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Immature an extremely common insult used by butthurt pansies who lack the creativity to come up with an insult that actually stings. Much like 'you have no friends', it is all-purpose, but it differs in that telling somebody from the internet that they have no friends may actually be devastating. The only people who actually care about being called immature are twelve year old prostatots trying to act older than they are. The insult is always simultaneously true and ironic because everybody on the internets is immature, and the insult-wielder is always less mature than the insult-receiver. Chances are that if you haven't already been called immature, you will be soon enough. The content of this article also applies to 'you have no life' and 'you have too much time on your hands' as well; only a true retard would use these ironic jabs in a flame war.

You can't accept that I'm a dragon? IMMATURE.
You won't suck my e-cock? IMMATURE.
Cleverbot knows.

Activities That Make You Immature

What 'Immature' Really Means

If somebody calls you 'immature' online, do not panic. You probably are immature, but the person who's telling you that you are is less mature than you. When somebody uses this word they are undoubtedly too stupid, lazy, and uncreative to conjure a more effective insult. If you are trolling somebody and they call you immature, it means that you have backed them into a corner, and they are trying to claw their way out by discrediting you. This, of course, just provides you with more fodder to laugh at. If somebody calls you immature in a flame war or discussion, you have won the argument. No exceptions. Similarly, if you call somebody 'immature' online, you are a failure and should quit the internet forever.

Trolling Applications

When somebody throws this insult at you while you are trolling, it is the cue to start throwing out your most venomous personal attacks because the person in question has run out of ways to defend him/herself. If you want to go in for a quick kill, point out the flaws in the individual's appearance. He or she will slink back into the shadows with a wounded self-esteem. If you really want to see your victim suffer, begin with small, passive-aggressive insults and slowly increase their intensity until the very last shred of the idiot's self-worth is completely destroyed. By calling you immature, he or she has made personal jabs fair game. The fucker brought it upon himself and thus deserves a good whippin'.

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