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ED article fixed.
Um... is this logo supposed to be funny?
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Illogicopedia, is a wiki which consists of utterly unfunny nonsense which no one can understand. The wiki's goal is basically to make no sense and be as unamusing as possible. It is widely believed that the bulk of the site's content is created by scripts running random word generators, as it would be quite depressing to think that people actually write that stuff. Being the complete rip-off of Uncyclopedia that it is, it would only be completely logical for your average Uncyclopedian to want to waste their time on Illogicopedia. Please disregard that short bit of spam from one of Illogicopedia's spambots trying to take revenge on ED out of sheer butthurtness :-) Clearly ED is much more logical than that, and would never have such nonsense spewed on its pages!

Formerly hosted by Wikia, it has much of the same user base as Uncyclopedia, which contributes to the unfunniness of the website and of the whole internet.

Again, Illogicopedia, just like Uncyclopedia, is as useful to humankind as a condom filled with AIDS ridden sperm that has been used multiple times in an gay sex orgy involving crack-addict monkeys. Consider that a minute spent browsing this website (because your mind won't be able to handle such an eye-rape for longer than that) is a minute lost and never to come back. Think about the things you could have done instead of reading this complete non-sense content. One is left wondering why anyone would bother to allow bandwith to be used to enable such a huge pile of dong and why this very person is not prosecuted for that crime.

Slogan Thieves

A typical entry on Illogicopedia.
  • Their slogan, "In illogic we trust."
  • ED's slogan, "In lulz we trust."
  • They stole ED's slogan, inscrutable as it is.
  • In Soviet Russia, "SLOGANS RAEP YOU!"

Illogicopedia's ED entry

The disappointing result of Illogicopedia's editors actually trying to form sentient thoughts for once, rather than simply slamming their helmets against their keyboards. As such, it's a sad combination of their standard failed attempt at surreal humor that misses the point entirely and an inane rant on /b/. The article about ED on Illogicopedia is somewhat bereft of cleverness. They claim to have a rant about ED on it, though it's actually a rant about /b/. What a bunch of sweet little rascals. They tend to think that things become funny if you insert everywhere words describing human reproduction and the parts of the body necessary to make this happen, though for some reason they seem a bit loathe to mention the penis. That might cut just a little too close to home for them. Further proof that the fanbase of Illogicopedia are twelve year-old boys comes from the fact that they believe the internet is school, not to be confused with the dwindling base of those who believe that the internet is cool.

Illogicopedia also decided to make a "mirror image" of our article about them. Encyclopedia Dramatica: A Mirror Image.

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