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Incest in IRC, paradise for sick fucks.

* Zaynee lays silently in his bed . . . his wife is gone for a long night shift, but he doesn't know it . . .
* Zaynee is a 40 yr old male, who finds his daughter (or sister if you wish) completely irristable . . . and wonders if the looks she's been giving him are invitations
<Zaynee> You don't like to role play?
<incest_|_> oh I am so sorry
<incest_|_> i have been afk
* incest_|_ is zaynee's sixteen year-old daughter.
<Zaynee> Hey, no apologies needed
<Zaynee> What kind of scene would you like?
<incest_|_> one where my mother (your wife) is out
<Zaynee> :)
<incest_|_> you're in the shower
<Zaynee> Step child?
<incest_|_> I accidentally walk in
<incest_|_> ok?
<incest_|_> i prefer blood relation
<Zaynee> Me too.
* Zaynee had been in the shower with it turned off, shaving in the shower mirror . . .
* Zaynee opens the shower door just as you walk in
<incest_|_> OH!
<Zaynee> FUCK!!
<incest_|_> um.. sorry, dad..
* Zaynee reacts so quickly he slips in the tub and falls
* incest_|_ can't take my eyes off your erection
<incest_|_> um.. can I help you up?
<Zaynee> <<< what is my daughter wearing, and what is her name? >>>
<incest_|_> <<My name is alice. I am wearing tight minishorts, denim, and a tank top.>>
* Zaynee struggles to get up and accepts your hand to help him
<incest_|_> I'm really sorry, dad..
* incest_|_ turns to go, and my arm brushes your erection
* Zaynee can't help but notice you staring down, which is making him hard
<incest_|_> .....
<Zaynee> Alice . . . it's okay . . . really
<Zaynee> I should have locked the door
<Zaynee> The last thing you want to see, I'm sure, is your daddy . . . like this
<incest_|_> oh.. no, it's okay
<incest_|_> i mean, if I can't see my own father like this..
<Zaynee> So, you don't mind?
* Zaynee caresses your hair
* incest_|_ hugs you
<incest_|_> no.. it's okay, really.
* incest_|_ lets my hands wander
* Zaynee hugs you tightly as well, feeling your young but mature body
* Zaynee inhales deeply as he feels . . . your hand
* incest_|_ raises my head, leaving our lips centimeters apart
<incest_|_> kiss me, daddy.
* Zaynee looks down at you . . . your lips so close . . .
* Zaynee pushes thoughts of his wife aside as he touches your lips with his, one hand sliding up your back
* Zaynee kisses you gently . . . at first
* incest_|_ responds
* incest_|_ bites your lip
<incest_|_> daddy......
* Zaynee reaches down, lifting your skirt up as shoves his tongue into his daughter's mouth, frenching his child
* incest_|_ inhales
* Zaynee leans you backwards on the bathroom sink
* Zaynee rests his hard cock on your naked belly
* incest_|_ reaches down, my hand encircling your cock
* Zaynee slides both hands shamelessly up and under your tanktop, feeling both of his baby girl's tits
<Zaynee> Oh god . . . I shouldn't be doing this . . .
<incest_|_> dad... it's alright.
<Zaynee> but you feel so good
<incest_|_> it's alright, dad.
* Zaynee lifts your miniskirt and presses himself against your panties
* Zaynee scoops you up, your small body straddling him as he carries you
* incest_|_ inhales again, sharply
<incest_|_> ...touch me.
* Zaynee carries you to your own bedroom . . . laying you down as he reaches down and with deft fingers, peels your panties aside, feeling how warm you are . .. how wet you are
* incest_|_ reaches up, placing a hand behind your head and pullng you down for a kiss
* Zaynee kisses his daughter again, feeling her suck on his tongue, wishing he could suck on her tongue . . .
<Zaynee> you can . . . never tell mom . . . ever
* incest_|_ breaks away, and starts to suck something else
<incest_|_> don't... worry, i won't
* incest_|_ expertly fellates you, licking your balls and around your cock-head
<Zaynee> Oh Alice . . . god ..  . . Alice
* Zaynee can't believe what you're making me feel
<incest_|_> daddy.. do me.
* incest_|_ stops sucking your cock, reaches up and pulls you down on top of me.
* Zaynee looks at his cock, still wet with your saliva
* Zaynee looks down at his child . . . so young yet so grown up . .. and wedges his knees between her thighs
<Zaynee> If I go in, I won't pull out . . . in time
<incest_|_> ...take me. I don't care... tke me.
* Zaynee spears his daughter, no longer caring
<incest_|_> AH!
* Zaynee sinks all the way into his baby girl . . .
<Zaynee> Oh god
<incest_|_> it hurts..
* Zaynee lifts her legs to pulls her skirt out of the way . . .
<incest_|_> it's okay. oh god..
<Zaynee> Oh god, your cunt is so tight . . .
<incest_|_> oh daddy... daddy, fuck me more
* Zaynee can't fathom he was your first . . . no, that can't be
* Zaynee thrusts into his child, harder . . . faster
* Zaynee looks at her face as he reams her
<incest_|_> ah... ahhh.. oh god... oh, GOD! FUCK ME!!!
<Zaynee> But of course you do.
<incest_|_> of course
<-- Zaynee has quit (Quit: Leaving)