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The inane flame is a very, very effective type of Flame War. It involves remarkably little input, yet always results in maximum output.

  1. Prima makes a coherent and well-thought argument.
  2. Secunda responds with nothing more than a short ad hominem.
  3. Prima, her pride hurt from having her argument dismissed in such a manner, will call Secunda out on using such childish attacks.
  4. Secunda will continue with the low-grade, often repeated, maybe plagiarized insults until Prima shuts the fuck up.


Prima: Abortion should be restricted because its usage has changed. It was designed to be used as a last resort method to protect the mother against situations when giving birth would put her life in danger. Now, it is being used as a casual form of contraceptive.
Secunda: Furry.
Prima: Can't you discuss my ideas instead of just resorting to lowbrow, immature attacks? I'm so much more intelligent than you.
Secunda: Furry.
Prima: Why don't you put some originality into your attacks instead of just calling me a furry over and over again?
Secunda: Furry.
Prima: If you don't stop, I will ask the moderators to intervene. I'm tired of being in communities where people can't discuss ideas rationally and logically, but must resort to these witless attacks to make themselves feel better.
Secunda: Furry.

This can go on and on for days. It is absolutely glorious.

This form of attack is highly recommended against Lj-favicon.png xiota. Simply mention that his mother cuts his hair and he will fly off the handle.

The single best thing about this attack is that the victim of the attack naturally believes that the Flame Warrior has nothing of worth to contribute and yet will write lengthy comments to prove that this is the case.

The Inane Flame is the Intelligent Flame Warrior's Flame War.

How to counterfight an Inane Flame

This only works if you're a mod, by conjuring the spirit of Anon:

  1. Lurk in the forum like you have no life (you don't, anyway, so that shouldn't be a problem)
  2. Delete his every fucking post, but don't say a word. Act elsewhere like nothing ever happened that you are aware of.
  3. Delete rly, at the fucking minute he actually posts. Put the "posts by user" page on auto refresh or something 1337 like that.
  4. Wait for the "STOP DELETING ALL MY STUFF!!11one" post.
  5. Screenshot the hell out of it.
  6. Delete it too
  7. Rejoice.

And don't forget, keep deleting until he gets tired of it. Epic win and lulz ensue.

External Examples

An inane flame BROKEN using an image macro