as are tin soilders to defend him.

  • Deviantart-favicon.png LillyTheFox264 - Wishes she got more time around his cock. BAWWWWWWWWWs when someone calls Virus a straight up creepy-ass pedophile. Is also a straight up sexist.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png iroons - Hasn't white-knighted Virus, but Virus seems to always favorite his disturbing World of Gumball artwork, has requested artwork from him and participated in an RP mentioned above. Banned
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Mr-Pink-Rose - Holds the belief that Virus' artwork represents "childhood innocence", clearly ignoring how Virus is fixated only on little girls when it comes to said artwork.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Disappointed-Gastly - Frequently heckles people who call out Virus, claiming that they should focus on better things. Banned
  • Deviantart-favicon.png xXMusicalMangleXx- Some FNAF faggot that draws just as terrible as Virus, completely unintelligent and will claim that Virus is not a pedo. Banned
  • Deviantart-favicon.png joshuametavicious- A troll shielding piece of shit trying to attack some cry-baby wolfaboo, but gets butthurt when people tell him that Virus is a pedo. Not really good at hiding the fact that he is a pedo. Banned

See Also

Pee rolled down Rebecka's legs. He literally just wrote that his underaged naked character pissed herself.

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