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This article is about male losers who can't get laid. For female losers who can't get laid, see Feminism.
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Textbook example

Incel or Involuntary Celibacy is a fictitious medical disorder that was made up by ugly virgins in an attempt to explain to themselves why even the filthiest inner city crackwhores are unwilling to have sex with them. The term "Involuntary Celibate" is believed to have been coined in 1997 by a fugly Canadian chick named Alana after she discovered that she couldn't even manage to get laid in college – which should surprise absolutely noone since only a woman would be capable of creating something as fucking stupid as the incel movement. Alana later went on to become a self-proclaimed "queer" after realizing that butch lesbians have much lower standards than men.

The typical incel is a 5'2" manlet with poor facial symmetry who is extremely uncomfortable around wimminz, and blames society for his inability to develop a personality in the face of adversity, like a man would. Many incels advocate for "a return to traditional values" (ironic since traditionally, young men had to work and interact with the world IRL) enforced with government interference in their lives and to be provided with girlfriends. Others write sexually-repressed manifestos in online echo chambers, discussing murder fantasies and ways that women could be re-enslaved with others until they inevitably become popular at their high school.

Incels' main grievance lies in the change of society from being more controlling of women rightfully shaming sluts, to the one we have now, post-sexual revolution where a woman can prove she doesn't need no man by fucking 25 guys before settling down. In the olden days, when Pappy could buy a railroad for a quarter, marriages were arranged, so no one missed out on the opportunity to have a normal, happy life with their beautiful bride that they grew up with. Even hideous or deformed people with no money, personality or future prospects were matched up in these marriages to women on their same level who bravely chose to marry them instead of starving to death.

With the introduction of the internet, people who had not previously had much experience with sex suddenly saw many women naked that they may never have seen before. They believed this put them on an equal platform with insanely hot women. Due to being rejected by women way out of their league, and not being attracted to the girls they could actually get, they have said, "You're not dumping me, I'm dumping YOU!" to the modern dating culture. What a shame.

Philosophy of the Pussy Challenged

When your group shares a name with a organization for assisted suicide, maybe it's god's way of telling you that you should kill yourself.

A piece of history which incels often fail to consider are their own origins. They have never brought up the topic of eunuchs, which were the first "incels". These men were not fit to reproduce sexually for a variety of reasons, and so they were removed from the gene pool by their superiors. They generally did not have marriages arranged to them either, for obvious reasons.

Modern eunuchs/incels still have their dicks however, yet complain that things are "worse" for them than ever before. Over time it was considered cruel to castrate men simply for being genetic garbage or uncontrollable criminals, so the practice of castration was stopped. This of course lead to the physically and mentally deficient and insane reproducing, and their offspring mixing in with the regular population. Over time, these genetic deficiencies have manifested themselves in the population in obvious ways. Incels focus on these deficiencies more than self-improvement, which make them feel inferior to Chad.

They believe they will never see a vagina in person unless force is involved, and many of them have attempted to do exactly that, with one person in a post on Reddit actually admitting to it directly. He stated, "I put it inside her and it was like 3 strokes. That isn't rape. She doesn't even know it happened."

Other incels have given up on trying to have sex with supermodels and simply advocate for their brethren to wake up and accept that their lives are over, citing credible scientific studies. They blame genetics in the same way that fat women blame genetics. In the following video, he even blames his "weak jawline" on genetics, when it is clearly for other reasons.


"STOP TRYING." for a few minutes, then:

Women have multiple sexual partners so they prefer sleeping with people who are sexually attractive even if they are not, because even a 4/10 woman can get a pity fuck from an alpha if he's had a few drinks. This makes forcing them to sleep with losers no longer possible. Even worse, women can now choose to have sex with other types of people without much public outcry, and according to incels, the female genitals become more and more stretched and roast-beef like the more they let someone put their dick in them. So by the time they are done having fun in their 20's, they are no longer the pristine package they once were. Their labia has grown to massive lengths, and turned a uniform, whorish brown color. Somehow, possibly due to psychotropic pheromones, the used-up females still attract mates. But these are only temporary fuccbois for the female, as she will never stop cheating. Once her labia has grown past 6 inches, her bloodlust for sexual intercourse cannot be stopped.

Incel Vocabulary

If you end up having a conversation with an incel, treat it like any other type of language barrier, and be patient.

  • Chad: The man they secretly lust after who ruins their lives. Perfect. Athletic. Handsome. Big confidence.
  • Normies: People who are average-looking, average in personality, not super muscled, and to quote an incel, "Might as well be fucking dead, too." They are not Chad, so they are nothing. Incels cannot conceptualize that a man can have sex without looking like Henry Cavill, so they simply don't acknowledge them.
  • Stacy: The hot girl that fucks Chad. She may also fuck normies. She will never fuck you. Unless you have drugs.
  • Incel: Incels are virgins, or close enough to it, 3/10s who refuse to face adversity and increase their likelihood of reproduction by increasing their strengths to make up for their weaknesses. They blame society for their failure in the dating pool, while an outside observer would simply see a reasonably attractive, successful male outperforming a male who isn't even fucking trying.
  • Roastie: Women who have ever had sex (except with an incel). Incels believe that once women have lost their virginity, their vaginas begin taking a downward spiral of sagging and turning brown. While hilarious, this groundbreaking theory has not yet been proven. When asked, "What is the difference between having sex with 100 Chads, one time each, or having sex with an incel 100 times, in terms of how it affects the vagina?" their response was banning the person asking the question.
  • Red Pill: Unoriginal term they stole from online nazis (who are somehow less gross and pathetic than they are) and changed it to mean "Enlightened person who understands that all women are whores and deserve to die".
  • Black pill: When an incel is essentially fml, tfw no gf's off this mortal coil. Or when they just give up on ever getting pussy and therefore on life itself. Different incels define it differently, but it essentially means being a big sopping cunt and telling the world as often and loudly as possible.
  • Raven: Legbeard in your current league who might fuck you. But she is one or more of the following: fat, has a hairy leg/upper lip/knuckles issue, is a feminist, is disabled/in a wheelchair, listens to horrible music, has dyed/fried hair and bad skin, or bad tattoos. They generally have at least some minor flaw they can use as an excuse to claim they wouldn't fuck her, so that they don't have to confront their own cowardice or overweaning ineptitude and actually try or admit they want to. Other males have likely rejected her as hideous, so wanting to have sex with her lowers the incel's self-esteem even more. This pool of women is what incels can choose from unless they apply a modicum of real effort.
  • Beta Uprising: Originally an ironic post from 4chan, and now an unironic battle cry by people who are too insecure to order a happy meal from a 14 year old McDonalds employee, as they foam at the mouth and then shit out delusional posts on internet forums about their dream to one day murder scores of women for not sleeping with them or take over the globe and place all of them in concentration camps.

Crawling In My Skin

Incels love music. They even create their own! Enjoy.

Incel SubReddit Simulator

The r/incels subreddit where most of their ideas are shared has been made private, but thankfully the internet always archives.

See Also

Famous InCels:

  • Alek Minassian - has the High Score but failed to an hero.
  • Elliot Rodger - The supreme gentleman. The gayface they all aspire to be.
  • George Sodini - Proto-Elliot. Shot up a gym because he couldn't get laid for 28 years. Was actually admired by Rodger, according to a post he made on an InCel forum.
  • Marc Lépine - Shot up a French/Canadian school because it was full of feminists.
  • John Russell Houser - Shot up a movie theatre playing an Amy Schumer movie because it was full of feminists.
  • Ben Moynihan - Went on a killing spree only a few weeks after Rodger, citing not being able to get a girlfriend as one of the reasons in his manifesto, stabbed 3 elderly people, killed none of them and went to jail.
  • Joseph Strickland - The nice guy who deserves the pretty girls.
  • Marjan Siklic - Famous online InCel who once literally proposed a government enforced programme be created to give InCels girlfriends. Threatened to and attempted to murder multiple women over a span of several years. Appeared in a documentary made about themselves.
  • Chris Harper-Mercer - Originator of the phrase "Beta Uprising" and known #GamerGateor. Robot, and therefore presumed to be an InCel.

InCel Communities

  • Wizardchan - It was literally a rule that you aren't allowed to post if you've ever had sex and at the top of the site was the number of a suicide hotline.
  • Nice Guys - Not exactly a community per-se, but they still count.
  • R9K - Just... sad.
  • - Before there was "InCel" there was "LoveShy".
  • CoAlpha Reactionary Forum - A site for InCels literally trying to use evolutionary psychology to basically try to hypnotize women into wanting to sleep with them.
  • SlutHate - Why would you hate your only (false) hope?
  • PUA - Populated by InCels who are being tricked into believing they can be taught how to get laid by buying the book of a scam artist who is usually a virgin himself. Often devolve into exactly the same sort of femicide talk that all other InCel sites are full of, as they understand they will never score.
  • CrackedRack - Website dedicated to teaching incels how to become pussy slaying gods.
  • PUAHate - Website for embittered InCels fooled into believing that the InCels at the PUA forums are getting laid.
  • MGTOW - Fictitious political movement for gender separatism in protest of a bias legal system and other injustices, made up by a bunch of 40 year old virgins and wife beaters as a false pretence to excuse the fact they can't get laid.
  • MRA - Most MRAs are just virgins with rage.

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