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Guess where this was taken from. Not /b/, but YouTube??? Except he was entirely trolling and that it was a social experiment.

GALILtheRealDeal 13 Oct 2014: My stepsister told me that she wants to make my eyes roll and my legs get weak. Does she want to kill me?

Tomáš Horňák 13 Oct 2014: i think she wants to fuck you hard maan ;)

We are drink 13 Oct 2014: Run

Jakub Mik 13 Oct 2014: You sir are getting lucky tonight

Tomáš Horňák 13 Oct 2014:I want a stepsister like that... she would make my legs weak every night :3

Captain Kadoodle 13 Oct 2014: @Tomáš Horňák Wtf dude

Madden selling 13 Oct 2014: @Tomáš Horňák INCEST

Arthur newton 13 Oct 2014: no it means she wants to fuck you

Tomáš Horňák 13 Oct 2014: @Captain Kadoodle @ Madden selling Lol do you two even know what stepsister is ? :D its not incest :DDD

Mac Mechromancer 13 Oct 2014: Lololol

Dodge Charger 1970 13 Oct 2014: It's a secret code from her saying that she wants the D

GALILtheRealDeal 13 Oct 2014: OMG guys I get it. I didn't expect that! OMG! Thanks for replying Ima try give her the D I'm so nervous! ;-)

Tomáš Horňák 13 Oct 2014: Can we get to trio ? ;)

Arthur newton 13 Oct 2014: @GALILtheRealDeal i know fucking your step sister is fucked up but go get her buddy

Tomáš Horňák 13 Oct 2014: Omg its his stepsister !! do wathever you want just give her the D

leoncrazyman07 13 Oct 2014: @GALILtheRealDeal Fuck her right in the pussy!

Tomáš Horňák 13 Oct 2014: Yeaaaaaaah :DDDD

Arthur newton 13 Oct 2014: @GALILtheRealDeal creampie her!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arthur newton 13 Oct 2014: i love how much people are supporting something so morally wrong 

Jamie Shiels 13 Oct 2014: You can do it!!

Tomáš Horňák 13 Oct 2014: I'd love to finger my sister, I fap over her everyday because she is so hot. Ohhhh god, I'm gonna go fuck her now XD XD !!!

Arthur newton 13 Oct 2014: @Tomáš Horňák yay fucking your sister because incest is something to support YEAH WOOHOO!!!!!!!

leoncrazyman07 13 Oct 2014: step sister it's all ok, but tbf morals, or pussy? not a hard choice.

Arthur newton 13 Oct 2014: @leoncrazyman07 would you fuck your mom if she was hot ?  peter bear 13 Oct 2014: At least she isn't related by blood

leoncrazyman07 13 Oct 2014: @Arthur newton Its not the same morals, step sister isn't blood related tbf it just a girl who's mother or father married the boys mother or father. No blood related incest so its ok

OnyxXD 13 Oct 2014: @GALILtheRealDeal Yes she wants to kill you, with a baseball bat.

Hans Gruber 13 Oct 2014: fuck her right in the pussy

SuperKawaiiDuck 13 Oct 2014: This chain though! XD wtf

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