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“Erectile Dysfunction? Hah! Erectile dysfunction this!”

Erectile dysfunction is when you can’t get it up even when there’s a hot chick with her legs spread wide open in front of you. In other words you are no longer a man. If you tell your friends you have it they will laugh and abandon you so it’s probably best you keep it to yourself. Also, you should get ready for living the rest of your life alone. Your only realistic alternatives are to get experimental, dangerous surgery, join a religious cult requiring you to take a vow of celibacy or start enjoying taking it in the ass.

Erectile dysfunction has been known to be abbreviated as ED. Despite possible lulzy interpretations, most people who use the acronym ED IRL are not referring to this site.

Erectile Dysfunction on the Intarwebs!

People with erectile dysfunction love to talk about their problems on the Internets and reach out for help. This is because everyone who uses the Internets is a more than qualified doctor ready to remedy your problem. The Internets is also filled with pop-ups and spam accusing you of having erectile dysfunction so they can sell you their voodoo medicine to make it all better though everyone knows voodoo gives you cancer.



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