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Incest in IRC, paradise for sick fucks. Moar here.

<DarkRomulous> Hello
<incest_|_> hello
<incest_|_> a/s
<DarkRomulous> m or f?
<DarkRomulous> 31/m
<incest_|_> female
<DarkRomulous> not too old or young for you?
<incest_|_> no that's fine
<incest_|_> i'm sixteen
<DarkRomulous> What's your fantasy?
<incest_|_> it's not like that matters on the internet
<incest_|_> anyway
<incest_|_> my fantasy...
<incest_|_> my fantasy is to sleep with my dad
<DarkRomulous> Do you like to roleplay? 
<incest_|_> yes
<incest_|_> much
<DarkRomulous> how do you want your dad to treat you
<incest_|_> i want him to spank me
<incest_|_> and abuse me
<incest_|_> and..... fuck me
<incest_|_> can you be my dad?
<DarkRomulous> yes
<DarkRomulous> do you want to pure roleplay, or roleplay with real elements
<incest_|_> I am relatively new to rp
<incest_|_> what is the difference?
<DarkRomulous> in the second, you have to mimic certain things as best you can, as they happen in the roleplay
<DarkRomulous> for instance, if i put you over my lap, you would lay across your chair if you can while still typing
<incest_|_> pure
* DarkRomulous nods
<incest_|_> it's easier, my parents are asleep and I do not want them to wake up
<DarkRomulous> okay, you tell me a bit about who yo uare... for the story
<DarkRomulous> like what you look like, and what you're wearing 
<incest_|_> My name is alice. I am sixteen, I am wearing a tank-top (red) and denim minishorts
<incest_|_> i walk in on you in the shower
<DarkRomulous> is that what you're wearing for real?
<incest_|_> your wife (my mother) is out
<incest_|_> yes
<incest_|_> it is
<DarkRomulous> fuck, i like that ;)
<DarkRomulous> how tight are they?
<incest_|_> not too unconfortable
<incest_|_> but pretty right
<incest_|_> *tight
<DarkRomulous> do you walk in on purpose, or by accident
<incest_|_> accident
<DarkRomulous> before we start, stand up and touch your toes slowly 3 times 
<incest_|_> ok brb
<incest_|_> done
<incest_|_> tell my about your character
<DarkRomulous> I'm 6'4, 42 years old
<DarkRomulous> do you prefer excessive strength or intelligence
<incest_|_> intelligence
<DarkRomulous> I'm a software engineer, but i keep in shape
<incest_|_> okay
<incest_|_> do you want to start now?
* DarkRomulous Is stepping out of the shower, his skin still wet as he reaches for the towel, just as the door opens
<incest_|_> OH!
<DarkRomulous> ALICE!!
<incest_|_> sorry dad!
* incest_|_ can't take my eyes off your penis
<incest_|_> um.. whoops
* DarkRomulous slams the door
<DarkRomulous> (trapping you in the bathroom)
<DarkRomulous> How many times have I told you to damn well knock 
* DarkRomulous 's penis is reasonably erect, because he was have erotic thoughts in the shower
<incest_|_> i'm sorry dad1
<incest_|_> !
* DarkRomulous is a very mad, visibly so
<DarkRomulous> are you looking at my penis, Alice??
<DarkRomulous> what the hell??
<incest_|_> I'm sorry!
* incest_|_ still can't look away.
<DarkRomulous> What the hell are you doing!?
* DarkRomulous takes a step toward you
* incest_|_ finally manages to look at your face
* incest_|_ is obviously scared, but also turned on
<DarkRomulous> right, thats it, ive let you get away with too much, its obvious ive been to leniant on you
<DarkRomulous> get over by the bath, now
<incest_|_> okay, dad..
<incest_|_> i'm sorry for walking in!
* DarkRomulous shoves you forward, so that you fall on your knees, hips over the edge of the bath, your ass lifted up slighty, with the rest of you - chest and head, in the bath
<incest_|_> ah!
<incest_|_> are.. are you going to hurt me, dad?
<DarkRomulous> You're goign to learn to follow some of the rules of this house, Alice
* DarkRomulous reaches underneath and unfastens your denim shorts, pulling them down to your knees
<incest_|_> please don't hit me!
* DarkRomulous growls
<DarkRomulous> you would be wise to stop talking, and start thinking about what youve done
* DarkRomulous pulls your panties down to your knees as well
* incest_|_ kneels there in anticipation
<DarkRomulous> now, i think 20 should do it, you know how to count Alice, so you're going to count each one, and you're going to thank me and tell me how sorry you are, each time
* incest_|_ nods, staying mute
* DarkRomulous puts my hand down between your shoulder blades, and you find it hard to move suprised at your dads strength, because he doesnt look muscular
* DarkRomulous nods
<DarkRomulous> good
<DarkRomulous> now
<incest_|_> yes, daddy?
* DarkRomulous draws my hand back, cupping the palm, and smacks you hard on the left cheek of your up lifted bottom, whipping my wrist just at the point of contact, making a loud CRACK sound that reverberates in the small bathroom, and sends flame burning through your bottom
<incest_|_> AH!!
* DarkRomulous holds my hand on your bare skin, waiting
* incest_|_ begins to get wet
<DarkRomulous> what did i say you were to do, Alice??
<DarkRomulous> If you forget again, im going to start from 1, even if I'm up to 19
<incest_|_> one..
<incest_|_> I'm sorry dad
* DarkRomulous lifts my hand, and smacks the other cheek, driving your forward against the bath with the impact
<incest_|_> 2 
<incest_|_> I'm sorry!
* DarkRomulous places two harsh spanks in quick success one on each cheek of your ass, which is rapidly turning pink
<incest_|_> 3-4! I'm sorry.. I'm sorry!
* DarkRomulous waits, counting softly under my breath, so that the heat rises and rises in your bottom, till it feels like your ass is burning
<incest_|_> i'm sorry, dad..
* DarkRomulous keeps you pinned down though, so that you can barely squirm as your ass stings and burns
* incest_|_ gets wetter, feeling you staring at my hairless pussy
* DarkRomulous waits for just the peek of the heat to build, then covers your bottom with a series of smacks left, then right, then left, then right, then two on the back of your thighs, making your legs bounce apart adn exposing your naked pussy more, inflamed with your araousal
* incest_|_ feels my labia part as my legs bounce apart, turning me on more
* DarkRomulous waits for you to speak the count
<incest_|_> uh...
<incest_|_> 5, 6, 7, 8... um... dad..
<incest_|_> dad...
* DarkRomulous frowns, i think your bottom has had enough, Alice, but you're still a long way short of 20, what do you suggest I do
<incest_|_> please...
* DarkRomulous turns you over, so that the small of your back is balanced on the edge of the bath, and pulls your top up exposing your pert breasts
* incest_|_ can stand the facade no longer. I lean forward and kiss you
* incest_|_ withdraws quickly, surprised at my own courage
* DarkRomulous swallows, savoring the taste of her mouth, surprised.... aroused as well, my cock swollen to full erection as I've spanked you, now visible to your own eyes
* DarkRomulous coughs
<DarkRomulous> 12 to go, Alice
<incest_|_> please....
* DarkRomulous bends down and kisses his daughters soft mouth, and as he does, spanks her left breast
* incest_|_ gasps in shock "9"..
* incest_|_ leans forward to kiss better, brushing your cock as I do so
* DarkRomulous 's cock twitches at the contact, and i pull you closer, slowly spanking both breasts several times, right, left, right again, so that the beautiful flesh is marked with the print of his hand
<incest_|_> 10, 11, 12... daddy, kiss me.. please
* DarkRomulous pushes my tongue into your mouth, swirling my tongue against your teeth, then pinning your own tongue down with it controlling it, as my hand moves down spreading your legs wide apart
* incest_|_ reaches forwards, my hand encircling your cock
* DarkRomulous smacks the inside of your thighs again and again, the count shooting up to 18, my tongue licking and tracing the contours of your teeth
* incest_|_ can't speak because I'm too busy kissing
* incest_|_ begins to stroke your cock
* DarkRomulous 's hand settled over your very wet young pussy, rubbing lightly, and spanks you there twice, hard and quick, tightening my arms around you so that you cannot resist, my mouth covering yours kissing you passionately, more passionately than you have ever seen me kiss your mother
* DarkRomulous breaks the kiss slowly, breathing hard, looking into your eyes
<DarkRomulous> thats...twenty...alice
* incest_|_ breaks off the kiss. I lean forwards more, encircling your hard cock with my wet lips
<incest_|_> oh daddy, please don't ake us stop.
<incest_|_> please.
* DarkRomulous lifts you off the bath, laying you down on the floor
<DarkRomulous> Oh, I'm not going to stop... Alice, im going to fuck you
<incest_|_> yes....
<incest_|_> be gentle.... i'm a virgin
<DarkRomulous> (do you want me to get you to suck me first, or do you, and do you really want me to be gentle or are you just saying that? :P)
<incest_|_> I don't want you to be gently.
<incest_|_> just fuck me. I'm really wet & turned on IRL.
* DarkRomulous looks into your eyes, studying them, looking for a hint of trickery, something that reveals this to just be another dream of fucking his daughter
<incest_|_> hurry up.
<incest_|_> do me, daddy.
* DarkRomulous pins you down by your shoulders, roughly forcing your legs apart, and positioning the hard head of my cock between your tight virgin cunt lips
* incest_|_ pulls you down on top of me and kisses you
* DarkRomulous pushes hard, roughly, forcing your body to slide on the tiles, as i force 3 inches of my cock into you, stretching your virgin tunnel, your cherry almost tearing 
<DarkRomulous> God you're so tight, Alice
* incest_|_ wraps my legs behind your ass
<incest_|_> oh... it hurts, daddy
<incest_|_> is this my punishment?
* DarkRomulous grunts, breathing hard, and rams again, this time your virginty rips to pieces, and almost all my cock slides up into your cunny, stretched so tight around me
<incest_|_> ahhhhh....... no, this isn't punishment.
<incest_|_> i love you, daddy.
* incest_|_ kissses you hard.
<DarkRomulous> I love you too Alice, but you're going to be mine from now on, whenever i want!
<incest_|_> whenever you want...
<incest_|_> whenever you want.
<incest_|_> oh god, daddy. please, fuck me harder.
* DarkRomulous rams the last inch of my cock into your pussy, filling you completely, the head pressed to your cervix my hands pinning you down so hard as i start to fuck you, that it hurts
* incest_|_ inhales so sharply that you look up, in alarm
* DarkRomulous is twice your size, and my weight pounding you, makes your body bounce and slide beneath me, my cock roughly ramming in and out of you, hard, powerful stokes, lubricated by your already wet cunt and the little blood from your cherry
<incest_|_> yes... yess
<incest_|_> oh, daddy? i forgot something
<incest_|_> I AM A MANNNNNN
* incest_|_ rolls over, grows A COCK and rapes you anally, while vomiting on the back of your head
<DarkRomulous> :P
<incest_|_> i win, buddy
<incest_|_> yhbt
<DarkRomulous> ive no idea what yhbt stands for 
<incest_|_> you have been trolled. hope it was good. --ministryoflol
<DarkRomulous> o shit
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